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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/24/12


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Hope kisses Liam on the terrace outside of Katie and Bill’s home. Hope tells Liam that she shouldn’t have doubted him. Hope touches Liam’s neck and stares into his eyes. Hope says she made a mistake about Liam; Hope talks about the lie concerning Liam and Steffy. Liam is speechless when Hope explains how Othello and Rick lied about the night at the club. Hope is relieved to know the truth now. Hope says everything Rick said about Liam was a lie.

In Ridge’s office, Thomas is irritated by Steffy’s tardiness. Steffy makes a joke about not wearing something from the intimates line when she welcomed Liam home. Steffy is ecstatic Liam is back. Thomas doesn’t think they have time for Steffy to reconnect with Liam because of the competition deadline. Thomas wishes Steffy would focus on the contest instead of her love life. Steffy tells Thomas and Taylor that she isn’t worried about losing to Rick or Hope. Taylor relays to Steffy that Stephanie’s loophole will stand. Steffy thinks it is unfair to Thomas. Steffy and Taylor talk about Thomas’ motivation to succeed. Thomas stands up and makes a comment about checking on something. Once alone, Steffy tells her mother that Thomas has become bossy. Taylor is confident Thomas and Steffy will win the fashion competition.

At home, Eric glances at the boxes of decorations on a table. Eric sits at the piano and looks over at a picture frame of himself and Stephanie. Pam walks in and asks Eric if he’s going to play a song. Eric and Pam are both sentimental today. Pam says she has started cooking the pot roast. Pam tells Eric that it’s her mother’s recipe. Eric thanks Pam for decorating the house for Christmas. Pam picks up a carousel and asks Eric where Stephanie usually puts it for the holidays. Pam places the carousel on a nearby table. Eric wants to know if Pam did what he asked of her. Without going into detail, Pam implies Eric doesn’t want to be around his family for Christmas. Eric figures everyone will survive without his presence. Rick and Caroline walk into the room. Rick says they will be going to the guest house to brainstorm. Eric makes a joke about “brainstorming.” Pam suggests Rick and Caroline stay for dinner. The couple agrees to the invitation, but Eric urges them to do their own thing. Rick acknowledges that this will be the first Christmas without Stephanie. Eric tells his father that he can lean on him. Eric thanks Rick for the support. Rick and Caroline decide to go back to the guest house, but Pam says they always have an open dinner invitation. Rick says he’ll see Eric tomorrow at the Christmas celebration. Pam asks Rick if he’ll be wearing the sweater she knitted for him. To placate Pam, Rick smiles and nods his head. Eric says Caroline and Rick are good for each other. Eric hugs Rick and Caroline. Once the two leave, Pam reminds Eric that everyone will be expecting him at the party tomorrow. Later, Pam tells Eric that dinner is almost ready. Pam urges Eric not to go through with tomorrow’s plan. Pam doesn’t want Eric letting the family down. Eric is stubborn and asks Pam if she got everything he needs. Pam is unsuccessful in talking Eric out of his idea.

In Rick’s guest house, Caroline sits down on the couch and looks over her I Pad. Rick returns to the room and brings up Eric. Rick knows Eric will be fair about the competition. Rick feels bad for his father. Rick admits he scored big points with Caroline today. Caroline smiles at Rick, admiration visible on her face. Rick believes Eric was right – Caroline is good for him. They share a hug. Rick urges Caroline to put the I Pad away – he wants to move on from brainstorming. Rick brings up dinner. Caroline says they could return to Eric and Stephanie’s and have pot roast. Rick kisses Caroline. Caroline makes a cheap shot about Pam’s gravy. All Rick cares about is making new memories with Caroline. Rick thanks Caroline for keeping him well-mannered. Caroline says Rick deserves some of the credit himself. Rick knows he hurt Hope, but is aware that building trust with her will take time. Rick admits a load has been lifted, that the knot in his stomach is gone. Rick thanks Caroline for being there for him. They share a passionate kiss.

In Ridge’s office, Taylor is happy to see her daughter so bubbly. Steffy admits she is grateful for all her blessings. James brings in a coffee for Stephanie and a cappuccino for Taylor. Steffy says she is relieved Liam is home for Christmas, considering it will be a tough holiday with Stephanie gone. Plus, Steffy adds, Ridge being absent is difficult too. Taylor suggests starting their own family tradition this year – like working at a shelter in honor of Stephanie. Steffy loves the idea. Steffy asks Taylor if she believes in Christmas miracles. Steffy thinks she is going through one herself – after all the bad stuff she went through this year (losing Stephanie, Ridge’s absence, and her divorce from Liam), Steffy has finally made peace with everything. Steffy is confident that her relationship with Liam is headed in the right direction.

Outside on the terrace, Liam tries to digest Hope’s words. Liam can’t believe Rick and Othello hatched a lie to break up the two of them. Hope says she was naïve because she thought Liam had supposedly betrayed her. Liam asks Hope if Rick realizes the ramifications of the lie. Hope grabs Liam’s hand and clenches it in hers. Hope wonders if her relationship with Liam can be rectified. Hope continues to apologize to Liam. It finally dawns on Hope that Liam never cheated or kissed Steffy. Hope raves about how great Liam is. Hope apologizes for believing Rick. Hope promises to never lose faith in Liam again. Hope asks Liam to forgive her. Hope pulls Liam closer and kisses him on the mouth. Afterwards, Liam doesn’t know what to say.

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