B&B Thursday Update 12/13/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/13/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor listens in as Bill and Brooke talk about their kiss. Brooke says that they have to forget the kiss even happened but Bill says he won’t be able to do that. Disgusted, Taylor goes back to Katie who is shopping for her baby online. Katie asks Taylor if she found Brooke and Bill and Taylor says she found them alright making Katie curious. Katie asks if everything is okay. Taylor says nothing.

Bill tells Brooke that the kiss was something that they shared while they were there for each other and that is why he can’t forget it. Brooke says it can never happen again and Bill says it’s not going to but again says if she’s asking him to forget it ever happened then he can’t do that. Katie asks Taylor if Will is okay. Taylor says yes and Katie says she’s sorry but she really just has a strange look on her face. Taylor says she just has a lot on her mind and says she just doesn’t want Katie to be blindsided by something she’s not expecting. Katie says that’s not going to happen because she’s right back where she is and she’s with her two guys.

Taylor says she needs to talk to Katie but right at that moment Donna arrives with gifts for her nephew and Katie. Bill and Brooke also come downstairs. Bill says he’s just going to run by the office and Katie says that’s fine she’s just going to spend some time with her sisters. Taylor says she’s going to leave to and Bill says he will walk her out. When Bill thanks Taylor for bringing Katie back home Taylor angrily says to him that it sure sounds like he loves his wife. Hearing doubt in her voice Bill says Katie is his whole world but Taylor just says she’s glad to hear that sarcastically as she leaves Bill there confused as to why she said it that way.

Donna talks to Katie about her depression and asks her if she’s going to keep seeing Taylor. Katie says, of course, Taylor has been very helpful and postpartum depression doesn’t disappear overnight. She says they have to be watchful. Katie thanks Brooke for holding her family together while she was gone. She then tells Donna that Brooke told her she’s starting to see Bill in a whole new light. She laughs and says at least one of her sisters gets why she married him.

Justin asks Bill about Katie’s health and Bill tells him Katie is recovering just fine. He expresses concern about Taylor interfering in their lives and says he thinks if she oversteps then she may do more harm than good. Taylor comes to see Steffy and asks if she has a moment. Steffy says for her she always has time and asks her to come in. Taylor asks Steffy if she’s preparing for the big fashion competition. Steffy says yes the showdown. Taylor says it will be a smack down when Thomas and her reveal their wonderful designs and says that Brooke and her children will for once end up in the basement where they belong.

Steffy says she likes her mother’s confidence but says Rick and Brooke are really talented. Taylor says that’s great but it is her and Thomas’ turn now. Steffy asks if she has an idea for them but Taylor tells her that she wants to use her as a soundboard. Taylor asks Steffy that if someone had an upsetting secret that could hurt her feelings would she still want to know it.

Bill tells Justin how it was Katie who pushed Brooke and him together during her absence. He explains how she was trying to make them be parents for Will. Justin asks if it worked, Katie’s pushing them together. Bill says no but they did form a friendship. Justin says well Brooke and him are family so it’s better that they are no at odds not really picking up on what Bill means. Bill says he’s not sure Taylor sees it that way but Justin says Taylor must have seen the bond develop and now as a good doctor she is just insinuating things.

Justin asks if there is something Bill is not telling him though but Bill says Katie is their top priority. He says that Brooke and him want to see Katie as a loving mother, sister and wife and that is all that matters right now.

Steffy helps Taylor work out her problem of whether or not to tell Katie without knowing she is talking about Katie. Steffy tells her mother that if she wants to tell the truth then she should weight out all the pros and cons. She says she knows though that nothing is more important to her than the truth and says she’s always taught her that nothing can destroy more than a lie. She says how many times has she told her that and how many times has she proven that is true? She says lies are dangerous even those of omission. Taylor hugs Steffy and says thank you and says she knew running this by her would be the right thing to do.

Brooke is guilty as Katie thanks her for everything she did and says she couldn’t have handed her life over to a better person and that she is lucky to be her sister. As Brooke leaves Katie’s house she gets a phone call from Bill. Bill tells Brooke that he fears Taylor may know about their kiss but Brooke says that’s not possible as they didn’t tell anyone else. She tells him to relax and says Taylor isn’t going to find anything on them and says Katie and him are solid.

Taylor arrives back at Katie’s home and Katie asks if they are going to have another session. Taylor says she did want to talk to her. As Katie talks about how thankful she is to Brooke for helping at her darkest time Taylor can take no more and tells Katie that Brooke and Bill didn’t just become friends but became much more while she was gone. When Katie remains confused Taylor tells her that Brooke and Bill kissed shocking Katie.

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