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Outside on the terrace, Bill confronts Caroline about Rick telling Hope the truth. Bill demands to know why Caroline interfered. Bill believes Caroline betrayed the Spencer name by not staying quiet. Caroline cringes when Bill makes it clear he is disappointed in her. Bill asks Caroline why she convinced Rick to come clean about his lie. Bill says Rick and Hope’s relationship isn’t any of Caroline’s business. Caroline admits she cares deeply about Rick. Bill wonders if Caroline cares about her family. In fact, Bill insists the Spencers mean nothing to Caroline. Caroline hates the idea that Hope was misled by her brother. Bill accuses Caroline of making a big mistake. Bill tells Caroline that he can’t depend on her anymore. Bill scowls at Caroline. Caroline accuses Bill of trying to control Liam. They continue to argue. Bill reveals to Caroline about Hope and Liam’s kiss, and how Hope is willing to do anything to get him back. Bill wishes Caroline would have kept her mouth shut because Liam is happy with Steffy.

Katie has a visitor to her home – Brooke. Brooke asks if Caroline and Rick stopped by. Katie says the couple left before Bill arrived home. Katie and Brooke know Bill doesn’t want Hope with Liam. Brooke is worried what Bill will do once he learns Caroline betrayed her family. Katie doesn’t think Bill would be mean to Caroline. Both are worried Caroline will talk about Bill being behind Deacon’s appearance in Italy. Brooke knows Rick is very protective of Caroline and will make sure nothing happens to her. Brooke is surprised Bill hasn’t returned yet. Katie is convinced Bill is just blowing off steam. When Brooke asks Katie if Bill will ever accept Hope and Liam together, Katie is fairly certain her husband will come around. Katie makes a comment about Bill drinking more alcohol lately. Katie asks Brooke if Bill drank a lot when she was gone. Brooke knows Bill is overstressed right now, but doesn’t think he is an alcoholic. Besides, Brooke adds, Bill is too much of a control freak to let drinking get in the way of his life. Nevertheless, Brooke fears what Bill will do because he’s furious with Rick and Caroline.

Outside at the Forrester Creations courtyard, Marcus and Dayzee are talking about getting out of town for a while. Marcus suggests Eric and Stephanie’s cabin as a getaway location. Dayzee likes the sound of snowboarding. Marcus and Dayzee kiss just before Rick walks over to them. Dayzee grabs an orange from a bowl and asks Rick about the fashion competition. Rick is visibly worried about Caroline. Rick tells Marcus and Dayzee that he fears Bill will put Caroline through a guilt trip. Marcus agrees with Rick about Bill’s coldness. All three wonder what will happen now that Rick’s lie is out in the open.

At home, Hope is thinking about Liam and their wedding in Italy. Hope recalls going to Liam and telling him about Rick’s lie. Hope smiles when she remembers kissing Liam. Hope is surprised to find Liam at her front door. Liam seems a bit uncomfortable. Hope grabs Liam and hugs him. Hope is smiling but Liam looks bothered. Hope senses something is amiss, so she asks Liam why he is so jittery. Liam remains mum. Hope says she feels great since her candid talk with Liam. Hope relays that she talked to Steffy. Hope tells Liam that she’s thankful he was honest with Steffy about their talk. Liam is a bit put off that Hope would think he wouldn’t be entirely truthful with Steffy. Hope ignores Liam’s comment and says she feels like nothing has changed between the two of them.

Bill says neither Caroline nor Hope have any integrity.  Bill is not too pleased that Caroline set Hope and Liam’s reunion in motion.  Caroline can’t understand why Bill would be against having Hope as a daughter-in-law.  Caroline raves about Hope, something that makes Bill angrier.  Bill says Hope is immature and completely wrong for Liam.  Bill asserts that he will make it his mission in life to keep Liam and Hope apart.  Bill reminds Caroline that she lost her family and screwed up her friend’s life at the same time.  Bill rambles on about how crazy Hope is.  Caroline tells Bill that she kept quiet about what happened in Italy and how Bill got Deacon out of prison.  Bill isn’t happy with Caroline’s threats.  Caroline swears she is just being loyal to the family.  Bill raises his voice and threatens Caroline not to meddle any further.  Caroline tries to talk some sense into Bill, but she loses her balance on the balcony and falls over it.

Brooke and Katie admire Will.  Brooke says Will keeps getting bigger every time she sees him.  Katie admits she loves motherhood.  Brooke lets slip about Liam and Hope’s kiss.  Katie is shocked and asks if Bill knows.  Brooke says the kiss is the reason Bill is so furious.  Brooke tells Katie that Hope wants Liam and will do anything to win him back.  Brooke inquires about therapy.  Katie says the sessions are going well and she is taking her medication “religiously.”  Katie adds that the only thing that is causing her some stress is the situation with Caroline and Bill.  Brooke reassures Katie that Bill and Caroline will work out their differences.

Hope and Liam continue to talk about their chat the other day.  Liam reminds Hope that he told her the truth about the night at the club but she didn’t believe him.  Hope claims to completely trust Liam now, but he is not entirely convinced of her sudden change of heart.  Liam admits he and Steffy have gotten closer since breaking up with Hope.  Hope isn’t shocked by this because Liam and Steffy are living together.  Liam asks Hope how she felt before learning the truth from Rick.  Hope says she has been in a funk since their break-up, but Caroline has changed all that.  Hope tells Liam that his cousin is “wonderful.”  Liam asks if Caroline really made that much of an impact on Hope’s decision.  Hope says she is “back in the game,” something that puzzles Liam.  Hope goes on about restructuring the “Hope for the Future”  campaign because she is suddenly coming up with new, innovative ideas.  Hope says Caroline opened her eyes to what she really wants –  to be with Liam.  Hope reminds Liam that they had something special once.

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