B&B Tuesday Update 1/22/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/22/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Bill walk into the cabin as Brooke is making the finishing touches to the room. Brooke explains that she has everything under control and she wants the two of them to focus on each other.

Steffy walks around her hotel room in France and searches to see if it is ok to drink tea while she is pregnant. She reads that it is ok to drink that much while pregnant. She sees a picture of Liam and her and frowns.

Hope and Liam eat pizza together and Liam compliments her on the pizza.

Taylor wonders where Bill is. Brooke explains that she arranged a romantic dinner for him and Katie. Katie thinks this is good but it still does not stop her concerns.

Dayzee and Marcus kiss each other. Dayzee asks how Marcus feels after dropping off his child. Marcus is shocked that Dayzee cares. Dayzee explains that she is actually interested in Marcus’s child and knows how Amber can be.

Katie thinks that they could just go back to the house. Bill thinks that this will be a good thing for the two of them because there will be no interruptions.

Brooke tries to get Taylor to give up her concerns about Brooke and Bill. Taylor thinks that Brooke gets attached to easily this way. She explains that she is there because of Hope.

Hope thinks that they lost too much time. Liam explains that he spoke to Steffy and that Steffy says that the two deserve the time together.

Marcus watches as Dayzee helps out a homeless man. Dayzee walks over and wonders why Marcus is looking at her that way. Marcus is just proud he says. Dayzee says it is all because of Stephanie. Marcus thinks that this helps keep the legacy of Stephanie alive.

Bill sneaks a drink and Katie comes in with some food. Katie explains that she thought about it and thinks that Will is in more than capable hands with Brooke. Katie tries to kiss Bill but Bill walks away. Katie notices the alcohol on Bill’s breath and is mad.

Taylor explains that Hope is trying to get together with Liam now that is Steffy is out of town. Brooke thinks the two of them should be able to explore their love. Taylor refuses to allow Hope to destroy Steffy’s happiness.

Hope sees that Steffy even sees that the two were taken from each other. Liam explains she might understand but is not giving up. Hope thinks that they will be together over time.

Bill says he had a small drink. Katie can’t understand how Bill thinks that is justified. Katie decides to leave. Bill asks her not to leave.

Hope tells Liam he does not have to make any promises and to just be there with her.

Steffy gets a call from Taylor and asks if Steffy as told anybody the news. Steffy says no one knows. Steffy explains she will not have Liam back out of guilt. Steffy asks if Ridge would have gone back to Brooke if it were not for her, Thomas, and Phoebe. Taylor thinks that Ridge loved her. Steffy knows but explains that just can’t have Liam for no reason.

Brooke walks into the cabin and asks why Katie just got into her car. Bill explains that Katie left Bill takes another drink.

Dayzee looks through storage. A girl walks in and walks over to Dayzee and asks where her baby is. Dayzee looks shocked.

Hope and Liam stare at each other and smile.

Taylor does not know what to do. Taylor looks at her laptop to see that Steffy is still offline.

Hope and Liam kiss each other. The two stare and smile.

Steffy gets emotional and teary eyed.

Brooke wonders what came first Bill’s drinking or Katie leaving. Bill explains that he only had one drink before dinner. Bill refuses to give up drinking because he does not have a problem. Brooke wonders what Bill has such a problem with giving up drinking for a while. Bill does not think he has a drinking problem because he does not walk around like a sloppy drunk. Brooke explains that Katie wants the best father for her son. Bill wonders when enough is enough with Katie and her demands. Brooke explains Katie said that Bill is distant and bad when he drinks. Brooke thinks that Bill giving up drinking is her way of trying to give up the past. Bill looks at Brooke and rubs Brooke’s face.

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