B&B Tuesday Update 12/18/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/18/12


Written By Anthony
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Katie wants to know if Brooke has feelings for Bill. Brooke does not answer but tries to change the subject on Taylor. Katie explains that Taylor was just concerned.

Taylor explains she knows about the kiss and knows that Bill does not want anyone to know but she knows that she should be worried.

Steffy walks into Eric’s office and sees Caroline. She explains that the office is not Rick’s yet though. Steffy thinks that Caroline thinks that already and that Caroline must hate to lose because she is from New York. Rick walks in and explains that he will win and that Steffy should join his team before it is too late. Steffy explains that she has no need to change teams unlike Caroline. Caroline stops Rick and Steffy from fighting and that Steffy better keep her mouth shut seeing she is Liam’s cousin.

Bill understands that Taylor does not trust Brooke because of Ridge but that unlike her he is committed to his marriage. Taylor explains that Katie knows that he kissed Brooke.

Katie just wants to know the truth. Brooke explains that she did not kiss Bill on purpose but that Bill and Brooke were in the moment and they kissed. Brooke believes Katie should believe her when she says this.

Bill cannot believe that Taylor would do this to him. Bill explains that kissing is what people do when they care about each other. Bill believes that Taylor has her professional judgment clouded by past resentments.

Steffy tells Liam on the phone that Caroline is threatening her on the phone. Steffy explains that Caroline tried to break up Liam and Steffy the other day. Steffy gets another call from Liam and Caroline and Rick walk out.

Brooke explains that she respects Bill and Katie and does not want Katie to get mad at either one of them over what happened. Bill walks in and explains he knows she knows and that Taylor twisted what happened. Bill tells Katie he refuses to allow Taylor to make Katie depressed. Bill explains that neither one of them crossed the line but the two became close over the time that they were together. Bill did not know what to think when Katie left him and that she needs to have perspective over this. Brooke walks over to Katie and explains that Bill adores her and their baby and that nothing else matters.

Rick and Caroline go to the roof and Caroline thanks Rick for getting her out of there. Rick says he is happy to do it but regrets doing what he did for Hope now that Steffy is playing games. Rick explains that he loves Caroline and the way she is acting.

Taylor walks into Eric’s office and Steffy wonders what is wrong. Taylor explains that things did not go very well for her patient and that she thinks that she was lying. Steffy explains that she knows Katie has been seeing Taylor and that she knows that this was about Bill and Brooke. Steffy knows how the two acted in Aspen and hopes that this is not anything bad. Steffy is shocked to learn that they kissed.

Brooke and Bill look at Katie who explains that she knows something happened and she should not be surprised because it was what she wanted and they helped each other because of what she did. Katie needs to know if the relationship is something the two want to pursue and she wants honesty.

Caroline explains that she is her own person and that Liam means a lot to her as well as Bill even if he can be a jerk. Rick explains he is more attached to her every day and so is Brooke. Caroline is just happy that everyone is doing well.

Taylor tells Steffy not to tell anyone about this. Steffy says she guessed it and won’t tell anyone. Taylor explains she does not want to believe what happened. Steffy explains she knows how Taylor feels as she say what happened in Aspen. Steffy starts to defend Brooke because of how Katie manipulated Brooke and Bill to stay together and that just this one time Katie should give Brooke some slack.

Katie explains that she just needs to know what it was like for the two of them when she came back. Brooke and Bill explain that she has nothing to worry about. Katie knows that she does not and hugs Brooke and explains she knows nothing like this will ever happen again and they never have to talk about it again.

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