B&B Wednesday Update 1/30/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/30/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas has a flashback to Taylor telling him to stay and Thomas thinking that the Logan’s are in his way. Taylor tells him not to go. Thomas thinks that he will have a chance in France. Brooke walks into Thomas’s office and tells him that Paris will be good for him. Taylor gives her a dirty look.

Marcus sneaks up on Dayzee at a farmers market. Dayzee explains that they cannot hang out because she is busy. Dayzee explains that she will meet up with Marcus later. Maya walks up to Dayzee and wants to know if she knows where her little girl is.

Pam gives Eric something that he is looking for. Eric wonders if there is anything that Pam cannot find. Pam explains that would be a man who will stick around. Eric wonders if that would make her leave. Pam says she will never do that to him.

Brooke thinks that having Thomas go to the international office will help him learn things as it helped Rick who worked there for many years. Thomas feels he should have already been given everything because it was promised to him.

Dayzee asks if Maya is staying in the area. Maya explains that at the moment she is going to be with her daughter. Maya wants her baby back and blames Dayzee for having her give up her baby because she claims to be manipulated. Maya wants to know about the baby. Dayzee gives her a picture of the baby when she checked in on her last which was a long time ago. Maya thought that she was going to talk to the parents. Dayzee said she couldn’t.

Thomas tells Marcus he is leaving the moment that Eric tells him he can leave.

Pam says that Eric is a very important man because he is rich and has power. Pam warns Eric from woman such as Donna. Pam thinks that Eric needs a woman like Stephanie. Pam hopes that Eric picks a woman like her.

Taylor tells Brooke that she does not want to hear Brooke anymore. Taylor says that he is having a hard time dealing with things. Brooke thinks that Thomas is being mature with leaving. Taylor thinks that her family has been torn apart already. Brooke thinks that Taylor and her need to get over this already so they can be a good example and she does not think any of this is her fault.

Maya feels that she should be with her daughter. Maya thinks that there must have been other options that were not told to her. Dayzee tells Maya that this situation is out of her hands but offers her help with anything else. Maya refuses it and tells Dayzee to get her baby back.

Thomas feels the company is ran by Logan’s and he will not come back until he does not feel like an outsider.

Taylor does feel that Brooke is not without fault. Brooke wonders what Taylor feels is really her fault. Taylor thinks that she is losing everyone because of Brooke and that this time she is going to allow her family to stay unlike what she did with Ridge and this time her games will be over.

Pam tells Marcus that someone is here to talk to Marcus. Marcus wonders who it is and a voice says hello to him.

Dayzee explains that the baby is given a wonderful life. Maya feels she has rights and wants to know what she did with her money she got. Dayzee explains she put the money back into the shelter. Maya wants to get her baby back because she did everything to get her back and she refuses to go away.

Brooke and Taylor argue as they walk into Eric’s office. Taylor demands that she is given time alone with Eric. Eric feels that the experience that Thomas will be given will help him out. Taylor wants to have Thomas there and feels that Brooke and her family are the only reason Thomas feels this way and how many times the same thing can happen. Eric shows Taylor that a letter to the office. Taylor reads it and it says that Thomas will no longer be working in the LA office and reads that Thomas will be vice president of Forrester Creations. Taylor is so happy that she kisses Eric with passion. The two look at each other and smile.

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