B&B Tuesday Update 1/15/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/15/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy views Hope and Liam kissing on Liam’s bed with all of her stuff on it.

Eric thinks both Thomas and Rick did a great job. Everyone wants to know already. Caroline walks in and Rick explains she just got here on time. Eric says that this was a difficult choice. He hopes that this does not cause anything bad for the company. Eric hopes the transition runs smoothly and thinks this is critical to the future.

Steffy continues to watch and has a flashback of Liam saying he is loyal to her. She looks devastated as she watches him and Hope kiss.

Eric explains the reason he made his choice. He says that Thomas brought a new level to his work and he was impressed. Eric says that Rick was able to incorporate the standard of Forrester’s past and future. Eric thinks that Thomas will make a great head designer and that Rick will be president of Forrester Creations. Brooke gives Rick a hug. Eric says he is sorry to Thomas but that he can make changes. Thomas thinks that Rick will do things no differently. Eric explains that the changes will help. Thomas says that he should own Forrester and walks out.

Hope and Liam continue to kiss but Liam thinks that this is not right. Hope thinks it feels right. Liam says they have to stop. Hope thinks that they can do it if they want to. Liam says they can’t do it because they are not together.

Steffy cries while she is driving and has flashbacks to times that she trusted Liam. She almost gets into a car accident but does not and continues to cry.

Marcus asks how it feels to be president. Rick says it is humbling. Thorne congratulates Rick and tells him to not think about Thomas. Rick says that he cannot run Forrester on his own. Pam asks which one of them she comes to about a raise. Eric and Rick point to each other. Rick does not know what to say to Eric. Eric thinks his presentation said it all and he could not be more proud of him.

Taylor looks for Steffy in her office and Thomas walks in and explains that he lost. He knows now that Brooke’s family always wins. Taylor tells Thomas to hang in. Thomas leaves. Taylor notices the pregnancy test.

Liam asks if Hope knows why they had to stop. Hope says she knows why he thinks they had to stop. Hope thinks that things are much simpler than a few days ago. She explains that none of the bad stuff that happens to them was real because they were tricked and now that they know the truth, nothing can stand in their way.

Steffy wonders why Taylor is in her office. Taylor thought she was in Paris. Taylor wants to know if she is pregnant. Steffy says that no one can know including Liam and to treat her like a patient and tell no one. Steffy runs out.

Rick sits down at the president's desk and smiles. Caroline says he did it. Rick says they did it. Caroline is so happy that he is going to be running the company. She believes he can do it and that he will be great. Rick thinks that there will be a lot of long hours behind the desk. Caroline says she works there too. The two kiss passionately at his desk.

Taylor looks at a picture of Steffy and Liam and looks worried. She thinks about what just happened with Steffy. She asks herself, "What, a baby?"

Liam wonders how they got to this point and what they will do. Hope says she has done some soul searching and neither she nor Liam are at fault. Hope has wondered what went wrong but now knows it was outside forces. She wonders if Liam really wants to go back because the two of them were robbed and they should make it right. Liam says that the passion is burning inside him. Liam says he loves Hope but he refuses to make what happened to Hope happen to Steffy and needs time. Hope thinks the two deserve this. Liam just does not want anyone to get hurt.

Steffy sits on the plane crying and thinks of what just happened with Taylor and how moments before she was happy. A man sits down next to her and wonders if Steffy is ok. Steffy says she is fine and to leave her alone.

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