B&B Monday Update 1/28/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/28/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie thanks Brooke for coming over and apologizes for storming off after Brooke put that dinner together. Brooke understands. Katie thanks Brooke for always being there for her and Bill.

Steffy drinks a glass of water and rubs her stomach.

Liam looks at Hope’s new sketches and thinks they are very cool. Liam asks about a skirt that Hope had that he did not care for. Hope says she loved the skirt. Liam explains he does not want to lie.

Taylor finds the picture of Stephanie falling being strange. Taylor explains it hurt her when Stephanie took away Thomas’s stock and died in Brooke’s arms of all people. Eric understands that Taylor is upset. Taylor is upset over Stephanie giving Brooke the ring instead of Steffy who is named after her. She cries because all the people in her life are gone.

Hope finds it odd that Steffy knows that Hope is around. Hope thinks that the two need to take advantage of the time they have together.

Katie explains that Bill and her are going to work on their marriage. Bill over hears this.

Eric explains that he prepared himself for what happened and does not know what to do with the house. Eric does not want to live in the house by himself because there is no use of a big house without Stephanie. Eric understands how Taylor feels over Stephanie’s death and was angry that he was not there. Taylor explains that was not part of her plan.

Steffy decides to go to lunch with Ridge and hangs up her phone to see a picture of Liam and her.

Liam explains that he has wanted to make love to Hope all night long but he cannot until he knows what to do. Hope thinks that the two of them can pack up all of Steffy’s stuff and put it in her apartment. Hope thinks after everything she deserves Liam.

Katie feels guilty for getting Brooke involved. Brooke thinks that it is her job because she is her sister. Bill walks in and wonders why Brooke is there. Brooke explains Katie called and that the two of them will be just fine. Katie suggests giving Bill giving Brooke a drive home. Brooke says that Hope will do it because she does not want to drive while she has been drinking. The baby starts crying and Katie goes to check on him. Brooke does not know what to do.

Eric wonders if there is anything he can say to Thomas. Taylor does not know what to do about him or Steffy for that matter. Taylor tells Eric in confidence that Steffy is pregnant and is not happy with it. Taylor does not understand this. Eric wonders about Liam thinks. Taylor explains that he does not know and no one is supposed to know. Taylor wants Steffy to be back home because the longer she is away the more Hope has a chance at Liam.

Hope thinks that Steffy was not right about what happened during the sabotage because she knew. Hope explains that Liam and she will get married and nothing will stop the two of them. Liam finds this interesting. Hope understands that other people like to bash the Logan family but explains that they are a good family. Liam gets a call from Steffy and Hope tells him to take it because she has to go pick up Brooke. Steffy explains that she will be home soon and that they have a lot to discuss. Steffy wonders if Liam is alone. Liam tells her no. Steffy hangs up. Hope kisses Liam and explains when the two of them break up they can have more nights like this. Hope walks out.

Eric explains that he has been making martinis in Stephanie’s honor. Eric explains to Taylor that her family will be safe as long as he is around. The two hug.

Brooke does not want to ruin anything for Katie. Bill explains that this is not going to upset the two of them. Bill thinks that they will be ok. Hope walks in and sees Bill and Brooke talking. Brooke puts her arm on Bill and tells him that he is an amazing person. Hope walks in and asks if Brooke still needs a ride.

Hope walks outside and wonders what was going on between Brooke and Bill. Hope wonders if something is going on between the two of them. Hope is shocked. Brooke does not respond.

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