B&B Monday Update 12/17/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/17/12


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In Katie’s living room, Taylor brings up her suspicions regarding Brooke and Bill’s closeness. Katie wonders where Taylor is getting her information. Taylor lets it slip about Brooke and Bill’s kiss. Katie is speechless. Taylor reassures Katie that denial is normal considering what she’s been through. Katie believes Taylor is making the kiss up. Taylor says she didn’t see it with her own two eyes, but overheard Bill and Brooke talking about it. Taylor tells Katie that the two made a vow never to tell Katie about their embrace. Katie is visibly devastated by the news. Katie asks Taylor what she heard. Taylor says Brooke and Bill never want Katie to find out about the kiss. Taylor says the two had the conversation earlier today. Katie is confused since she had a great visit with Brooke and Donna. Katie says Brooke seemed fine. Taylor insists Brooke is attracted to Bill. Taylor advises Katie to be cautious around Brooke. Taylor believes Katie shouldn’t trust her sister. Katie understands why Taylor has reservations about Brooke, but thinks Taylor is stooping to a whole new level by accusing her sister of going after Bill. Taylor says she has gained a clear perspective after the love triangle between herself, Ridge, and Brooke. Taylor says Katie is vulnerable right now, that there could be problems in the future. Katie says Taylor can’t convince her that Bill and Brooke are interested in one another. Taylor tells Katie how Brooke and Bill got close during her absence. Taylor talks about Ridge’s no-show for Stephanie’s party, and the fact Bill comforted Brooke after Stephanie passed away. Taylor says she talked to Brooke about her feelings for Bill and that Brooke slapped her in the face. Taylor reminds Katie that Brooke got involved with Eric, Ridge, even Deacon – her own daughter’s husband. Katie doesn’t want to see the red flags – she tries to push aside Taylor’s argument with trying to change the subject. However, Taylor is adamant about Katie being aware of what is really going on in her marriage. Finally, Katie asks Taylor to stop talking about Brooke and Bill. Taylor suggests Katie call Brooke and confront her face-to-face.

Bill is working in his office when Brooke shows up unexpectedly. Brooke asks if it’s a bad time; Bill smiles, thankful to see Brooke. Brooke asks about Bill’s chat with Taylor. Bill says Taylor implied that he doesn’t care about Katie. Bill tells Brooke that he thanked Taylor for helping Katie get professional help with her PPD. However, Bill sensed some tension when talking to Taylor. Brooke won’t allow Taylor to get in the middle of their family issues. Bill asks Brooke to sit down and relax. Brooke is worried Taylor will get nosy about their business. Both admit they got close to one another while in Aspen. Bill thanks Brooke for her help with the baby. Bill says he was pretty devastated when Katie left. Brooke makes a joke about Bill’s diaper duties. Brooke thanks Bill for his emotional support when Ridge broke up with her. Bill thinks Ridge is crazy for dumping Brooke. Bill makes it clear he is very protective of Brooke and won’t allow her to get hurt again. Brooke brings up walking around Aspen with Bill. Brooke says those moments will remain with her always – they brought her needed peace. Bill reaches for Brooke’s hand and clenches it in his own. Brooke wonders if Taylor knows about the kiss. Bill figures Taylor couldn’t – he swears to Brooke that he didn’t tell anyone about their intimate moment. Both flash back to the kiss in Big Bear. Brooke calls their kiss “profound.” Brooke clarifies to Bill why the kiss was so monumental – it gave her the possibility of a new chapter in her life without Ridge. Bill calls Brooke a “magnificent” woman; he won’t ever forget about their kiss. Brooke’s phone rings – it’s Katie. Katie tells Brooke that they need to talk. Brooke agrees to scoot back to the house. Bill inquires about Katie. Brooke says Katie sounded serious on the phone. Bill asks Brooke to keep in touch.

At home, Katie closes her phone and tells Taylor that Brooke is on her way. Taylor apologizes for having to break the news to Katie. Katie knows Taylor has good intentions, but is convinced she misread the conversation between Bill and Brooke. Taylor asks Katie to call her with an update. Alone, Katie sits on the couch and turns to look at the photos of herself, Bill and Will on the fireplace mantel. There are tears in Katie’s eyes. In the meantime, Bill is in his office looking at the photo from his wedding to Katie. Bill thinks back to their wedding day. Back at home, Katie is apparently nervous, pacing the floor in anticipation of Brooke’s arrival. Katie grabs the baby monitor and hears the door chimes. At the front door, Brooke asks Katie if everything is okay with Will. Katie says the baby is fine. Brooke demands to know what has Katie so upset.

Bill is drinking some alcohol when Taylor barges in his office. Taylor needs to talk about something important. Taylor says she is worried about Katie. Bill thanks Taylor yet again for getting Katie help. Taylor says Katie is making great progress, so she asks Bill to stop seeing Brooke. Taylor believes Brooke will destroy Bill. Bill asks Taylor to stop beating around the bush. Taylor accuses Bill of betraying Katie. Taylor says she knows about Bill and Brooke’s kiss. Bill doesn’t know what to say.

Katie and Brooke head to the living room to talk. Katie brings up Brooke’s helpfulness with Bill and Will when she was gone. Brooke says everything is back to normal now that Katie’s back. Brooke wants to change the subject, but Katie needs to talk about when Brooke and Bill were in Aspen. Katie admits she set up the romantic hot-air balloon ride for Bill and Brooke (because she was convinced she was dying). Katie brings up Brooke and Ridge’s break-up and how Bill was a good friend to Brooke. Katie tells Brooke that she knows how Bill comforted her after Stephanie died. Brooke wonders why Katie is bringing all this up. Katie relays that she talked to Taylor. Brooke gets defensive because she assumes Taylor badmouthed her to Katie. Katie speaks of Taylor’s concerns about Brooke and Bill’s closeness. Brooke insists Bill loves Katie. Katie wants to know what Brooke thinks of Bill now. Brooke admits she respects Bill in a whole new way. Katie says Taylor told her something devastating. Brooke turns toward the mantel when Katie asks her if she kissed Bill. Brooke’s silence confirms that it happened. Katie starts crying and asks Brooke if she has feelings for Bill. Katie stares at Brooke, waiting for a yes or no answer.

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