B&B Wednesday Update 1/9/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/9/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope does not like telling Liam things that will upset him but she has to tell him that. Liam thinks that Bill would never do this again after his promise. Hope says that Bill is the reason Deacon was released and sabotaged their wedding.

Bill looks at the liquor and Brooke walks in and asks if he is ok. Brooke explains how she can understand how everyone was worried but wants to believe Bill. Bill thanks Brooke for being rational.

Thomas shows Steffy some pictures for the contest and Steffy likes them. Thomas thinks these designs along with the ones that Steffy has will get them the company. Steffy wonders if Thomas is ok and explains that Thomas is the son and grandson to the two greatest designers in LA. Steffy thinks that as long as Caroline is out of commission that the contest will be extended. Thomas thinks Bill is the reason.

Bill explains that he will stay off alcohol for a while because he has no problem. Bill wonders where Katie is. Brooke explains that she is up stairs. Bill thinks that Katie is on her pills for depression and that is the reason that she is acting the way she is.

Hope knows that Bill brought Deacon because he knew Hope would react to it. Liam tries to make sense to what happened with the note. Hope explains that this was all just so that Liam would end up with Steffy.

Thomas goes over what happened with Steffy and wonders if that makes her feel strange. Steffy says that she is a bit scared but that she does not think that she will have to worry. Steffy explains when she went to Aspen with Liam last and went in the air and talked about having children one day. Steffy thinks that the conversation showed that Hope cannot touch the two of them.

Brooke is not happy about the way Hope was handled and now Hope is on a battle. Brooke thinks that things will work out the way they should. Bill thinks that Hope is talking to Liam right now.

Liam says that Bill told him to get Steffy and go on his jet when he found the note. Hope explains that she is only telling Liam this because he needs to defend himself again Liam.

Thomas is happy for Steffy. Steffy wishes that she could be happy for Thomas too and explains that Caroline must have a thing for bad boys. Steffy then goes on to explain that there might be a chance that Caroline would go back to Thomas after the accident.

Bill says that Liam would never forgive him if he manipulated him again. Brooke thinks this is a possibility. Brooke wonders if she should stay to help. Bill decides to just go and be alone for a while.

Liam is upset that Bill did what he did and that the two of them should have been together if not for Bill and Rick. Hope agrees. Liam is mad that Hope once had a wonderful career that has been reduced thanks to Bill. Liam does not think that Bill can keep doing what he does to the two of them. Liam decides to go after Bill. Hope says that Bill cannot control him anymore.

Liam drives down the street and has a flashback to Bill telling Liam what to do and manipulating him like a puppet.

Hope looks out the window and Steffy walks in. Steffy asks what Hope is doing here. Hope explains that Liam knows everything and wonders if Steffy knows anything. Steffy says she had suspicions but did not do anything. Hope explains that she is going to look out for herself from now on. Hope thinks that she needs to pick herself up and that she has to be strong because no one else will be for her and that it is because of others that the two are not together and she believes one day the two will be.

Bill looks at the wall and Liam storms in. Liam explains that he is more than upset and tells him that Bill promised to not manipulate. Bill tries to tell Liam that Bill tried to have a relationship with Hope but it did not work out. Liam says that is only because of Bill and to stay out of his life and he is not asking. Liam says they will have professional relationship but that is it for now on. Bill says he only wanted the best for him. Liam does not believe him and he does not want to listen to lies that won’t help things out. Liam takes off the necklace and Bill tries to get him to put it back on because it represents loyalty. Liam finds that ridicules and wonders what Bill had to do to get Deacon out. Bill tries to say sorry again. Liam refuses to listen to him. Bill says that the sword necklace represents a lot of things and asks Liam not to take it off. Liam tells him to keep it and walks out. Bill stabs himself with the swords and Liam is shocked.

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