B&B Monday Update 2/11/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/11/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Steffy not to talk about Brooke that way. Steffy is shocked that Hope pushed her and holds on to her stomach. Steffy stands up and tells Hope that she is so irritated that Hope thinks that Hope will get back together with Liam. Steffy refuses to give up Liam.

Taylor finds it disturbing that she has Brooke going around taking everything along with her children where as her children do not take anything that is not theirs.

Dayzee explains to Marcus that she did not mean to do anything to provoke Maya. Marcus understands and tells Dayzee to tell Maya no about getting the baby back. Dayzee says she has said that a number of times but Maya refuses to say anything. Dayzee explains that the baby is ok since the last time she checked on it but Maya kept making a scene and that Maya will be back and she has no idea what to do.

Donna looks at Eric’s door. Pam asks if Donna is worried about the two of them. Donna explains that she is worried that Eric is being over pressured.

Taylor feels that Steffy only wants Liam in her life because she is the only girl in his life. Taylor claims she hates it and hugs Eric.

Hope says that she never got her chance with Liam unlike Steffy. Steffy explains that if they were meant to be together and not for any other reason. Brooke storms in and says how dare Steffy talk to Hope like that.

It is explained that Maya could technically get the baby back if Dayzee did not have a license as Carter explains. Dayzee could be sued for human trafficking.

Taylor says sorry for bad mouthing Brooke because she knows that Eric is her biggest supporter. Eric explains that she is cared about too. Taylor does not think that the baby should be ignored over a romance of Hope and Liam.

Hope tells Steffy and Brooke that Liam is going to choose who he wants to choose. Steffy feels that Hope will be all over Liam during the time and it will not be fair to her. Steffy explains that she has something that Hope does not have. Hope does not care because she believes she deserves to be with Liam and will.

Dayzee tells Carter that what she was doing was legal when she did it and she had permission at the time. She explains that at the time she was doing the right thing. Dayzee refuses to give up the baby from a family. Dayzee does not want to call the people. Carter and Marcus tell Dayzee she is going to have to.

Brooke tells Steffy things are changing. Hope says that Liam being alone is a step forward. Steffy feels that the wedding in Italy was her chance with Liam. Steffy feels that Liam does not need to talk about commitment with Liam unlike Hope and Liam.

Taylor wishes that Brooke would talk to Hope and tell her she is not ready for a relationship. Eric wants to talk to Liam. Taylor tells Eric not to do it because Steffy will get mad. Taylor feels she is reliving everything that has happened to her and that a Logan is to blame. Eric tells Taylor not to leave and that she is hurting and he understands. He hugs Taylor.

Dayzee gets off the phone and starts to look something up on her tablet. Dayzee explains that the family was very well off. Dayzee feels sad for Maya but that the baby is in a good home now. Dayzee looks at a news report and finds out that the baby is dead along with the parents. Maya storms in and says she has had enough.

Hope tells Steffy that is up to Liam and not Steffy. Steffy begs Hope to step back and let Liam chose on his own who he likes.

Taylor feels that Ridge was able to put Brooke in line and now he is gone. Taylor knows that Thomas will have no responsibly over the company. Taylor brings up the past and Ridge again. Taylor is sick of how Brooke is doing things. Eric tells Taylor is this not the end and kisses Taylor passionately.

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