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Brooke tries to defend Caroline but Bill firmly says that Caroline has betrayed him and that is unacceptable. Bill says no one does anything to his family without repercussions and especially when that person is a Spencer. Brooke looks intimidated by Bill.

Katie tells Caroline that she is sure once she explains herself Bill will forgive her but Caroline worries over the fact that she knows her uncle will be furious because she did exactly what he told her not to do. She asks Katie if she would have told had she been in her place. Katie says being Hopeís aunt yes and says they all have to wonder how Hope knowing the truth changes things.

Steffy tells Hope that she didnít trust Liam and now heís moved on with her like she told him to. Hope says well the truth changes things and says it should be up to Liam to decide if he doesnít want to come back to her. Hope asks Steffy if she doesnít agree that it should be Liamís choice.

Brooke tries to convince Bill that Hope should get a chance with Liam but Bill tells her again that Steffy is better for Liam and that he is with her now. Brooke says itís not up to them to decide who Liam should be with it is something he has to figure out on his own. Bill says how about a little advice. Brooke asks Bill if he hasnít learned his lesson yet about trying to control his sonís life. She says it really should be Liamís choice. Bill asks Brooke if there is something else going on that sheís not telling him.

Katie tells Caroline to let her handle Bill. She tells her that she thinks it was a good thing that she got Rick to talk to Hope. Rick comes in saying he agrees. He tells Katie heís sure sheís furious at him but Katie says he owned up for what he did so heís off the hook from her side. Rick tells Caroline he came because he didnít want her to face Bill alone. Katie asks Rick if Hope knows about what happened in Italy too but Caroline says no. She says they are keeping Billís name out of this in hopes that it will show her loyalty to the family. She asks Katie if thatís just wishful thinking.

Bill tells Brooke that he knows Hope probably went straight to Liam. Brooke says he canít expect her to keep it from Liam. Bill says he doesnít want to hear it Hope is wrong for his son and thatís that. Bill says he does not want his sonís life thrown back into chaos again. Brooke says they have to let things play out for themselves. Still angry, Bill says Caroline should not have pushed this to happen. He says all hell is going to break lose.

Rick asks Caroline to come back to work because Bill isnít there but she tells him to go ahead and sheíll come after she tells her uncle. She says he is going to find out anyway and since heís her uncle how mad is he going to get at his niece. Katie thinks back to when Bill told her he saw Hope as a source of misery in Liamís life and would to anything to save him from that but promised her he would not lose control again and could be a better father and a better man. Bill arrives home and Katie asks him where heís been. Bill tells her Brooke told him about Rick telling Hope the truth on Carolineís advice. Frustrated he asks how Caroline could not see how much trouble this will cause for the family and for him. He says she just didnít give a damn. Katie tells him that she knows he doesnít see this but this is a good thing. Bill says good for Hope maybe but not for his son. He says the last thing he needs is Hope messing with his head again. Katie defends her niece but Bill says what happened was wrong. Katie tells him to calm down and asks if he really needs to drink more alcohol seeing that he is drinking.

Steffy reminds Hope that she was the one who ended things. She tells her that she didnít believe him when he told her the truth. Hope says sheís apologized for that but Steffy says she has no idea how much she hurt Liam by having no faith in him. Hope says sheís not backing down on Liam. Steffy tells her that Liam is happy with her and she didnít manipulate Liam into calling her back into his life, his home or his bed. Hope doesnít look happy to have to hear that Liam let Steffy close to him on his own.

Bill ignores that and says he was afraid Hope finding out about this would make her thinks she has a chance with Liam and that is exactly what has happened. Katie says she knows he doesnít like her niece but says Hope and Liam are adults and tells him to let them live their own lives. Bill does not look happy. Katie tells him that Caroline didnít tell about his involvement and that should prove her loyalty but Bill doesnít look satisfied. Katie leaves to feed her son and Bill continues to look angry. When Bill goes up to the roof to finish his drink he spots Caroline up there as well.

Hope says she knew their relationship wasnít platonic. She says she knows Steffy wants her to respect her relationship with Liam and promises not to lie or manipulate but says s heís not stepping aside. Steffy says okay so they go through another generation of the Logans stealing men from her family. Hope tries to deny that but Steffy says thatís what it always was with Brooke throwing herself all over her dad when he was with her mother. Hope says she wonít be running around in her underwear because thatís not who she is but says she wonít be giving up though. She says the choice is Liamís to make but Steffy says heís already made his choice.

Brooke comes to see Katie and they talk about how angry Bill is with his niece. Brooke asks where Bill is and Katie says she doesnít know but the mood he was in sheís glad Caroline left. She says she would not want them to come face to face right now.

Stealthily approaching his niece, Bill goes up to Caroline and startles her. He angrily says that she betrayed him. Caroline looks back at him looking worried.

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