B&B Thursday Update 1/31/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/31/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor tells Eric that it feels so good to have a man like him standing up for her family. Taylor says that for the first time in a long time she feels safe. Taylor gets a phone call and Steffy tells her that sheís on a plane on her way back to Los Angeles. Taylor is happy to hear that and asks Steffy if she has talked to Liam yet and that he does not know she is pregnant.

Steffy calls Liam and tells him she is on her way home. She tells him they have a lot to talk about and that she canít wait to see him. Steffy says she is really excited about their future together. Liam agrees that they have a lot to talk about and tells her to be safe on her way home. When Liam hangs up Hope arrives and is in a great mood until Liam tells her that Steffy is on her way home.

Marcus introduces his brother, Carter to Pam. Marcus asks his brother when he got here and asks him why he didnít tell him he was coming so he could have prepared for him. His older brother says itís okay and Marcus tells Pam that Carter is his brother from his adoptive family in Texas. Marcus says itís great that heís here because he can finally meet his family. Marcus introduces Carter to Brooke.

Eric says itís a good thing that Steffy is coming back and Taylor says yes now she can tell Liam she is pregnant. Taylor thanks Eric for listening to her and being there for her. Eric says anytime before Brooke walks in with a parting gift for Thomas who she thinks is going to Paris but Taylor tells her that Thomas is going to be staying in Paris. Brooke asks since when and Eric tells her since he made Thomas vice president. Brooke asks if Taylor talked him into this but Eric tells her it was his idea. Eric says he can mentor them both. Taylor says she should also know that Steffy is on her way back home. Brooke does not look happy to hear any of the news given to her.

Steffy meets a new girl on the plane who asks her if she had a good nap. Steffy tells her she was too anxious to sleep and introduces herself as Steffy. The woman tells her she is Monica and they talk about why Steffy was preoccupied. Steffy tells her she has a lot waiting for her in L.A. before mentioning how another girl is also in love with her boyfriend. Sighing she says that she is probably making a play for him right now as they speak.

Hope tells Liam that she will help him pack Steffyís stuff and put it out but Liam says he canít do that. Hope says he can do anything he wants to he just has to decide.

Marcus introduces his brother to Eric and Carter says he has never seen Marcus look so happy in all his life. Marcus finds Dayzee and says sheíll never guess who is here but Dayzee figures out Carter is his brother right away because of the pictures he has shown her. Dayzee hugs Carter and welcomes him, saying it is nice to meet him. Carter says that Marcus is one lucky man making Marcus smile. Carter tells him he is so happy to see how happy he is and how perfect his life is going. Marcus thanks his brother for his words.

Brooke tries to tell Taylor that Hope and Liam are close now but Taylor tells her that she didnít listen to her when she asked her to keep Hope away from Liam but says that Steffy is on her way back now and what will be will be.

Steffy and Monica discuss her relationship on the plane. Monica gives Steffy advice and asks her if it isnít dangerous to leave Liam alone with Hope especially when she saw them making out before she left. Steffy says she knows Hope isnít willing to let Liam go and that they have a bond but that it is nothing compared to what Liam and her have. She tells Monica she is pregnant and when Monica asks if Liam knows that Steffy says she is going to tell him today.

Hope mopes about Steffyís return before telling Liam that she is very glad they had this time together. She urges Liam that nothing is standing in their way and tells him not to let her go this time. Liam looks troubled.

Carter asks Marcus, Dayzee and Eric to dinner and insists to pay. Eric tries to say he will be there guest but Marcus tells them he is a big shot lawyer and can handle paying for dinner. As Eric and Carter discuss where the dinner will be Marcus takes Dayzee aside and asks her if she is okay since she seems a little off lately. Dayzee looks worried.

Brooke tries to convince Taylor that Hope has every right to pursue Liam. She says that Hope and Liam would have been married by now if it wasnít for all the lies they had been fed. She tells Taylor Hope just wants her life back. She says Steffy is the one who is the outsider but Taylor just says they will see about that and leaves. Brooke makes a phone call asking someone for a favor. She says itís important and she needs this to happen today.

The plane lands in L.A. Steffy says it feel so good to be home. Monica wishes her good luck and says that compared to her, life is so easy. Steffy says sheís glad to help there making Monica laugh. Monica says well judging by the pictures sheís been shown of Liam the baby is going to be one gorgeous boy or beautiful baby girl. Steffy is touched by her words and thanks Monica. Smiling, she says she canít wait to tell him.

Hope tells Liam that if Steffy was so perfect for him then she would never have kept anything from him. Hope tells Liam to remember that and the feeling he gets when he is with her. She tells him that the life they could have had together was cut short. She tell him itís not over though and they can have it now. She kisses Liam passionately before finally leaving.

Brooke continues conspiring on the phone while Hope and Liam think about the time they have had together. There is a knock on Liamís door and he answers it to find Brooke there. Brooke comes in and talks about how Hope wants to spend her life with him and how much she wants that before demandingly saying that he is going to have to just tell Steffy that he is starting a life with Hope.

Taylor comes to see Steffy in her office and gives her a big hug. Steffy says she wasnít gone that long but Taylor says she missed her. Pulling away Taylor says she knows this is a very important time in her life because she is pregnant. She asks Steffy why she hasnít told Liam yet. Steffy starts to tell her mother how she saw Liam making out with Hope before she left before she says that the time away gave her perspective and now she knows what she has to do. She says she is going to go home to Liam and tell him about this baby. She says she knows he is going to be stunned but then he will be excited just like she was. Steffy says then they will begin their future together. Taylor smiles and hugs her daughter.

Brooke continues to push Liam to tell Steffy to leave. She insists to Liam that Steffy was his second choice not his first. She says Hope and her are counting on him and says that tonight he is going to say goodbye to Steffy.

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