B&B Tuesday Update 1/8/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/8/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke puts the golf club down. Hope wants the truth from Bill and Bill proclaims to have no idea what she is talking about. Hope gives a list of the things that Bill did to sabotage Hope and Liam. Hope explains that she thought everything was by pure coincidence but now knows that it was all Bill.

Liam plays on his laptop when Steffy walks in the house. Steffy walks in the room and asks if Liam had a long day and if he is winning the video game that he was secretly playing. Liam wonders if Steffy knows everything he is thinking. The two kiss and Steffy wants to know about his talk with Hope. Liam wonders how Steffy knows about that to which she explains that she knows… Steffy asks what happened with Caroline.

Bill tells Hope she should have yelled four to give people a chance out of the way. Bill says that she did a lot of damage. Hope tells him to call the police but she will have Bill tell the truth. Bill explains that he did welcome her in the family. Hope says that those words did mean a lot to her but what she will remember that day for what Bill did to sabotage her. Bill thinks that he did nothing wrong. Brooke demands that Bill tell her the truth. Katie agrees and thinks that Hope should be hearing it from him.

Steffy is shocked to learn that Caroline told the truth and fell over. Steffy also wonders what it even matters about Hope knowing because it is not like that changed anything. Liam explains that either way it made Bill upset and Liam also mentions that he punched Rick in the face.

Bill tells Katie he wants to handle this. Karen tells Bill he needs to tell Hope the truth. Hope knows that Bill is the reason Deacon was in Italy. Katie figures out that Katie knew and wants to know why she did not tell her. Katie tells Hope that she did not know about it until after the fact and that she went into labor because of it. Hope says that she saw her father for the first time in years and that was one of the biggest days of her life and now she knows that Bill is the only reason. Hope tells Brooke to not say anything. Bill tries to explain that Hope still got married. Hope tells Bill that it took a few weeks but that it got worst. Hope finds out that Brooke knew about everything all along.

Steffy wonders why Rick is so upset with Rick. Liam thinks that he did the wrong thing. Steffy believes that Rick did the right thing and that it did not change their lives at all. Liam thinks that this is going to make Hope want Liam more. Steffy jokes that she should just give Liam to Hope. The two kiss.

Hope confirms that everyone but Karen and Danni knew about what Bill did. Hope cannot believe that they all did this to her. Hope tells Bill that he is like a child and he cannot always be in control. Karen and Danni agree and explain that this was an intervention. Hope explains that Bill has taken everything from her. Hope thinks that Bill has made a fool out of her. Hope is going to get her revenge now because Bill has hurt to many people because Bill is no longer king of the world according to Bill. Hope walks out of the house and they all stare at Bill.

Katie asks if Bill is ok. Bill is just thinking about the events of the day. Bill explains that they will have to get the door fixed and thinks that Hope is not under control. Katie thinks that Bill should stop drinking for a while. Bill does not know when she ever saw him drink. Katie just wants him to stop drinking for a little while. Katie thinks in time everyone will forgive Bill just like she has.

Hope asks if Steffy is home and Liam says she went to work. Hope comes in and explains that what happened in Italy was sort of not a coincidence like the two of them thought. Liam does not know what Hope is talking about. Hope explains that Bill was behind all of it and that he sabotaged it. Liam says that they did get married. Liam does not believe this and finds that she does not have any proof. Hope explains she does have proof because she just talked to Bill and that Liam needs to confront him about this. Hope wonders what kind of man would destroy his son’s life on purpose and that Liam needs to know this. Liam is speechless.

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