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Hope asks Rick in disbelief that he told Othello to lie. Rick says he thought he was doing the right thing. Hope says all this time she’s been so freaked out and they didn’t do anything wrong. Rick says they were still out partying all night long but Hope screams that she thought she had been cheated on. Hope looks at her brother and says Liam didn’t betray her but he did. Rick shuts up immediately.

Steffy comes to see Bill at his house like he asked her to but finds no one home. She phones Bill and finds out he’s at the park with Katie and Will. Steffy asks him why he texted her to come over but Bill tells her to go into the living room. Steffy does that and Bill tells her to turn around. Seeing Liam, Steffy tells Bill to feel free to stay at the park all day. Hanging up she runs to Liam, jumps on him and kisses him glad that he’s back early from his business trip.

Brooke says that Hope is going to be so disappointed in Rick. Caroline says he messed up but at least he’s making amends now. Brooke says at least his mind was in the right place during his lie as he was trying to protect Hope. Brooke says she likes the idea of Hope and Liam as a couple but they have a lot to work through and Caroline says now that Hope is finding out the truth maybe they finally can. Brooke says it could be the end of Steffy and Liam looking confident that Liam will choose her daughter and leave Steffy on the spot.

Liam tells Steffy that he didn’t tell her he was done early so that he could come back home and surprise her. Liam kisses Steffy. Steffy asks him if the trip was good and Liam says yes. Steffy asks if he made his dad proud and Liam says he thinks so. Steffy tells him to just not get in the habit of leaving her. Liam says okay and they share another kiss and a smile.

Rick tells Hope he had a lapse of judgement. He says he felt terrible and that was why he had to tell her. Hope says how noble and continues to look angry. Rick says he thought he was looking out for her by doing this because he had seen her disappointed over Liam so many times. He says she knows she was ready to let go and says when he saw her about to forgive Liam again he had to do something. Hope says Liam doesn’t know and Rick says no. Hope says he will now and looks hopeful.

Steffy tells Liam that she’s glad he got home in time for the holidays. Liam says there is no way he would miss Christmas. He says that he is committed to his job and all but he has principles, he has presents to open. Steffy says she doesn’t know about that and asks him if he has been a good boy. Liam says mostly, it depends on who you ask. Steffy laughs and Liam asks what their plans are for Christmas this year. Steffy says everyone wants to rally around her granddad for Christmas but with her grandmother gone and with her dad away it’s not the same. She says honestly she would like to spend most of the day alone with him. Liam says while he unwraps his presents. He says he wants lots of presents, big ones and a pony. Steffy laughs and kisses him as he says Tony the pony. Pulling away they smile at each other brightly.

Brooke says she doesn’t want Steffy to get hurt. Caroline says that is what is going to happen though; Hope and Liam are going to get back together. Brooke says she doesn’t know. Caroline says well it’s better it happen now before Liam and Steffy get more serious. Brooke thanks Caroline for convincing Rick to do this. Caroline says it was Rick’s decision but Brooke thanks Caroline for being a good influence. She asks if it’s too soon to go back downstairs and Caroline says they should wait another ten minutes. Brooke says okay to that.

Hope yells at Rick that she is not a child and that she has the right to make her own decisions and live her life the way she chooses. Rick says he knows that but he thought she was making a mistake. Hope says he is allowed to disagree with her but not to lie to her. She says he’s better than that. Crying, Hope says that Liam must think she is such a freak. She says this is the one thing, this lie that was keeping her from going back to Liam. She says Liam and her would be married right now if it weren’t for him. Hope says and now he’s with Steffy and asks if Steffy is in on this. Rick says she’s not. Hope says then he’s hurt Steffy too because as far as she knows she thinks Liam and her are together for good. She says like hell they are.

Steffy checks her phone and says this is the fifth message from Thomas since she got here. Liam says she is going to have to go back at some point. Steffy says she knows but she doesn’t want to. Liam smiles at her and says he’s sure she has work. Steffy says fine she will go but she will see him later. She asks if he wants to do dinner later. Liam says sure they should get sushi and then if he falls asleep she can poke him with a chopstick. Steffy says no one has ever fallen asleep with her and says as for poking she’d rather do it at home. Steffy pokes Liam several times making him laugh and beg for mercy. Steffy kisses Liam and Liam says truce on the poking before kissing her back.

Brooke comes down and asks Hope if she’s okay. Hope says no she is not okay. Brooke tells her to try not to be too mad at Rick. Hope says obviously she knew about this and is disappointed with Brooke keeping this from her. Hope asks how she is supposed to make the right decisions in her life when she doesn’t have all the facts. Hope asks how Liam is supposed to. She says maybe he’ll still want to be with Steffy but he has to know that she left him over a lie. She says he has to know right now and turns to leave. Hope’s phones Liam and tells him to stay where he is because she’s coming over. Hope’s phone call confuses Liam.

Brooke, Caroline and Rick speculate over what will happen now that Hope is telling Liam the truth. Brooke says that Liam and Steffy may be together but once Liam knows it won’t last. She confidently says she hopes this is the reunion they hope for. Hope finds Liam and tells him she never should have doubted him. Liam asks about what but Hope kisses him. When Hope pulls away, Liam looks at her confused and lost.

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