B&B Tuesday Update 2/5/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/5/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy wants to know why there is only one choice that Liam can make. Liam explains that this is the case. Steffy tells Liam that she can accept almost any answer but that.

Taylor tells Brooke that there are no secrets between her and Steffy. She goes on to explain that Steffy told Taylor that she had walked in on Hope and Liam kissing on his bed. Brooke says that she did not know this and it must have been very painful for Steffy. Taylor does not think that Hope will win Liam and Brooke wonders why Taylor is treating this like a contest.

Thomas talks to Eric about his new position and wonders if he will be able to hire and fire people. Thomas explains that he wants to be a team player but he needs to have people he can work with. Eric explains he will look into it. Hope walks in and hugs Thomas for his promotion. Thomas is shocked over this and explains that he cannot do anything with Hope because of their working relationship. Hope wonders what Thomas is talking about.

Brooke wonders why Taylor is even at Forrester if she does not work there. Taylor explains that her children work there and her marriage. Brooke acknowledges this but explains that this is no reason to be around the office. Taylor feels that Brooke is only around to create her own empire of sorts.

Taylor tells Liam that he needs to think again. Steffy feels that she will do anything for Liam and not let anyone take advantage of him not even her.

Hope feels that Thomas helped her through a very tough time. Hope wonders if Thomas has a reason not to trust her. Thomas explains that when Steffy left that Hope might have gone after Liam. Hope tells Thomas he has nothing to worry about however she is over being a puppet. Hope wonders if Thomas has ever had this happen. Thomas explains that when he was younger he lived with Brooke and was told that she loved him. He was told by his father that he would one day run the company and he was also told by Stephanie that he would own the company when she was gone but then it all was changed when a lawyer said differently.

Brooke wonders why Taylor feels that there is some sort of match between the two of them because her family did not do anything. Brooke reminds Taylor of the years that she faked her death and that she was raising Taylor's children but then when Taylor came back that she was kicked out of the home and Ridge was pressured into marrying Taylor. Brooke also explains that Taylor slept with her father. Taylor feels that all of those things involved Ridge and Stephanie. Taylor thinks that Brooke wants to go back to her golden days when all the Logan’s were put up front. Brooke explains that through all the years of fighting that she never once considered Taylor an enemy. Taylor tells her to start.

Steffy knows that when she first started dating that she did try to control Liam. Liam feels that the two of them have gone through a lot and have had a lot of risks. Liam feels also that he is sick of the past and how he was protected and wants to just know the truth.

Hope does not want to have to inherit her mother’s battle. Thomas feels that Hope is trying to do the same thing as everyone else. Brooke walks in and wonders what Thomas wants and she will give it to him. Thomas just wants to not have to work for everything.

Eric walks into his office to find Taylor. Taylor explains she was standing her grounds with Brooke. Eric wonders if Taylor told Brooke about the baby. Taylor says no.

Steffy explains she is ready for more Liam. Steffy does not want to have to think about the future with Liam and is ready to be able to just be committed to Liam. Liam says that he can commit to never walking out of Steffy's life. Steffy is happy to hear this. Liam however does not think that he can live with Steffy anymore.

Eric understands that Hopes heart will be broken in the morning. Taylor does not want to be harsh but that for her whole life she has been around people that are not good for her. She now knows that she has to fight for what is hers. Eric explains that he agrees.

Hope says that it will take a while for her to get used to the changes around her. She feels without Ridge and Stephanie the office is no longer a safe place. Brooke explains that Forester is just there work place she asks if Liam has called. Hope says no and that everything with Liam will change.

Liam says that he is sending Steffy away but will not take Hope back and that he will be taking some time away from both of them. He is done with it. Steffy does not want his past to paralyze him. Liam needs to learn to stop making mistakes. Liam decides that he needs to decide who he is. Liam does not think this is the end. Steffy thinks it might be. Steffy says that she always has something to say. Steffy decides to leave and explains that she still has her apartment. Liam tells Steffy he loves her and kisses her on the forehead. Steffy tells Liam to do what he has to and so will she. Steffy walks out the front door and holds her stomach.

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