B&B Monday Update 1/14/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/14/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie looks at a pregnancy test and confirms that she is pregnant.

Hope tells Liam that she always hoped that she was doing so much but not she knows that they are older. Hope now knows that she can have her values but live her life without being boring. Hope wishes that she had not believed Rick over Liam and wants another chance.

Brooke walks in on the meeting and wonders where everyone is then wonders if they should postpone. Thomas says that he wants to have this over once and for all. Rick agrees. Marcus and Dayzee walk in and Eric allows Dayzee to stay. Brooke asks if Steffy is coming. Eric says no. Donna lets Brooke down gently that Steffy is going to see Ridge. Brooke is happy for Steffy but sad in her voice.

Hope thinks that the two of them can make things right. If they believe in each other, they can do anything.

Steffy is so happy over the baby and holds her stomach while she cries.

Eric explains that he decided to change things up because retirement without Stephanie is not worth it and changes are important. Eric wants an heir to the company to be either his son or his grandson. He explains that he will only name one president. Thomas goes first. He explains that he would make a perfect team with Eric because of their ideas and that he can actually draw. Thomas thinks that the company needs to move forward. Thomas' first design is a light colored dress with teal, brown, gold and tan colors. The next is a silver sparkle dress with a hint of gold. The next is white with see-through arms and legs.

Steffy calms down and decides that she needs to call Liam. She is trying to come up with an idea. Steffy leaves without her bag.

Hope wonders where the two of them would be if they never got manipulated. Liam thinks that they would be married. Hope thinks the two should go back to before the relationship went bad. Hope explains that they should have time to themselves with Steffy out of the country.

Rick explains that Forrester does not need to be rescued with its designs. Rick agrees that the company needs to move forward technologically and always stay with the latest trends. Rick explains that Caroline would agree that the designs are better because they transcend the time. Rick's first design is a gold sleeveless and a black mini skirt, the next is a two-piece pants suit with a design and black shirt, the third is an evening dress in black, short in front long in back. With strips instead of complete. Everyone claps.

Steffy has flashbacks of different times with Liam.

Hope jokes that she is going to donate all Steffy’s clothes before she gets back. Hope thinks the two should be in the future with everything. Hope understands they care about each other; however nothing is tying him to Steffy. Hope starts to take all of Steffy’s clothes and out of Liam’s bedroom. She tells Liam she is through being nice and she is coming home.

Everyone explains that the two did very well. Eric explains that the company will be better off with either of them but he made his choice.

Steffy continue to drive back to the house.

Hope makes Liam wake up to the reality of Steffy and her manipulating ways. Hope says that she is sorry and she loves Liam. Liam says he loves her too. They start to kiss passionately on the bed. Steffy walks to the back door and catches them on the bed and her face drops.

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