B&B Thursday Update 1/24/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/24/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor tells Brooke that she is only going to say this once: Steffy and Liam are in a committed relationship and Hope had no business going their home. Brooke says it was Hopeís home first and Liam and her would still be together if she hadnít been lied to. Taylor turns to Brooke and snaps that she doesnít care what Brooke thinks. She warns Brooke to think of a way to stop Hope or else she will.

Hope asks Dayzee about Maya after Dayzee tells her she used to be a client of hers. Dayzee says itís actually a long story and it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Katie sets up a romantic night for her and her husband. Bill arrives and Katie tells him that she isnít going to apologize for her feelings about his drinking but says that she should not have left. She says that was wrong before saying she knows he doesnít agree but she believes his drinking leads to his bad decisions making. Bill asks her why this bothers her so much and asks if her father had a drinking problem. Katie says no but he was never there for her and equates Billís drinking to that. She says she wants him to really be there with her before saying but she doesnít want to be a drag about this and kisses Bill telling him she loves him.

Dayzee talks about Maya and says how she wanted to make it in Hollywood but got mixed in the wrong crowd and got 10 years jail time. She says she had a daughter which her parents refused to take care of and thatís where she stepped in to help. Hope asks what she did.

Brooke tells Taylor that their kids are not children anymore and that they can make their own decisions. Brooke says she thought they agreed not to interfere but Taylor tells her firmly that she doesnít know how else to tell her this but Liam and Steffy have a bond. She tells Brooke that she does not want Hope interfering in that. She tells Brooke to do what is right for everyone and tell Hope to stay away from Liam.

Katie tells Bill that she knows she has been hard on him but says that is only because her family and him and Will mean so much to her. Bill says he appreciates her trying to make them better as a family as Spencers but tells her he does not appreciate her walking out on him again. Katie sighs and says she should not have done that. Bill says she should not have walked out on the romantic evening Brooke had set up for them. Katie says he drank when she asked him not to. Bill says she knows that he doesnít like anyone telling him what to do. He says she knew that about him when she married him. Bill says he is a stubborn and difficult man but he loves her. Katie smiles at him.

Brooke tells Taylor that she thought they were over their issues and accuses Taylor of targeting Hope. She says Stephanie just wanted them to get along. Taylor tells her then to stop Hope from chasing after a committed man and says there are boundaries. Brooke cuts in and asks whose boundaries, hers? Taylor says she is getting tired of being disrespected by both her and her family. She talks about how unfair it was what Thomas went through both by losing his power at the company and having his stock ripped away from him by Stephanie. She says heís so upset he wants to move to Paris because he is so fed up. She says and so is she. Brooke says what happened to Thomas was not her fault. Taylor says that is the problem around here no one knows what is fair anymore. She tells Brooke that her and her family have this idea that everything that comes their way somehow belongs to them. Even when itís clear that someone else has been treated unfairly.

As Hope is taking to Dayzee about Maya, Marcus comes and surprises her cutting the conversation short. Marcus asks them what they were talking about and if itís something she is hiding from him but Dayzee says no and they share a kiss. But while they hold each other Dayzee looks worried. When Marcus leaves Hope asks if Marcus knows about any of this. Dayzee says no it is all in her past and that is where she wants to keep it but now Maya is out and she wants her to find the family who has her daughter and get her back. Hope asks if she can even do that if she has already been legally adopted. Dayzee realized she has missed a call from Maya and finally agrees to meet with her tomorrow. Hope asks her what sheís going to do and if sheís actually going to help get her daughter back.

Taylor tells Brooke to see this from her perspective and says even Stephanie wronged her. She says she canít believe Stephanie didnít allow her to be there with her on her deathbed. Brooke says she canít understand why Stephanie choose her instead and Taylor admits she canít. She says it was wrong for her and for her husband and her family. Taylor screams that she does not get that. Brooke says Stephanie wanted them to get past their hatred and says she wanted them to love each other and respect one another. Taylor does not look happy.

Dayzee says she feels for Maya, she really does but her daughter is with loving parents now and is well adjusted and she canít just yank her away like that. Hope asks if sheís going to tell Marcus but Dayzee says she doesnít want to, not yet. She says she doesnít want to look back on her old days. She says she is a Forrester now and this is her life now.

Bill and Katie make love while Taylor tells Brooke that sheíd like to find a way for their families to get along but she does not trust Brooke. She says she has been burned by her and her family too many times and so have Thomas and Steffy. Brooke tries to blame that on Taylor, but Taylor finally gets angry and tells Brooke that she may have gotten Stephanie on her side and played all her card right, but Stephanie is not here for her now. She says things will be very, very different for her now and she will find a way to stop her and her family from bothering hers. Taylor warns Brooke that her kids will not be trampling hers like she did to her. She says she will find a way to stop her.

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