B&B Tuesday Update 12/11/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/11/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Eric puts a picture of Stephanie on his desk and gets a bit sad while looking at it. A knock comes on the door and Pam walks in wondering if what she is hearing is true. Eric explains Stephanie got the last word and is running the company again. Pam hugs Eric.

Thomas is mad at what has just happened to him and can’t believe he is being screwed over. He decides he is going fix this. Taylor explains to him that the video was legal binding. Thomas says he is not talking about that but the contest and he is going to beat Rick.

Rick walks into his office and is very happy. Brooke and Hope follow him in and are very happy. Brooke explains that she is so happy and is so happy that Stephanie did the right thing. Caroline walks in and Rick says that she is the head designer of team Brooke.

Thomas explains that he is going to do classic couture even though that is not the way he wanted to take the company. Taylor thinks that Thomas can win easily with that because that he spent so much time with Ridge. Steffy thinks that Caroline does not have enough experience to help win for Brooke’s team. Thomas does not want to count out anything but knows that he will still win.

Rick explains his idea and Hope thinks that it is so Eric. Caroline says she likes it. Rick thinks that he will be running Forrester after this is over and it is something he has wanted his entire life.

Eric looks at another picture and Brooke walks in. Brooke walks over and hugs Eric.

Thomas has a flashback to talking to Stephanie about how he was going to become the largest shareholder when she died. Thomas thinks that it was all a lie. Taylor wonders what Thomas is thinking. Thomas says that this is going to be an easy win and he will run the company. Thomas walks off and Steffy has Taylor let him go.

Caroline explains she talked to Bill. Rick says they can talk about all of that later. Hope wonders what they are talking about. Rick makes up a lie about the competition. Hope explains that they should be able to win. Rick thinks that he can win and that they will take the company back.

Brooke thinks that Rick looks comfortable in the office. Eric says it is good to be back. Brooke is happy that Stephanie changed her mind. Eric says that everything is the way it should be and wonders how Brooke thinks of the contest. Brooke thinks it will be interesting and that they will win and leaves.

Hope sits down next to Steffy and wonders how she is doing. Steffy explains she is kind of mad how this turned out. Hope says that the rivalry is back between Brooke and Taylor. Steffy believes that this is true but that the two of them have their own rivalry as well because Hope said she wants to win back Liam and Steffy believes her.

Taylor sits in Rick’s office and has a flashback to when Stephanie told Taylor that she means so much to her with Ridge and how much she loved being part of her family. Brooke walks into the office and wonders what she is doing in the room. Taylor says she wants to know if she thinks the contest is fair. Brooke wonders why she wouldn’t. Taylor thinks that what happened is not fair to Thomas. Brooke explains that what Stephanie did was helpful to Eric to give him purpose. Taylor thinks this is so fitting for them to be fighting about something.

Eric talks on the phone with someone and explains that he wants everyone to know. Caroline walks in says congratulations. Eric thanks her and wonders how things are doing with Rick. Caroline explains she is in love and wants to make sure that Eric thinks of her when he is making his consideration. Rick walks in and hugs Caroline. Eric says he will take this all into consideration. Eric leaves and the two start to kiss. Rick wonders about Caroline’s conversation with Bill. Caroline explains that she thought she was talking to Liam but it turned out to be Bill. Caroline explains that she does not know what to do now. Rick tells Caroline that she should tell them if she wants. Caroline wonders what is the best choice. Rick says he does not know. The two start to kiss again.

Hope says she has not given up on Liam. Hope explains that they are competing over something else today. Hope is shocked that Liam is not at the office. Steffy says that he is out of town. Hope wishes Steffy good luck.

Taylor wonders if Brooke is going to try to start something up with Eric. Brooke explains that she has no interest in that right now and that she has just as much right to this family as anyone else. Taylor explains that her family will never lose anything else to Brooke again.

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