B&B Friday Update 2/1/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/1/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Brooke that she's not telling him something he doesn't already know. Brooke tells him to do something about it then. She reminds him how much he loves Hope and how they were robbed of a future together before telling Liam that he isn't tied to Steffy in any way and he should just let her go.

Taylor asks Steffy how her morning sickness is going. Steffy says it comes and goes. Taylor asks if she's going to tell Liam tonight. Steffy says that's the plan before asking Taylor when Thomas became vice-president. Taylor tells her it happened just when he was going to leave. Steffy asks how Rick, the president feels about that and Taylor says that it isn't his decision it is Eric's. Steffy says she guesses they are going to have to learn to work together. Taylor warns Steffy that Hope has been pursuing Liam while she was gone and that Rick isn't going to be happy when he finds out that Thomas is vice-president now. Taylor says she would really hate to think that all this ill will is being spurred on them by Brooke.

Rick tells Hope how Eric made Thomas VP at which she complains that now they have to deal with both Thomas and Steffy. Rick complains that it was Taylor who most probably had Thomas made VP before asking Hope about what is going on. Hope tells him that Steffy is back from Paris and hopefully she will be moving out of Liam's home. Surprised, Rick asks if Liam is asking Steffy to move out but Hope tells him that it was her who asked him to. Rick asks if he will agree and Hope implies he will. She says things are getting to be the way they used to be between them before.

Rick says she's very confident and Hope says that is because she knows what Liam and her have. She says it was strong enough to get them to the altar once and it will happen again. She says Steffy may be a worthy opponent but tells Rick that she has recently tried to get Liam to see that he has nothing tying him to Steffy so they can really have a fresh start together.

When Steffy talks to Taylor about how Liam has been impacted by learning of the lies that ruined his and Hope's relationship, Taylor asks if something is wrong. She asks Steffy is Liam has been pulling away from her. Steffy says no and says he loves her as much as ever and she knows that. She says she is counting on that as well.

Brooke tries to tell Liam he should not worry about Steffy, but he points out that it's not just her daughter whose happiness is at stake here. He says Steffy is part of this too and she too is a strong, amazing, and independent woman. Brooke looks annoyed at Liam's words about Steffy.

Rick tells his sister that Steffy would have never been an issue in between Liam and her if he hadn't lied. Hope stops him and tells him that it was not just his fault as Bill did a lot to sabotage her relationship with his son. Rick says he still regrets his part in what happened because that's no way to treat your sister. Hope says she hasn't completely forgiven him but understands why he did what he did. Rick is thankful for that and promises to never interfere in her life again. Rick says he honestly hopes everything works out for her and Liam. Hope says so does she and she believes it will.

Brooke tries to remind Liam that Hope was his first love and talks about how her daughter is a much better woman than Steffy especially for him. Liam says he can see how proud she is of Hope. Brooke smiles and tells Liam he really should not string Steffy along like this. She tells him to tell her he doesn't want to be with her so that she can move on with her life. Liam doesn't look happy at Brooke's suggestion.

Taylor notices that something is bothering Steffy. She asks her to talk to her. When Steffy hesitates Taylor tells her that Steffy knows that nothing in the world can possibly shock her. Steffy gives in and tells her mother how before she left on her trip she saw Liam making out with Hope on his bed. Taylor realizes this is why Steffy has not told Liam she is pregnant yet. Taylor urges Steffy to tell Liam he is going to be a father so that he will stop giving Hope a chance but Steffy tells her mother that she does not want the only thing keeping Liam and her together to be her baby. She says if Liam chooses her it has to be for her and says she is certain Liam, this baby and her will be a family because Liam will choose her on his own.

While Hope tells her brother that what Liam has with Steffy may be tempting, it doesn't compare to what he has with her, Taylor and Steffy imagine Liam's reaction when he will learn he's going to have a baby. Steffy smiles and tells Taylor that Liam and her are ready to be committed to one another and says she is going to be a grandmother. Taylor says she is so happy for her and for herself. Steffy says she has been thinking about getting married says Liam would want that too. Steffy says in any case she wants to be married before she gives birth. Taylor smiles and hugs her daughter.

Rick and Hope discuss how beautiful her Italian wedding was while Liam steps outside from his discussion with Brooke. Before Brooke leaves, she arranges for kites to fly over Liam's home like they were when they were in Italy for his and Hope's wedding. As planned, Liam sees them and remembers his wedding with Hope and is filled with fond memories. Steffy reaches home and calls out to Liam. Liam sees Steffy arrive who looks really happy to see him while he stands there confused.

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