B&B Wednesday Update 1/16/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/16/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor has a flashback to finding the pregnancy test.

Hope tells Rick that he will make a great president and make everyone proud. Rick says he wants to make a great impression especially to Hope. Rick wonders if Hope is ok. She explains that he screwed up her life a lot but that she will get over it. Brooke comes in and says that Eric made the right choice. Rick agrees and goes to see Eric. Brooke wonders if Hope is still upset with Rick. Hope explains that she will get over it eventually but now she wants to get her life back with Liam.

Liam thinks about kissing Hope. Katie and Bill walk in and Liam wants to know what is up. Bill explains that they just wanted to check up on him and that he wonders where Steffy is. Liam explains that Steffy is not in the bedroom. Bill knows because if she were, Liam would be too.

Pam asks if Eric is ready for lunch. He is not hungry at the moment. Pam explains that he has to eat. Eric says that not every meal has to be gourmet. Rick walks in and thanks Eric for choosing him. They hug.

Bill tells Liam that they will not stay long. Liam explains that Bill does not have to worry about him. Bill says he is happy that Liam is wearing the necklace. Liam says that it is better around his neck than in Bill. Katie wonders what he is talking about. Liam tells Katie how Bill stabbed himself. Bill says it was to make a point. Katie wonders if this means that Bill will stop meddling in Liam’s life. Bill wonders why Katie would say that because Liam is already with Steffy.

Brooke wonders if Hope talked to Liam yet. Hope says that she saw him a little bit ago. Brooke asks if they talked. Hope says that they did that too. Brooke hopes that Hope is not doing the wrong thing. Hope says that she is going to get her way for once and that once everything is worked out, she and Liam will be together once again.

Rick thanks Pam for taking care of Eric. Pam says that it is the least she can do. Eric sends Pam away. Eric tells Rick that she hovers. Rick wonders if that is a bad thing. Eric says no and wonders why he is there. Rick explains that he wants to do the best job he can.

Bill wonders if Hope has been around. Liam explains that it is none of Bill's concern if she has. Katie says that if Hope does come around, to have her call.

Taylor tells Steffy that she should be near Liam because she is pregnant. She promises that she won’t tell anyone, but Steffy hangs up.

Brooke wants to know what Liam did with Hope. Hope says that there is nothing to talk about but that things are going to get better. Hope thinks that she is back to where she was and she is going to plan a life with Liam. Brooke explains that Liam and Steffy are still living together. Hope says that is only for now and that the two will break up eventually. Hope wants her life back and says she is happy that the two have not made any life-altering commitments. Brooke wonders if she knows that for sure. Hope says that she knows that she will get her life back.

Taylor tells herself that Hope needs to know that Steffy is pregnant.

Rick tells Eric to call if he needs anything. Eric thinks that Rick is worried about him. Rick says he is not worried. Eric says he misses Stephanie every night but he can remember her and that he is ready to move on with life or at least try.

Katie and Bill play with the baby. Bill wonders if Will was an angel. Katie says the sitter says that he was. Bill jokes and says he shouldn’t be. Bill has Katie go into his pocket and pull out a jewelry box. Katie opens it and a nice necklace is inside.

Liam makes a sandwich and gets a phone call. He rushes to get the phone. Liam sees it is Taylor and picks up. Taylor hangs up the phone before saying anything. Brooke walks in through the back and says he knows why she is there. Brooke wonders if she should be happy for Hope and him.

Katie looks at herself in the necklace and wonders if this is because Bill did something silly and stabbed himself. Katie says she is not sure what Bill is trying to prove but wishes that he wouldn't go to such extremes. Bill says that his family is what matters most. The two hug.

Hope looks at pictures of her wedding and smiles.

Brooke tells Liam she owes him an apology for Italy and that Hope is a different person because of what happened now. Brooke understands that Liam cares about Steffy but now he knows it was because of a lie. Bill wonders if Brooke is suggesting to break up with Steffy. Brooke explains that it is not like the two are rushing to the altar. Liam wonders about integrity. Brooke thinks that it is still easy to choose one or the other. She tells him about how Ridge used to go back and forth between Brooke and Taylor but he chose eventually. Brooke says that Liam has to decide for himself who he wants to be with.

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