B&B Monday Update 2/4/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/4/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy hugs Liam and he says that he is glad she is back. Steffy wonders if he means it and Liam hugs her again.

Hope waits for Liam to call her.

Eric walks into Steffy’s office to find Taylor and asks if Steffy is back. Taylor explains that she is back.

Liam wonders how the trip went. Steffy explains that it was good to see her father because he needed her support. Liam wonders if it had to do with Brooke. Steffy explains that it takes years of falling in and out of love to make someone do this. Steffy brings up the subject of children.

Katie walks into her bedroom and Bill is happy to find her in a sexy outfit. The two start to kiss.

Hope walks in to find Brooke and explains that Steffy is back. Brooke thinks that she set Liam straight.

Taylor does not know what will happen with Steffy and Liam because of how Liam and Steffy were making out on his bed. Taylor is happy that Steffy did not freak out or scream and thinks that Steffy did what she did so Liam could get hope out of his system.

Liam says sorry to Steffy for not telling her right away that Hope was there. Steffy says that she wanted Hope around while she was gone. Steffy thinks that it is good for him to have it all out of his system and to know what could have been.

Bill tells Katie that he has to tell her something that she does not want to hear. Katie wonders if she needs to know now. Bill explains that it will make Katie want to call Hope. Katie figures out Steffy is back.

Brooke tells Hope that Liam feels he has an obligation to Steffy and that Steffy has nothing that is keeping them together.

Eric is happy that after everything that has happened he is glad that Taylor and her children feel like winners again.

Liam feels that this has been an emotional roller coaster. Steffy agrees. Steffy wonders if Liam thought she was crazy for leaving when she did. Liam says no. Steffy tells Liam that she saw Liam and Hope kissing and that is why she left. Liam explains that he wants her to know but Steffy explains that she saw enough and does not want to know more. Steffy understands that Hope and Liam have been through a lot but she does not want to think about it. She feels that she has to trust that Liam had to work through his feelings before putting Hope behind him forever.

Bill wonders if Katie thinks that Steffy is the better woman for Liam. Katie explains that she would rather talk about this in a few months and Liam will choose on his own.

Hope thinks that Steffy is a friend to Liam and they have no bond. Taylor over hears and explains that Steffy is with Liam right now and that things will change once Steffy tells Liam a few things.

Steffy does not want to pressure Liam. Steffy explains that if being with Hope is what makes him happy than do it because she does not want him to waste her time just like with Ridge and Brooke instead of Ridge and Taylor. Steffy explains she has no interest in doing that. She will not make Liam stay with her to make demands. Liam does not have to decide right away but he needs to figure it out soon. Steffy finds it funny that Liam fell for the daughters of Brooke and Taylor. Steffy understands that Liam would be married to Hope if nothing had happened. Steffy will not allow this to go on for another generation. Steffy thinks that this is learning from the past and best for everyone.

Taylor tells Brooke she better help Hope get to reality. Brooke does not understand why Taylor thinks there is only one outcome. Brooke thinks that Hope and Liam will be together because they were in love. Taylor feels Hope needs to leave Liam alone.

Hope writes a note to Steffy with her work.

Steffy recounts the events that have happened. Liam explains that Hope tried her hardest to get her life back. Steffy understands what Hope is feeling. Liam says that he will have a lot to think about. Liam does know that he would be married to Hope if not for Bill. Liam thinks that he also has been able to get to know Steffy much better as a friend since they have been divorced. Steffy feels this is the problem and he could say the same thing about Hope. Steffy thinks he needs to choose. Liam says if he has to choose that there is only one choice he can make.

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