B&B Tuesday Update 1/29/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/29/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope confronts Brooke about her and Bill and wants to know the truth.

Bill asks Justin what is going on with the meeting. Justin wonders if Bill has something else on his mind.

Rick explains to Thomas that he did not ask for what Thomas gave him when it comes to designs. Thomas feels that he is just trying to contribute. Thomas feels he will never be given a good chance because Rick is in charge.

Pam is about to walk into Eric’s office but Donna stops her before she walks in with her lemon bars. Pam thinks that she should have maybe made croissant’s instead saying it in a French accent. Donna corrects her sarcastically saying it the way it is actually pronounced. Taylor walks up with coffee in her hand trying to get into the office. Taylor barges in and meets the French designer who introduces himself to Taylor. Eric explains that the designer liked Taylor. Eric thanks Taylor for the coffee.

Rick tells Thomas that he does not have time for this. Thomas starts yelling at Rick because he feels that his legacy and company were stolen from him.

Donna and Pam can hear them yell at each other from outside the office. Donna explains that Thomas and Taylor are on a war path. Pam says that Taylor did not seem that way last night or for that matter today. Pam wonders if Taylor is doing things with Eric. Donna says she better not be.

Eric tells Taylor that Steffy will be a great mother. Taylor thinks that it is possible as long as the Logan family does not interject. Eric explains that Brooke will not intervene.

Hope wants to know if Brooke and Bill are involved. Hope figures out that the two are emotionally involved and wants to know how long they have been at it.

Taylor understands that Brooke has children involved in the Forrester line but that both of Brooke’s children are taking over everything. Pam and Donna make Eric get involved in the argument between Rick and Thomas.

Eric walks into Rick’s office and wants to know what is going on in there. Rick explains that Thomas is arguing and will not accept his place in the company. Thomas believes he has no place in the company. Eric says that is not true. Thomas tells him that it is.

Hope really wants to know what is going on between Bill and Brooke. Brooke explains that as Hope knows Katie went into depression and that Katie decided that it was going to be permanent for the two of them to get together.

Justin is shocked Katie had asked for a divorce. Bill explains that Katie had planned it all out.

Hope is shocked that Katie left her wedding ring. Brooke says with a note. Hope wonders why Katie went to LA. Brooke tells her that it was because she wanted Brooke and Bill to get together once Katie died. Hope is shocked over all of this. Brooke says that Katie went to great lengths to get them together.

Eric explains to everyone that Thomas is just as big a part of the company as Rick is. Taylor does not feel this is going on. Eric tells Rick that he is to make sure Thomas is involved in everything possible. Rick says ok. Taylor smiles.

Brooke tells Hope that this was just part of her depression.

Bill wanted to get back home but that everyone kept trying to get Bill relaxed. He says that Katie had ended up arranging that everyone be where they were at the time.

Brooke explains that she had to come back when she did because Stephanie’s last wish was to die with Brooke. When Bill got the cabin Brooke had lost her ring.

Bill explains he found the ring and Brooke was happy. He explains that he slipped the ring on Brooke’s finger and they hugged. They then kissed.

Hope is shocked that Brooke kissed Bill.

Taylor thanks Eric. Eric hopes Taylor knows that she is having a hard time. Taylor hopes that Eric knows that she is just trying to be a good parent. Taylor explains that the challenges that she has with Steffy right now are very hard. Eric explains the first time since Stephanie died he felt ok and that was because of Taylor. Taylor says she knows what Eric is going through and is there for him. Eric thanks her.

Brooke tells Hope that she will not involve herself in Katie’s life. Hope thinks that Bill wants more out of this. Brooke tries to explain again that this is because Katie wanted it the way it happened. Brooke promises she will not hurt her sister.

Justin wonders where Bill stands. Bill explains that he has a wonderful son and that Katie is a great individual that he loves. Justin wonders about Brooke. Bill explains that Brooke accepts him for what he is unlike Katie. Bill feels Brooke accepts everything. Justin wonders if Bill thinks he married the wrong sister.

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