B&B Wednesday Update 12/26/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/26/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thorne, Felicia, and Kristin put up decorations on the tree. Pam comes in and thinks that the tree has too many red bulbs. Felicia is annoyed by Pam. Felicia wonders where Eric is. Kristin says that Rick might know.

Pam sees a blue bird and thinks that it is Stephanie. She starts to laugh with tears of joy.

Eric sits at a balcony at a theater with a bucket. Eric explains to the usher that his guests will be arriving soon.

Bill feeds Will and tells him all about Christmas. Katie wonders if Liam knows when to come. Bill explains that he will be there when others start to arrive. He goes back to telling Will about where presents come from.

Kristin tells everyone the tree looks good and has Rick turn it on. Brooke explains that Hope is working with the homeless. Pam runs in and explains that she saw the blue bird and explains how it was Stephanie. Felicia explains that they believe her. Marcus and Dayzee walk in and Rick wonder if he knows where Eric is. Pam explains that Eric will not be with them for Christmas dinner.

Eric makes martinis and takes out two glasses pours the martini in them. He toasts the glasses and wishes a merry Christmas to Stephanie.

Pam explains that Eric just wanted to be alone. Rick thinks this was a bad idea. Thorne wonders where he is.

Eric sits alone and has flashbacks to his party for Stephanie. The song Danny Boy is sung while he waits. The group Celtic Woman begins to play on stage.

Pam explains that she is not allowed to tell anyone. Thorne and Felicia start to throw Pam's lemon bars against the wall. Pam explains she still cannot tell anyone. Kristin demands that she tells them.

Eric continues to listen to Celtic Woman as they sing "I'll be home for Christmas". He smiles as he listens and has flashbacks of other times of Stephanie. Celtic Woman then starts to sing "Have yourself a merry little Christmas". Eric continues to smile. Felicia and Kristin walk in with Brooke following. Eric has another flashback of Stephanie. Donna and Pam walk, Thorne, Marcus, and Dayzee are shown as well as Rick and Caroline.

Bill explains that when he thought he was going to lose Katie he had a conversation with the baby. Bill is happy that everything is the way it should be now. Katie and Bill kiss.

The singers of Celtic Woman thank the audience and call out Eric. Eric turns around and sees his family and smiles. Pam hopes that Eric does not hate him. Brooke explains they did not want him to be alone. Brooke notices the martini glasses. Felicia explains they all miss her and don't want to miss him as well. Rick tells Ridge that they will leave if he wants them too but Eric says that he does not want the ones he loves to leave him. Celtic Woman sings "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". The Foresters join in from the box and all gather in close together and smile. Rick hugs Pam.

Stephanie appears one last time in her office to say Merry Christmas. She winks with a smile and a bluebird is heard in the background.

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