B&B Friday Update 1/25/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/25/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

As Eric mounts a portrait of Stephanie on the wall Donna comes over and tells him she is there for him making Eric smile. Taylor visits Thomas and learns that he is still very keen on going to Paris. Taylor says that might be a good idea to get away and see his dad but Thomas tells her he is thinking of not coming back. Taylor looks shocked and upset.

Marcus and Dayzee spend time relaxing together. She tells Marcus that she can hardly still believe that she’s married to a Forrester. Marcus asks if she has any regrets and she asks if she looks like she does. They share a kiss before Marcus goes to get more caviar and when he leaves Dayzee looks troubled over the secret she’s having to keep from him.

Donna and Eric talk for a little while before Donna reveals that she brought him food. Eric asks if she cooked for him and Donna says she wanted him to be comforted not sick. Eric laughs and she says it’s take-out but she’s really good at heating things up and says she’ll be right back.

When she leaves Pam arrives and sees the portrait. Eric asks her if it’s striking and Pam says yes. She says it’s like she could reach out and touch her. Eric says he wishes and Pam tells him no one could replace Stephanie but she tells him she is here for him. When she tells him she is going to cook him dinner Donna comes out of the kitchen. Seeing each other Pam and Donna ask what the other is doing there. Eric just smiles.

Taylor tells Thomas she supports his idea to go recoup in Paris but tells him she would hate it if he left permanently. Thomas says there isn’t much here expect for her and his sister. He says Rick stole Caroline, his grandmother took his shares away and his granddad devalued his work and appointed Rick as head of the company. Taylor says things would be so different if Stephanie hadn’t taken his shares. Frustrates, she says she can’t believe she did that still. Thomas says maybe Stephanie wanted Rick in charge all along even though he’s not sure when that change occurred. Taylor says probably when she lost her mind and fell in love with Brooke too. Taylor and Thomas both look upset and disappointed.

Dayzee tells Marcus that she loves everything about being a Forrester and says she doesn’t want anything to change. Marcus tells her it won’t unless it’s for the better. They share a kiss before Marcus tells her that he is so luck to have found her, his perfect woman. They kiss again although it is clear that Dayzee is worried over what Maya may cause to happen in her life. Eric tells Pam and Donna that this is just what he needs, the two of them here and thanks them. Smelling the smoke, Pam realizes Donna burned the food and goes to look after dinner. By the time she gets back she sees Donna and Eric sharing a tender moment. Annoyed, she says dinner is almost done and says she’s sorry Donna is leaving. Donna says she happens to be free and right at that moment Taylor enters looking very upset. She tells Eric she needs to talk to him right now alone.

Donna asks Taylor what she is doing here and Taylor says she’s sorry but she really needs to talk to Eric. Eric excuses himself from Donna and Pam and asks Taylor, concerned why she is so upset. Crying, Taylor points at Stephanie’s portrait angrily and says “her” indicating it’s Stephanie’s fault for the state she is in.

In the midst of their conversation Marcus’ adoptive parents come up and Dayzee asks him if his life was good with his adoptive parents. Marcus says yes absolutely and he has no complaints. He says he now realizes that his mother at the time was just not ready to raise a kid. He says he will always be grateful that his adoptive parents took him in and gave him family. Dayzee says so she thought confusing Marcus. He asks her what is going on and why she’s so stuck on him and his adoption but Dayzee turns the conversation by saying she’s just stuck on him and kissing him passionately.

Eric tells Taylor to sit down and tell him what’s wrong. Taylor shakes her head sadly before saying it’s Thomas and how he’s leaving for Paris and he might not come back. Eric asks if that is because he appointed Rick president. Taylor asks Eric if he even stopped to think how that might affect Thomas and asks if he hasn’t lost enough already. She lists the things he has lost of recent and says now her son may be gone for good all because of Stephanie. She looks at Stephanie’s portrait with angry, teary eyes.

As Marcus has gone to refill their drinks Dayzee remembers the time when she convinced Maya to put her baby up for adoption. She remembers how hesitant and upset she was. Marcus returns with the refills and Dayzee grabs him and keeps kissing him passionately, the only thing on the back of her mind being how she might lose him because of her past. Eric tells Taylor he had no idea Thomas felt so disillusioned he felt he had to leave the country. He says she should have come to him. He says they are family which upsets Taylor. She says that is what Stephanie always said and explains to him that what that really means is that they bow to Brooke no matter what her children or she wants or what they deserve.

Crying, Taylor asks him if he doesn’t find it a little odd that when she was dying she sent him off to work. She asks him why, why would she do that to him, her children and to her. She asks why she would ask for Brooke. She says after all the years they had to hear what a deceptive, manipulative woman Brooke is, a woman that is so deceptive and has no sense of loyalty. Eric says that Stephanie and Brooke repaired their relationship and that they became close but Taylor screams no.

She says she thinks it’s a lot more than that. She has been thinking about this. She thinks Stephanie wanted to die with Brooke because she was a lot more like her than any of them realized. Taylor says it was a narcissist’s dream that she got to die in her own arms. Eric looks doubtful but Taylor turns to Stephanie’s portrait and says all her talk about family and all of them working out their differences and getting closer. She says that can’t happen, can it?

Taylor says that is impossible because she made it impossible. Right at that moment, Stephanie’s portrait falls down causing Taylor to look around in confusion wondering if Stephanie is really hearing her and what this means.

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