B&B Wednesday Update 1/23/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/23/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke stops Bill from kissing her. Bill thinks that it is crazy that Katie would leave him after only one drink. Bill thinks that Katie is over reacting. Brooke tells Bill to stop it because Katie is counting on him as well as Will.

Dayzee wonders what the woman is talking about. The woman identifies herself as Maya and explains that Dayzee used to work at a center and that Maya went away for a couple of years and now is back and wants her baby back.

Hope lays on top of Liam and the two of them do not want to get up. Hope decides that she should stop the beeping on the microwave and leaves the room for a minute. Liam hears a knock at the door and goes to open it to discover Taylor who walks in explaining she needs to talk and hopes that she is alone.

Dayzee closes the curtains and explains that she wants to make this more private. Maya wonders why Dayzee has not responded to any of her emails and letters. Maya explains that all she wants is her baby back and she will not ask for anything else ever.

Brooke says that her relationship with Katie is sacred. Bill knows that. Brooke can’t believe that Bill can’t give up liquor for one night in order for Katie to be happy. Bill still thinks that Katie is over reacting.

Liam wonders if this has to do with Steffy. Taylor asks if Liam is alone again. Liam says is none of her concern. Taylor thinks Liam only thinks that because Steffy is not married to him. Taylor wonders if she should leave. Hope explains not to leave because of her.

Maya explains she does not want to talk about prison and just wants her baby back. She explains that when Dayzee worked at the mission that she never judged anyone even her. She explains that she came to LA to try to be a star but that her family did think it was a good idea even though she had years of voice and dance lessons. She explains that maybe it was not a great idea now that she thinks about it but that she had to try.

Brooke says that this is not how this evening was supposed to be. Bill says in more ways than one. Bill says he will make it up to her. Brooke tells him it is not the point. Bill wants Brooke to help him out with Katie.

Taylor can’t believe that Hope is here while Steffy is out of town. Hope thinks that if the situation was reversed that she would have done the same. Taylor explains that Steffy has a future with Steffy so Hope should not think about a future together. Taylor understands what happened in the past but that Steffy and Liam have a bond. Taylor says that she had been talking to Brooke earlier to have her tell Hope to stay away from Liam. Taylor understands that Hope has been through so much but she does not want to be like Brooke and pull relationships apart. Hope gets offended by this. Taylor just asks for her to please bow out gracefully and leaves. Hope looks at Liam who walks away.

Brooke says she will defiantly help Bill get Katie back. Brooke thinks that Katie is probably already back at the house and that he should go right now to see her.

Maya understands that she has not let Dayzee say a word. She just really wants to see her baby. Dayzee explains that she remembers her now. Maya is happy and wants to know where she can find her baby now that she has a chance.

Liam has a flashback to Steffy explaining that she understands that Hope will be around but that she will be home eventually. Hope tells Liam the popcorn is cold and that she can make some more. Liam says sure. Hope wishes that everyone would leave them alone. Liam agrees. Hope just does not want anything to get in the way for them again. Hope decides that she should leave. Hope does wonder though if Liam thought Taylor was hiding something. Liam says that Taylor just does not give Brooke any slack.

Brooke gets back to the main house and finds Taylor who hopes that she was not spying on Bill and Katie. Brooke looks offended.

Dayzee explains that she needs to understand that she helped lots of girls and their babies. She however got a lawyer to handle the baby and that she cannot give the baby back because she signed papers. Maya leaves but explains she will be back if she does not hear from her. Hope sees Dayzee and wonders who that was. Dayzee explains it was a client.

Taylor thought that the night was for Bill and Katie. Brooke knows that because she arranged it. Taylor just wants to help her out. Brooke wonders why Taylor is back. Taylor says she just saw Hope at Liam’s house and that she needs to stop it. Taylor is shocked that Brooke is ok with that. Taylor almost says that Steffy is pregnant. Taylor tells Brooke that Hope will not do to Steffy what she did to her and it ends now.

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