B&B Wednesday Update 1/2/13

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/2/13


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill asks if Caroline is threatening him. Caroline insists that she is not threatening him but Bill refuses to listen. Bill walks away and Caroline accidently falls off the balcony.

Katie thinks that Bill will eventually get over what has happened. Brooke hopes this.

Hope walks to the window and has a flashback to asking forgiveness to Liam.

Liam looking out the window has Steffy walk in on him wondering what he is thinking about. Liam looks shocked to see Steffy who is smiling. Steffy tells Liam she knows exactly who he was thinking about. Liam jokes claiming that he was thinking about someone else. Steffy explains that she is ok with what he was thinking about and just wants to get on with the New Year.

Rick walks in on Hope and asks how she is doing. Hope explains that she is working on the contest and that Thomas will lose. She tells Rick that she is mad at him but that she still loves him.

Brooke and Katie agree that Caroline has been a good thing for Bill and that Bill will forgive her eventually because family is important to him.

Bill sits near Caroline’s body on the ground telling her to stay in there and that help with be there soon. He tells her she will be fine. Caroline is unconscious.

Steffy says she brought home samples from the intimate line and needs Liam’s approval. Liam explains that he likes anything that Steffy wears. Steffy says that she is wondering what is up with Liam but does not want to know everything about Liam because she would rather learn it on her own over time. Steffy does want to know one thing that Liam was miserable without her. Liam thinks she is nuts. Steffy explains that she knows that he was but is ok with this because she knows that Liam likes spending time with her. The two start to kiss.

Rick tells Hope that it is all Caroline when it comes to his reveal. Rick thinks that he has never dated another girl like Caroline. Hope thinks that Caroline likes Rick a lot. Rick says that Caroline also like Hope a lot. Hope tells Rick she does not need protecting.

The doctors wheel in Caroline on a bed and ask how long she has been out. Bill says for a little bit. Brooke and Katie rush in wondering what happened and Bill explains Caroline fell off the side of the balcony and that it was an accident.

Steffy thinks she is picking up vibes from Liam. Steffy explains that she saw Hope earlier and Liam tells Steffy that she say Hope earlier.

Hope thinks that Rick should stay with Caroline. Rick agrees and hope Thomas backs off. Brooke calls to tell that Caroline fell at Bill’s house. Rick and Hope rush to the hospital.

Katie asks Bill what happened. Brooke says the doctors don’t know what happened. Katie asks what happened. Bill says that she just fell. Katie wonders if the two were arguing. Bill says he does not know how to describe what they were doing. The doctor walks over to tell them the tests are done and that she is still unresponsive.

Steffy makes Liam a drink and he likes it a lot. Steffy says that she likes making Liam happy. Steffy says that Liam is happy and should stay away from Hope because she makes things to complicate for Liam. Steffy toasts to them. The two kiss.

Bill leaves a message for Karen and Danni and tells them to call when they get the message. Bill has a flashback to what happened. Alison walks in and gives him papers to sign. Alison also gives Bill a drink to get him off the edge.

Brooke wonders where Bill is. Katie says making the call to Karen. Brooke thinks that it must be a terrible call to make. Rick and Hope run in wondering what happened. Rick assumes that Bill had something to do with this. Brooke does not want Rick to assume anything and Katie tells Rick that she does not think Bill would ever do anything like this.

The doctor lets all of them into the room. Rick talks to Caroline and she wakes up. Rick asks if Caroline is ok. Bill walks in. Rick asks if she knows what happened and she just looks at Bill.

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