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Taylor tells Steffy that if she just told Liam that she was pregnant heíd see things differently. Steffy says yes she knows if he know heíd take her back in a heartbeat. She says that is not what she wants though; for Liam to choose her because heís trying to do the right thing. She says if Liam wants her back it has to be because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her not because he feels he has an obligation.

Bill berates his son about kicking Steffy out of his home. Liam tries to defend his actions saying he just needs to be alone right now but Bill warns his son that if he lets a girl like Steffy go that is how he could end up for good: alone. Liam tells his father that he only asked Steffy to leave because he owes it to her and Hope to make up his mind.

In her office, Hope recalls how her mother told her that Liam didnít ask Steffy to move out because he wanted time away from both of them but because he wanted time and space away from only Steffy. She remembers Brooke telling her to go see Liam because that is what he really wants. Katie also encourages Hope that Liam wants her and lets them in on the fact that Bill is with Liam right now pleading Steffyís case, Brooke and Hope look concerned.

Bill asks Liam what he has to do to get Liam to realize that Steffy is the best thing that ever happened to him. Liam sarcastically says that is just what he needs to hear right now. Bill asks Liam what Steffy did to disappoint him, Liam says nothing; he just wanted some space. Bill remarks that it is amazing that Steffy didnít slap him in the face. Liam says he knows that they are both incredible women, but says he needs to do this right. He says he canít keep doing this dance between the two of them, because that is what Ridge did with their mothers, and he wonít put them through that. Bill says well he may not even have a choice to make, because Steffy could be at her place right now thinking to hell with him. Liam is frustrated.

Taylor tries to talk Steffy into telling Liam but Steffy says she canít do that because she will never be happy with Liam if she constantly has to wonder if heíd rather be with someone else. Taylor asks if this has to do with her history and how it didnít work out with Ridge. Steffy says her and her father tried their best but it didnít last. Taylor says it does not have to be that way for her. Steffy says she canít survive on scraps of love and neither can Hope and Liam knows that and that is why he is doing this. But Taylor says the reason he is doing this is because he does not know she is carrying his baby.

Brooke, Hope and Katie discuss Bill and his belief that Steffy is the right choice for Liam. Brooke asks Katie what she thinks and Katie said she told Bill not to interfere. Brooke asks if he knows she is here right now and Katie says sheís sure Bill knows because he knows she is loyal to Hope. Hope thanks Katie for her support and confidently says that there is nothing Bill can say to break the bond Liam and her have.

Liam tells his dad that if he and Rick had not gotten involved he would not be in this mess today. Bill retorts by saying it doesnít mean heíd be happy with Hope. Liam says heís not happy right now. Bill says thatís because he let Hope back into his life but Liam says no this is what happens when a man is lied to. Bill says Steffy didnít lie to him though, he did and says if he wants to punish someone it should be him. Liam says he doesnít want to punish anyone he just wants to make his decision. Bill insists that Liam has made his decision and his decisions is to be with Steffy. Liam says know that he knows about the lie Rick told he canít just go with that. He says the truth matters and in a situation like this where the stakes are so high it matters a lot.

Steffy tells her mother that she wonít use this pregnancy as a trump card. She says Brooke did the same with her dad all the time. Taylor says that history does not have to repeat itself but Steffy says she canít forget how she grew up. She says sheís sorry but she wonít allow what happened to Taylor happen to herself. Steffy asks Taylor if she told anyone else about her baby and Taylor tells her she told Eric. Steffy is not happy but when Taylor assures her that he wonít tell anyone. She tells Steffy that the way to bond with someone though is to tell them the truth. Taylor urges her daughter to just tell Liam the truth.

Brooke tells Hope that Taylor and her never wanted this for their daughters, seeing the eerie similarity between what is going on with them and what happened with them in the past while Katie tells Hope that she agrees with Brooke about her going to see Liam. She tells Hope that Liam and her have already lost so much time that she should not waste a second. Hope smiles and shares a hug with her aunt.

Bill cautions Liam again that if he waits too long he wonít be able to get Steffy back ever. He says that If the thought if losing Steffy is making him sick inside then there is nothing to think about. Bill tells Liam to pick up the phone and tell Steffy to come home. Liam looks confused and torn. Steffy continues to tell Taylor that Liam has to do this right and she canít corner Liam because Hope is now a part of this. Taylor tells her to put Hope out of her mind because she is not a part of this pregnancy. She tells Steffy that her own children are the greatest joy of her life and that she is the biggest blessing she ever received. She tells Steffy that his baby will be a blessing for her.

Brooke again keeps pushing Hope to go see Liam right now. Hope says Liam didnít call her to which Brooke says he could still be with Bill. Hope sighs and Brooke tells her daughter that she can have her life with Liam again, she just has to be believe it. Steffy thinks about her memories with Liam while Liam looks at his phone while thinking of what Bill said about losing Steffy forever. Liam calls Steffy with the excuse of letting her know she left her workbag at his place but soon confesses he wanted to see if she was okay.

Liam tells Steffy he hated asking her to leave and that he is just doing this to make the right decision. He says he wants her to remember that he loves her and it may not be the end for them. Steffy tells Liam she understands and says she loves him to. Steffy tells Liam to make the right decision. Glancing at her stomach she tells him not to let them down.

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