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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/27/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline recalls how her uncle is questioning her loyalty to the Spencer family and how he asked her if his trust in her was a mistake and if he is wrong to trust her at all. Hope remembers how her brother made Othello lie to her again and she also remembers how she asked Liam to forgive her for believing that lie at the same time that Liam thinks about her request to have him forgive her. Brooke comes home and tells Hope she is dying to know what happened between Liam and her. Hope says he was stunned when he told her and then angry but she told him that she never should have doubted him and then she kissed him. Brooke says wow and asks how Liam responded. Hope says he didn’t encourage it but she could tell they still have something between them. Brooke smiles at her daughter.

Steffy comes into the bedroom and asks Liam what he is thinking about. Liam smiles and says nothing leaving Steffy to say an idle mind is not good. Steffy says she thinks they need to get him fired up and kisses Liam. Pulling away she asks if something is wrong because it seems something is bothering him. Liam admits that there is something and says she should know about it.

Bill remembers kissing Brooke right before Katie comes in and tells him that his son is sleeping soundly. Bill tells Katie that he’s still not used to her walking into a room with that beautiful smile on her face. They share a kiss before Katie says she’s just so glad to be home with him and their son. She asks Bill if she’s taken a look at Will and says he’s growing by the hour and one day will be a big, strong, handsome, strapping man like his father. Bill smiles before asking Katie what she wants to do for their son’s first New Year’s Eve. Katie says she hasn’t really thought about the future, she’s still trying to make up for the moments she lost. Bill asks if she wants to have family over. Katie says she’s just like him, Will and her together his year and he says okay. Katie says he’s easy and Bill tells her to keep it quiet because he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation. Katie smiles and they kiss.

Hope says she feels Liam has deep feelings for her. Brooke says did he say that and Hope says he can’t because he’s with Steffy right now. Hope says but she knows what she felt and she knows the way he looks at her. She says and she is so mad at herself for believing Rick over the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Brooke says Rick is her brother and he was just trying to protect her. Hope says she knows but she is just really mad at him right now. She says she knows that it isn’t going to get her anywhere though so she’s just going to focus on her energy on getting Liam back.

Steffy asks Liam what is going on. Liam tells Steffy about Rick’s lie leaving her shocked. He tells her that Hope was convinced the lie was true and that was why she would not forgive him. He says every time he tried to tell her he didn’t betray her Hope just thought he was lying to her face. Steffy asks Liam how he found out. Liam tells her that Hope told him. Steffy says he was with Hope and looks very disappointed and upset.

Hope says she’s not fooling herself, she is aware she has lost a lot of time with Liam and she may not get him back but she says she’d feel awful later if she never even tried. Hope says she wishes she had believed Liam when he told her the truth but says that is behind them and it is the past. She says the truth is out now and it’s up to her to win him back. Caroline calls Allison to ask if Bill is in and when she is told he is not at the office she says she’ll track him down on her own.

Katie and Bill spend time together as Katie tells him she loves being in his arms. She says she feels so safe like nothing can touch her. Bill tells Katie she’ll always be safe with him and Katie says she knows before she goes to check on the baby. Brooke calls Bill and asks to meet with him privately. Bill tells Katie that he has a business situation to deal with but he will be back soon and leaves.

Liam tells Steffy what Rick had Othello say. Steffy says and of course after Hope found out she came running to him. Liam says yes she felt he had a right to know. Liam tells Steffy how that conversation went and how Hope kissed him. Steffy doesn’t look happy. Steffy asks Liam how he felt about that. Liam says he was surprised. Steffy says she was looking for a deeper response. Liam sighs before he says that the last time he asked Hope to take him back and she said no was the last time. He says that Hope lost faith in him and that’s something she never did. Steffy asks if that is it. She says she knows he still has feelings for Hope but Liam says he likes who they are together and says they are fun and happy. He tells Steffy that she is the one who makes him smile and kisses her passionately. Steffy pulls away and Liam asks her where she is going. Steffy says she has to get ready for her day leaving Liam to smile after her.

Caroline comes over to Katie and Bill’s place. She tells Katie about the lie Rick told and Katie figures out that Caroline fears Bill will be furious with her because he told her not to let Hope find out. Brooke tells Bill that the reason she called him over to talk to is about Hope and Liam. Bill doesn’t look happy to hear that. There is a knock at Hope’s door. Answering it she finds Steffy and by the look on her face she is able to tell Steffy knows everything. Steffy asks Hope just what she is planning to do now.

Bill says there is no Liam and Hope because Liam is with Steffy as he should be. Brooke tells Bill that Rick told Hope about his lie. Bill realizes that this means Hope may come after Liam again and firmly tells Brooke that he’s sorry but Hope is wrong for his son. Raising his voice Bill says what the hell is Rick thinking about and asks why he has to get involved in this. When Brooke tells him it was Caroline who convinced Rick to speak Bill gets angrier and says she betrayed him and says being a traitor to one’s own family is downright wrong. Brooke doesn’t seem to see what the problem is but Bill looks furious.

Hope asks Steffy how she found out. Steffy says Liam tells her everything. Hope says she knows exactly where things stand. She says Steffy and Liam are living together but they are not married. Hope says she is determined to win Liam back but not to rush him into marriage. She says she will get him back though. Steffy tells Hope that she will not interfere in Liam and her lives because she will not accept it. She asks if she’s made herself clear or not.

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