B&B Friday Update 2/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/8/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Thomas catch up with each other. Steffy lets her brother know that when she got back home Liam asked her to move out. Thomas looks angered at the news. Taylor goes to pick up Steffyís things from Liamís place. Taylor tells Liam that he is making a big mistake. She says he has no idea and warns him that Steffy will not continue to be treated this way. Liam says heís trying to make the right choice and he canít do that with Steffy here because itís not fair to her. Taylor tells him itís not fair to Hope that is why he asked Steffy to leave.

Brooke, Rick and Hope talk about how perfect their lives are going right now. Broke says Rick is president and Steffy moved out of Liamís home. She says life is good. Just then Eric comes in saying oh good everyone is there. He says he hopes they are ready to work. Brooke gives Eric a cold stare. At her cafť Dayzee is distracted by what Maya said to her about not giving in and not going away and wanting her baby. Marcus and Carter enter breaking her out of her thoughts but Dayzee continues to look stressed out despite trying to hide it.

Carter asks Maya if this is her place and Dayzee says yes. Marcus says yes she runs it all by herself and compliments her saying she is the most, honest, most hardworking person he knows. Carter throws in that she must also be brave seeing she married him making them all laugh. Rick shows Eric the letter he sent out that made Thomas vice-president at Forrester and asks him what it is. Brooke asks Eric why he did this and especially why he made this decision so secretly and suddenly. Eric says he felt it was best for this company and this family. Rick protests that he is president and he should have been told but Eric puts him in his place reminding him that he is still CEO and still running the show. Rick tells his dad that Thomas is a brooding, destructive force and he does not deserve this.

Thomas asks if Liam broke up with Steffy. Steffy says he just needs some breathing room and that he is just confused about what he should do and what he should not do. She says now she is feeling that way too. Thomas asks his sister what is so confusing and tells her either she wants it or she doesnít. He says that she is just going to wait around for Liam to pick who he wants and says she is better than this. Thomas tells Steffy to end it with Liam.

Liam tells Taylor that he didnít create this problem but Taylor tells him heís still responsible though. Taylor urges Liam not to be a fool and let Steffy get away. It is obvious how badly Taylor wants to tell Liam that Steffy is pregnant with his baby but all she says is that Steffy can give him something that no other woman can.

Carter apologizes for missing Dayzee and Marcusí wedding but they tell him itís okay. The three of them talk about Stephanie and Carter is told how remarkable she was and how much she helped Dayzee especially with starting this cafť. Dayzee says that she just hopes she can always be worthy of her. Marcus looks confused at those words of hers. Eric is continually questioned about why he decided to make Thomas VP. Eric says it is because Thomas is talented and deserves it but when Rick asks why he did this out of nowhere Eric remembers Taylor and his kiss. He tells Rick and the rest of them that Taylor and her kids are very important to him. He says he will not let them be marginalized. Brooke looks concerned when she hears that.

Thomas tells his sister that he hates seeing her in this position. Steffy says she does too and says she was playing it too cool before with not wanting a commitment. She tells her brother that that has changed for her now and she wants to get married and have a family. She says she hopes Liam wants that too. Liam tells Taylor that heís sorry he has to do this but Hope and him were lied to. He talks about how angry he is at Rick and his dad and everyone for playing with his and Hopeís feelings. Taylor tells Liam that she understands but her focus is her daughter. She says she canít allow her to keep getting hurt like this and reminds him he has hurt her before. She says Steffy being hurt is not good for her, especially now. Liam says he is trying not to hurt her and Hope. He says he wants Steffy in his life, he canít describe how good she makes him feel but he needs time. Taylor snaps that he does not have the luxury of time and he needs to make up his mind now. Liam gets suspicious and asks Taylor if there is something she is trying to tell him. Taylor looks helpless at his question.

Eric says heís not giving up on their families getting along one day but Brooke tells him not to hold his breath. She lets him know that Liam asked Steffy to move out last night. Eric is shocked to hear that and thinks of Steffyís pregnancy while Brooke says itís a good thing this happened because now Hope and Liam can get the chance they deserve.

Taylor thinks over what to say before saying that she just does not want Liam to miss out on something that he should be sharing with Steffy. Liam says he canít make any more snap decisions. Taylor tells Liam that she admires that he wants to think this through but warns him not to over think it. She tells Liam that Steffy can make his life very beautiful and cautions him not to blow it. Before Liam can ask her anything else Taylor turns and leaves. When she is outside she receives a call from Eric asking her to come over because he wants to see her.

Steffy tells Thomas that she refuses to lose out to a Logan. Thomas says they are not going to let that happen and tells Steffy they are already making progress. He says it may not be Stephanieís 25% of the company or presidency but Eric did come through for him by making him VP. Steffy says maybe Eric is seeing some of them in a whole new light now. Hope arrives at Steffyís office and Thomas leaves. Seeing Hope, Steffy says she knows that Liam asked her to move out and that is why she is here.

When Dayzee goes to get Carter a cappuccino, Marcus and Carter find the adoption papers Dayzee was looking at. When she returns they ask her what is going on and Dayzee reluctantly tells them years ago she was working with women on the streets and that she might be in trouble. Taylor and Eric talk about Steffyís situation and Taylor tells Eric that if only Liam knew about Steffyís pregnancy things would be very different.

Steffy and Hope get into an argument when Steffy reminds Hope of her mother and her familyís habit of ruining families and Hope ends up pushing Steffy. Steffy falls and clutches her stomach while looking horrified that the fall may have hurt her baby.

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