B&B Thursday Update 1/17/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/17/13


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tries to get Liam to be with Hope. Liam tells her that she is asking a lot of him. Brooke asks if that means she is asking him to make a commitment that he is not ready to make. Bill plays with his baby son while Katie admires the necklace he bought her. Katie asks him if it's a bribe and Bill says of course since she married him and chose to put up with him for the rest of her life. Katie agrees with that and Bill and they share a moment before Bill gets up to get a drink only to notice his scotch is gone. He asks Katie where it is and she tells him it's taking a vacation. Bill does not look pleased.

Pam tells Eric that dinner is not ready yet. Eric says it smells good anyway and sees that Pam has made martinis. Pam tells him she made them for him and he says he sees and looks upset. Pam asks if she did wrong knowing she has reminded him of her sister but Eric says no and says he did.

Liam tells Brooke that he does not mean to offend her but he is not Ridge which is what she is insinuating him to be like. Brooke sighs and Liam says he has no problems making decisions. He says he is just going through the same struggle we all do, knowing what we want and trying to figure out what we can actually have. Brooke says she's sorry but her daughter is part of this and so she has reason to be concerned. She says he's hurt Hope before and asks him if he can tell her that he won't do that again.

Eric turns away from the martinis and tells Pam that he thinks it's time for her to go now. He says he's not angry about the martinis and says it's true he makes two every night, for him and Stephanie and says he has to stop. He tells her she can have one if she likes. When Pam says he couldn't Eric says he understands and says for the very same reasons he can't accept her kindness anymore.

Bill is not happy about having his alcohol taken away from him. Katie says she thought he agreed he wanted to be a better person. Bill says he wanted to be a better husband and father not stop drinking. Katie asks him how he thinks he will be better then because simply buying her jewelry isn't going to cut it. Bill doesn't look happy as Katie asks him what he's seriously thinking of doing about it. Bill sarcastically says maybe he should spend some time in the monastery. Katie tells him to stop it and says she has heard him make promises before and this time needs to actually see him do something differently. Katie and Bill argue about his drinking. Katie believes it is a problem while Bill vehemently says it's not. As Katie refuses to listen to him Bill gets angrier and angrier.

Pam tells Eric that she is happy to come over and cook breakfast and dinner for him. Eric tells Pam that they need to stop doing this. He firmly tells her that they are the broken halves a relationship that was formed on a person that does not exist anymore. Pam looks heartbroken.

Liam tells Brooke that this is not easy on him and blames her for keeping the truth from him. Brooke says that isn't going to fix anything and asks him what he is going to do about Steffy. She says she didn't tell him to get involved with her but he did and she has always been there in his and Hope's relationship. She says that he can love both Hope and Steffy but he can't be with both of them. Liam says he knows that and points out the positives of both Steffy and Hope. He says he can't say he will never hurt Hope again because he can't see the future. Brooke gets a phone call from Bill and is alarmed to hear he wants to see her right now.


Pam says to her it's simple. She says he's hurting and she wants to take care of him. She says she can do that. Eric asks if she can't see that he's her stand in for Stephanie and she's his stand in for Stephanie. Pam says no she can't see that and says even if she could is that so terrible. Eric tells her that he needs to miss his wife to make meaning out of his life now. Pam says he does miss her but Eric says no he can still feel her all around him. He says he hurt Stephanie and left her a thousand times but she never left him. He says he came to believe that she would never leave him no matter what in the same way that people believe in gravity and God.

Brooke says she guesses Katie thought extreme measures were needed when Bill tells her about what her sister did. Bill tells Brooke that she has to talk to Katie. He says he doesn't know how it happened but it seems she is the only person who knows he won't turn into a monster as soon as she turns her back. Brooke looks touched by his words. Bill and Brooke talk about Katie and Bill says he thinks it's just him she doesn't like and not even the alcohol but Brooke says she does not believe that is true. She tells Bill she will talk to Katie. Bill looks stressed out.

Pam tries to tell Eric he has reason to live and be happy but Eric tells her his eyes simply do not know how not to look for Stephanie every day wherever he is. Pam tells Eric about how when she was falling apart she saw Stephanie in a bluebird and tells him maybe she isn't gone. She says maybe Stephanie is with them in some form, all around them. Eric starts to cry and says Stephanie is gone and she is dead. He says if he could have her back just once he'd do it differently but he can't. Eric breaks down crying as Pam tries to comfort him also crying herself.

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