B&B Wednesday Update 2/6/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/6/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy opens her apartment door at night time and puts her suitcase down. She looks around the room and sits down on her couch. She hugs her stomach and looks at the ground. She then looks into her purse and finds her phone with the picture of her and Liam on the background and gets emotional.

Liam looks at pictures of Steffy on his phone and is about to call her when Bill and Katie come over. Bill explains that they are wondering about how Steffy is doing. Katie does not think they should have come over at all. Liam tries to put his word into the conversation. Bill wants to know where Steffy is.

Hope walks around looking at papers in Eric's office with Brooke who is sitting down next to her. Brooke tells Hope that the two of them had a lot to talk about. Hope wonders if that is a good thing because that would mean that Liam and her will have a second chance but is sad for Steffy in that case. Brooke explains she will be fine because she is strong just like her mother.

Taylor walks into Steffy's apartment and sees Steffy looking out the window. She walks in and tells Steffy she got her text. Steffy hugs Taylor.

Hope says that Steffy is crazy about Liam and that even if the two move out together Liam will still be a mess. Brooke tells Hope that the commitment that Liam made Hope is real unlike the one that Steffy made Liam.

Bill wonders where Steffy is and if she will be back. Liam says that he asked her to move out.

Taylor asks what happened. Steffy explains that things could have been better but they do not have to talk about it. Taylor wonders if Hope is moving in with Liam. Steffy says that Hope was not there when she left but is probably on her way over. That is unless she plans to come see Steffy first to do a Logan victory dance.

Bill tries to make sense of things. Liam explains that he needs time to think about things and that they need to have better than Liam if they can. Katie agrees with Liam but Bill does not. Bill will not allow Katie to boost Hope. Katie does not have to because Liam knows them already. Liam tells them to stop arguing. Bill tells Liam that sending Steffy away even for a while could end up ending the relationship permanently.

Hope wonders if Steffy regrets going to Paris and wishes she would have stayed here. Brooke says that it would not have changed anything. Hope knows but says that she needs to hear from Liam. Brooke feels that Hope should be the one to fall for Liam not Steffy because unlike Steffy Hope has a sense for motherhood which Steffy does not.

Steffy explains she had a picture in her head seeing Liamís reaction to being a father. Steffy thought that she would have never been asked to leave before she told Liam the truth. Steffy knows that when she got on the plane that she knew that it could be what she is going home to. Taylor wonders if Steffy told Liam about seeing Hope and him Kissing. Steffy says she did. Taylor explains that when Liam finds out about the baby he will feel the exact same way because he deserves to know.

Katie sarcastically tells Bill to tell Liam how he really feels. Katie thinks that the two of them should leave before things get any worst. Bill refuses to leave. Katie decides to leave Bill alone with Liam for a minute. Bill tells Liam that Katie just went to tell Brooke and Hope what just happened.

Hope wonders if Steffy and Taylor know something they don't. Brooke explains that Taylor feels that Brooke has still been ruining her life after all these years.

Taylor wonders if there is any indication that Liam does not love her. Taylor explains that Hope has been trying to get Liam back ever since Steffy left. Steffy explains that if she has this child that Hope will be calling the shots. Steffy that the Taylor has lived that and the whole family has lived that and she refuses to allow it to happen again.

Liam tells Bill to tell him what he feels is wrong about Liam and Steffy now. Bill says he has nothing to say. Bill wants Liam to be happy and that he can see that Liam misses Steffy so he should go get her.

Hope understands that most of the time everything is more about Taylor and Brooke than Steffy and Hope. Katie walks in and tells them that Liam asked Steffy to move out. Hope is excited over this.

Steffy feels her life is on hold because of Hope. Taylor explains that Hope and Liam did not break up because of anything that has been said. Steffy wants to figure out what she is going to do. Taylor feels that if Liam knows about the baby that Liam will marry her. Steffy does not want to be married to Liam if he still loves Hope just because of a baby. Steffy will not have what happened to Taylor happen to her. Taylor feels that Steffy can change everything in the past. Taylor begs Steffy to change it all tonight. Steffy hugs Taylor.

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