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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/20/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Rick tells Brooke that he has to tell Hope that he lied because his lie hurt her badly. He says he has to tell her even if it wrecks their relationship. He says whatever happens it can’t be worse than what she is feeling right now. In her room Hope looks at a photo of her and Liam and looks upset and strained.

Katie asks Bill what he’s still doing at home and asks him if he’s not needed at the office. Bill asks if she’s trying to get rid of him but Katie says she was just wondering how Will and her got so lucky. Bill says well it’s the holidays and Katie smiles hugging him and saying well it’s great to have him all to herself.

Hope remembers her wedding with Liam as well as the time she spent with him. Downstairs, Rick says he thought Hope would get over Liam in time but Brooke says Hope hasn’t and that breaks her heart. She tells Rick that Liam and Steffy are together now. Rick says and telling Hope may not change that but at least Hope will know the truth that Liam and Steffy never made out that night. Brooke offers to help Rick by talking to Hope together but Rick declines saying she had nothing to do with this. He says he’ll do it by himself.

Katie tells Bill that she might take Caroline up on her offer to visit but Bill says Caroline is busy with the Forrester showdown afraid that Caroline might tell Katie the truth about him. Katie watches Bill drink alcohol and says if he’s thirsty they have water. Bill says he’s good and pouts another drink at which Katie says another one already? Bill asks why not and Katie says she knows he can hold his liquor but they are about to go out and she’d really wish he wouldn’t. Bill says okay and asks her her plans for dinner. Katie says she doesn’t have anything specific in mind but she knows Caroline would love to baby-sit and it would mean a lot to her. Bill says he’s not sure about that and says he’s starting to question Caroline’s priorities. He says she’s spending a lot of her time with Rick and he just wonders how connected she wants to be with the Spencer family. Katie says oh no and asks him what he did confusing Bill.

Brooke says telling the truth doesn’t always turn out the way you hope. Rick says he’s not kidding himself with this and says he knows Hope will be furious. Brooke says that’s all the more reason for her to help her tell Hope. She says he’s not the only one who’s been keeping this secret from Hope. Rick says no because this is between him and Hope. Caroline asks if he’s going to tell Hope what her uncle did but Rick says if Bill wants to tell her, that’s his problem. He says he’s not telling about Bill, but he is going to take responsibility for the lie he told. Rick asks Caroline to promise him she will be there for Hope if she needs her. Caroline says, of course, and kisses him. Rick says he told his sister a lie that made her give up on the man that she loves. He says there is no way he can make that okay but he can try to make this right. Caroline tells him Hope is very forgiving and she will understand. She says maybe she won’t right away but in time she will.

Rick says well there is only one way to find out and turns to go up to Hope’s room. Hope comes downstairs and says she didn’t think they’d all still be here. Seeing Rick’s guilty face she asks if something is wrong. Hope says he was talking about her wasn’t he. Brooke says there is something Rick wants to discuss. Hope thinks it’s the collection and says she knows she isn’t pulling her weight. She says she’s got her mind on other things, on Liam. Rick says that is what he wants to talk about. Hope says she knows she should be over him by now and says she is working on it. She says in fact she was working on the design ideas for the showdown and moves to go get them when Rick stops her. Rick asks his mom to give them a moment alone. When Caroline and Brooke leave Hope tells Rick to lay whatever he has to say on her.

Katie asks if Bill said something to Caroline that hurt her feelings but Bill says he didn’t do anything to Caroline. He says Logans get their feelings hurt and Spencers butt heads. Katie asks him if he butt heads then. Bill says he would like to see some commitment to their family from Caroline. Katie tries to say that she has just been busy but Bill says he’ll go make reservations for a nurse for dinner not wanting to talk about his niece. Katie says Caroline deserves a chance but Bill says she has to earn her chances with him. He says she’s a Spencer and he has to see that that means something to her.

Will starts to cry and Katie leaves to check on him. Bill phones Caroline but Caroline doesn’t pick up. Caroline and Brooke discuss how Bill clearly doesn’t want Hope to know the truth because he thinks that will be harmful. Brooke says they are about to find out if he’s right. Rick and Hope talk about Liam and Rick’s guilt grows as Hope says she will never understand how she could have been so wrong about Liam.

Bill remembers how Caroline basically threatened him that she may have not told Liam the truth yet but that doesn’t mean she never will. Katie returns and continues talking about Caroline until she notices he looks upset. She asks Bill if he doesn’t want to talk about it and Bill says it ticks him off. Katie says she can tell and asks him if she wants to talk about it. She says she is a friend of Caroline and Bill says Caroline is a friend of Hope’s too. Katie asks if that is a problem and he says it could be if she doesn’t let go of the idea that Liam and Hope have a chance. Katie says she just feels bad for Hope like the rest of them do but Bill says she needs to back off. He asks Katie to remind Caroline that her first priority is to her family and Katie says okay she can do that. She says he has to relax then and tells him there is nothing Caroline can say or do that is going to harm their family. She hugs Bill but Bill doesn’t look convinced.

Brooke worries over how Rick’s telling Hope will ruin their relationship. She says Hope may forgive him in time but she won’t confide in him the way she used to. Caroline says but if Rick’s telling gives her another chance with Liam then what. Brooke asks if she really thinks that will happen and Caroline arrogantly says Liam is only with Steffy because Hope told him it was over. Caroline says if Hope changes her mind maybe Liam will too and smiles.

Rick tells Hope he can tell that she misses Liam but Hope says she misses the man that she thought he was. Rick asks Hope if she remembers what he told her about the night before he wedding and Hope says yes she will never forget that. Rick tells her that there is something she needs to know about that night. Hope says she knows everything but Rick says she doesn’t. He tells Hope that he lied. He says Liam never made out with Steffy and he should have told her that a long time ago. He says he’s so sorry but Liam never betrayed her. Hope looks stunned as Rick cries before her out of guilt.

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