B&B Wednesday Update 12/19/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/19/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy explains she does not think what Brooke did was right but that there were circumstances to why this happened. Taylor agrees but says that Katie was not in the right place. Brooke walks in and asks to talk to Taylor by herself. Brooke wants to know why Taylor would do that to Katie.

Katie walks back into the living room and Bill thanks her for believing him. Katie explains that there is nothing to worry about unless he has something he needs to add. Katie thinks that it might have been a moment of weakness. Katie does not want Bill blaming Taylor. Bill explains that Brooke is probably already confronting her.

Taylor tells Brooke that not telling Katie would have been wrong. Brooke is happy that Katie is back but knows that Taylor only told Katie to hurt her.

Rick loves Caroline’s drawings and asks Hope. Rick walks over to get Hope to come back to reality. Hope explains she is doing fine and why wouldn’t she be. Rick explains they all know the answer to that.

Katie does not think Taylor telling was a big deal unless things went past a kiss.

Brooke wonders why Taylor did it if not to upset Brooke. Taylor thinks that Katie needed to know and did not think that anyone else would tell the truth. She wonders if Brooke would even try to be honest with Katie if she would had come to Brooke first.

Caroline, Rick, and Hope go over dress designs for the contest. Hope explains which ones go with which occasion and it ends up upsetting Hope so she goes up to her room. Rick explains that the only reason Hope thinks of the club in such away is because of him and he regrets it.

Katie thinks how close she came to losing Will. Bill explains that everything is all behind them. Katie wonders how Liam is doing. Bill explains that he is doing well and will be home for the holidays. Katie is surprised that Steffy did not go with him. Bill explains that Steffy has the contest to think about. Katie goes to check on the baby and the doorbell rings. Bill goes to answer it. Steffy walks in and asks if the baby can come out to play. Steffy wonders where Katie is and how Katie is. Bill knows that Taylor told Steffy.

Brooke thinks that Taylor could have ruined her relationship with Katie. Taylor explains that she understands that Katie ended up playing games with Bill and Brooke, but that Brooke did act upon this. Brooke thinks that Taylor is way off base when it comes to anything to do with her and her family. Brooke tells Taylor about the kiss. She explains that Stephanie had just died in her arms and that she tried everything to help her cope. Brooke explains that Stephanie loved Taylor. Brooke then goes on to tell Taylor that Stephanie had given her a ring and that she had lost it but that Bill had found it and the two ended up kissing. Brooke wonders if that was really so wrong. Taylor asks if Katie was ok with this. Brooke explains that Katie understood exactly what had happened and was ok with it once she understood.

Steffy claims that Taylor never told her anything. Bill explains to keep quiet because Katie is trying to get the baby to sleep. Bill then wonders how the contest is going. Steffy explains that it is going well but the worst part of this all is having to work in the same building as Hope.

Caroline and Rick kiss with passion. Caroline explains she knows what Rick is going through and this will be over soon. Brooke walks in and wonders how things are going. The two say everything is fine and she wonders how the two of them are doing. Brooke explains that they should just not ask and wonders how Hope is doing. Rick explains that she is up in her room but she should be fine. Brooke thinks that the two have been doing more than just designing. Rick explains that they think that Hope has given up when it comes to love. Rick wants to tell Hope the truth. Brooke thinks this could damage more than it could fix. Hope walks down stairs and wonders if she is needed anymore.

Steffy explains that she feels bad for having Liam at Hopes expense. Steffy refuses to allow anyone to come between Liam and her. Steffy leaves. Bill has flashbacks to past events involving things that could end up breaking up Steffy and Liam.

Brooke wants Caroline and Rick to give all of this more thought. Rick does not think that this should have any more thought. Brooke thinks that if Hope loses her trust then she may not be able to react well to anything. Rick explains that he has to tell her the truth because Hope deserves a chance even if it is too late. Rick decides he is telling Hope today. Rick and Caroline hug while Brooke looks nervous.

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