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Bill is perplexed that the group wants to discuss his drinking. Karen explains that her daughter’s accident is a product of his drinking also his anger. Bill believes this is a waste of time.

Justin tells Marcus about what happened and Marcus finds it shocking how it happened and how far of a fall it was. Marcus asks how it happened. Justin explains that he has known Bill for a while and that he would not put it past him.

Dayzee is shocked that Hope confronted Bill and asks what happened exactly. Hope explains to Dayzee that she had a conversation with Bill and he does not want her seeing Liam but that did not stop her from going to see Liam. She also went to see Steffy and as much as she understands that Steffy is trying to protect her relationship she still believes that she is what is right for Liam due to all of the lies and sabotage that the two have had since the beginning from Steffy, Bill, and Rick. Dayzee repeats the word sabotage.

Marcus asks Justin what it is like to work for Bill. Justin says it is demanding plus when it comes to his family. Justin explains he can be demanding but only when he does not get his own way. Marcus has a flashback to hearing Justin on the phone with Bill. Marcus asks about what happened on the phone when he accidently was dialed in to a conversation with Bill and Justin. Marcus says that he remembers the use of the word sabotage.

Dayzee has a flashback to discussing sabotage with Marcus about Hope and Liam’s wedding. Dayzee confronts Hope about this explaining she might have been sabotaged.

Katie says they are all concerned for Bill. Bill tells them all that there is no need. Karen believes that if he had not been drinking that Caroline would not have taken the fall. Bill understands that Karen is upset but that Caroline is going to be fine and that it had nothing to do with his drinking. Danni says sarcastically that she must have just fell over on her own then. Bill asks if Brooke has anything to say about what is going on. Brooke acknowledges that he loves his family and that none of them doubt that she asks around to see if anyone does. Taylor tells Bill that no one is here to accuse Bill to have hurt Caroline. Bill thanks Caroline and explains that what they must do now is focus on Caroline’s recovery. Bill walks away.

Justin asks if Marcus ever told anyone about what he heard. Marcus tells him no but what would it have mattered if he did. Justin tells Marcus that it would not have mattered but that it was a private conversation.

Katie says that they will move on and just to stay. Katie gets Bill to sit down and everyone else sits down as well. Taylor decides to start the conversation at the tennis court because that is where things seem to have started. Bill says that Caroline had said something that she should not have done. Karen explains what Caroline did by having Rick tell hope the truth instead of lying to her which is what he did and then Hope went to Liam. Danni tells them that Bill did not like that and that it is not the first time that Bill has interfered in their relationship. Bill decides that he would like a moment with Katie alone. Karen does not think that Bill should be able to have private conversations because if he can talk to Katie he should be able to tell everyone. Brooke thinks that if he has something to share with Katie he should have the right to share it with Katie. Taylor explains that is only if Katie would like that. Katie says that it is what she would like. Katie and Bill go off into the corner. Bill wonders why Katie is doing this. Katie tells Bill that she is doing it for him and us. Katie tells him that he made a bunch of mistakes. Bill says that was part of her illness. Katie still wants to be the best person she can be and that it is time to get the control issue in order. Bill tells Katie he will go along with it but that under any circumstance is anyone to bring up the Deacon situation as he could get in a lot of trouble for that. Katie agrees that she will not bring that up.

Hope wonders what Dayzee is talking about. Dayzee goes on to tell Hope about when she was in Italy that Marcus was all over the place about hearing Justin talk to Bill spencer because Bill tried to sabotage Hope and Liam. Hope does not think that could be possible because Bill was very supportive at the wedding ceremony but that a bunch of strange things did happen before the wedding began. Dayzee asks like what. Hope says like her father showing up and the limo leaving without her and then the road block. The she noticed that Liam was gone and had gone back to the hotel to find her and found that letter from Deacon assuming it was from her and that is how he ended up with Steffy. Hope thinks that it was all a bunch of coincidences after another unless it was not and she really was sabotaged. Hope is shocked that she did not figure this out earlier. She can’t believe that Bill tried to get away with everything that he has so far. She can’t believe that Bill would pretend to accept her into his family. Hope knows that all of the stuff involving Aspen, Italy, and the Caribbean’s was due to Bill Spencer’s scheming. Hope decides she is going to end this once and for all. Dayzee asks if she is going to go see Liam. Hope tells Dayzee that this time she is going to go confront Bill. Dayzee does not think this is a good idea and tries to stop Hope. Hope tells Dayzee that she will not do that anymore and that she is not going to let Bill win and she will make sure he knows this.

Bill and Katie walk back in the living room. Bill says that they can keep taking shots at him. Karen does not think they are taking shots at him but trying to work things out. Karen explains that if he wants to control everyone at work he is more than welcome to do so but that he needs to stop controlling everyone else. Taylor agrees that control is a huge issue with Bill and it has a huge impact on everyone. Karen agrees and says that it mostly has to do with Liam. Taylor agrees again and wants to know what Brooke has to say on the subject of how Bill controls Hope and Liam. Brooke tells Taylor that Hope and Liam have had their issues just as Steffy and Liam have had their issues and in retrospect she thinks that everyone there is a little too involved in their lives. Karen also believes that this is the case. Bill gets a phone call and Katie wants him to answer it later. Bill answers anyways. Hope is shown outside the gate standing wanting to be buzzed in by Bill because she needs to talk right away. Bill tells Hope that he is busy and wants to know if this can happen later. Hope tells Bill that she needs to talk to him right away and that they need to talk. Bill tells her not now and hangs up his phone. Hope tries to open the gate by herself but cannot get it to open. She then presses the money sign and is able to get it to open. She runs in.

Dayzee tells Marcus that she told Hope something. Marcus wonders what she told Hope. Dayzee says she just told Hope all about the sabotage that Bill caused her in Italy. Marcus finds this odd because he just talked to his father about the same thing. Dayzee thinks they have great minds. Marcus explains that Justin did not want him telling anyone about that phone call. Dayzee knows this but just felt that had to tell the truth to Hope. Marcus asks where Hope is now. Dayzee says that she went to go confront Bill. Marcus thinks that Bill will rip her apart. Dayzee thinks differently because she is on a mission and that Bill will have to deal with her like a real person and not how he regularly deals with Hope.

Bill thanks everyone for coming but he feels he is ok with this. Bill tells them that he is also not an alcoholic and that he would not willingly give up his power for drinking. Bill asks if Katie has ever seen him drunk. Katie tells everyone that no she has not. Bill then asks Brooke if during the time they spent together when Katie was gone he ever once drank. Brooke says no and then he would have had a reason to if he did. Katie tells Bill sorry once again for leaving Bill and no wants to be the best parents he can be. The doorbell rings and Bill says he can get it. Bill walks outside and tries to drag Hope away. Bill walks back inside. Hope notices the golf clubs and takes one. Bill back inside says sorry to everyone and thanks them all. He promises to make things up to Caroline as well. Hope breaks open the back doors glass window and explains that she should have chosen the other golf club because as she puts it she is about to tee off on Katie’s husband.

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