B&B Wednesday Update 12/12/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/12/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill takes a drink and has a flashback to his time in Aspen after Katie left him. Katie walks in with Will and asks what Bill is thinking about.

Thomas talks to a lawyer about the update of the will. The lawyer says that the will states that Eric owns that company. Thomas refuses to allow this to happen. Rick and Caroline walk in and Rick tells Thomas to pack up his things so Eric can take back his office. Thomas explains that he is going to get proof he is in charge. The lawyer explains that he has no case and that he advises against fighting it in court. Rick jokes and explains he will pay for Thomas’s legal fees.

Brooke asks how Katie is doing when she comes into the house. Katie explains that she has just spent every moment since she got back with the baby. Taylor walks in for her session with Katie and Brooke decides she will leave but Taylor thinks that it will help if Katie has supporters in her session.

Rick explains that Thomas still has five percent of the company. Thomas wants more than just that. Caroline thinks that Stephanie would not want the two of them to be fighting about this. Thomas can’t believe that Stephanie lied to him. Caroline explains that she did not lie but that Thomas will just have to deal with it.

Brooke sits down and the session starts. Katie explains to Taylor that she is so thankful for helping her even when she did not want help. Bill also thanks Bill and gives him a kiss. She then thanks Brooke for taking over while she was gone. Brooke explains that because of this she has a new understanding for Bill. Katie explains she was not herself during this time and she was messed up and convinced she was going to die and felt the only thing she could do was get out the situation. Katie knows it is crazy for her to try to make Brooke the mother of her son. Katie explains that she was in such a dark place she had planned a future for Bill, Brooke, and Will. She explains that she set up the hot air balloon for the two of them. Bill is shocked. Katie knows what she did was wrong. Taylor explains that it was the depression when she did this because she would never of course want the two of them together. Katie thinks that it is horrifying and is so sorry that she tried to push the two of them together. Katie admits that she put the two of them in a terrible possession. Brooke almost admits to what happened between Bill and her, but Bill stops her from saying anything and explains that there is no point in talking about the past because only the future matters. Katie wonders if Brooke is ok. Bill explains that everyone just needs some time to process this.

Bill sends Brooke out of the room. Katie explains that she feels bad that she mentioned Ridge to Brooke and everything is not going great in Brooke’s life compared to Katie’s now. Bill explains that Katie just needs to spend some time with Will to get back to life. Katie says she loves Bill so much. Bill goes to check on Brooke. Taylor explains that what Katie did was fine and she needed to express those feelings.

Caroline hopes that there are no hard feelings. Thomas is not mad at Caroline because he knows Eric only put her on Rick’s team to help. Rick knows that is the reason but Thomas will still lose. Thomas explains he will win.

Brooke explains the baby is fine but wonders about Bill’s feelings and if he still likes her. Bill explains he does not know if he can ever forget the kiss.

Katie hopes that Brooke is ok and can’t get over the fact that Brooke stepped in for her when she was gone. Taylor explains she knows. Katie wants to go check on Brooke. Taylor goes instead.

Caroline wonders what the theme they should chose is. Rick explains that they need to keep a classic look for the company but with Caroline’s theme idea. The two start to kiss each other when they talk about how they will win the competition. Thomas looks from outside the room.

Bill explains that Katie can never know. Brooke agrees that she can’t. Bill is freaked out that Katie would try to hook the two of them up. Brooke understands what Katie was going for but explains that it is just wrong. Brooke explains that she is glad she could be there for Bill and that Bill could be there for her during the time. Brooke describes the kiss and Taylor listens in the background and is shocked to hear what she is hearing.

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