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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/10/12


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In Ridge’s office, Eric, Brooke, Taylor, Rick, Thomas, Hope and Steffy gather around to watch a video made before Stephanie died. Stephanie implies that she has someone (other than Thomas) in mind to be Forrester’s CEO. Stephanie says she knows the best candidate to run the company. Everyone remains silent when Stephanie announces she has made a decision. Stephanie talks about the 25 percent stake she gave Thomas, and realizes it was a bad idea. Stephanie believes Thomas should not have entire control over the company. Stephanie’s decision is to return her shares to Eric. Everyone is speechless. In the video, Stephanie explains why she changed her mind. Stephanie hopes Thomas can accept her decision, even though she is aware of the fact Thomas might appeal. However, Stephanie insists Thomas would never win. Stephanie asks Taylor to accept her decision, as well. Stephanie believes Eric should run Forrester because her husband still has a lot to contribute to the company. Stephanie advises Eric to teach the kids and grandkids all he knows, and reminds Eric that his family needs him. Stephanie’s last words to Eric – “don’t mess it up.” Brooke is relieved by Stephanie’s decision. With tears in his eyes, Eric kisses Brooke’s forehead.

Assuming Liam is sitting in his office chair, Caroline rambles on about telling Liam something important. Caroline is shocked to find Bill, not Liam, sitting there. Bill is irritated that Caroline would betray him. Caroline insists Liam needs to know the truth. Caroline says she and Rick have decided that it’s time to be honest. Bill inquires about Rick’s whereabouts. Caroline says Rick is at an important meeting at Forrester Creations. Bill is surprised Rick doesn’t know about Caroline’s visit to Liam’s office. Bill thinks it’s funny that Caroline gave Rick no warning about coming clean to Liam. Bill asks Caroline where the loyalty is to the Spencer name. Bill makes a phone call in front of Caroline. Caroline flashes back to her candid talk with Rick about his lie. Caroline is irritated Bill is sending Liam out of the country. Bill says he doesn’t trust Caroline. Bill thinks Caroline and Rick need to chill out because Liam and Steffy are together now. Caroline brings up Hope and how Liam still loves her. Bill is adamant that Liam is happy now. Bill calls Caroline “reckless,” stressing the point that her actions worry him. Caroline says Hope and Liam deserve to know that Othello lied. Caroline tells Bill that she hasn’t told Hope yet, but threatens to come clean to her. Bill warns Caroline not to tell Hope. Bill asks Caroline if she’s a loyal Spencer. Caroline says she’s acting like a true Spencer – she will not be intimidated.

In Ridge’s office, everyone is beginning to digest the significance of Stephanie’s decision. Thomas is mad; Taylor tries to reassure him that everything will be okay. Nearby, Brooke and Eric talk about Stephanie’s decision. Brooke asks Eric if he asked Stephanie to change her mind about Thomas. Eric says he and Stephanie never discussed it. Brooke knows Thomas won’t let this go. Steffy pipes in and asks Eric if he knew about the loophole. Eric says he had no idea Stephanie had changed her mind. Thomas demands to know why he can’t run the company. Eric says he was able to build the company with the help of Stephanie. Thomas wonders why Eric won’t let him be CEO. Thomas reminds everyone that Ridge gave him the green light to be interim CEO. Someone makes a joke about Ridge’s absence. Eric says the company is behind on their fashion lines. Eric’s plan is to concentrate on the company by getting “back to basics.”

Bill and Caroline continue to argue until Rick calls. Rick updates Caroline regarding the situation at Forrester. Rick says Thomas is no longer in control – his father is. Rick asks Caroline to meet him at work. Caroline tells Bill that she needs to leave. Bill doesn’t want Caroline to go. Caroline says Eric is the CEO now, then makes a comment about communication problems in other families. Bill and Caroline discuss the future of Forrester. Bill wishes Thomas was still CEO because he could offer some guidance. Caroline laughs because she knows Bill always has a hidden agenda. Caroline believes Eric is the best choice. Bill asks Caroline what family means to her. Bill says he changed when he found Liam. Family responsibilities are Bill’s top priorities right now. Bill doesn’t want to lose Liam, so he asks Caroline to think this over. Caroline is a bit scared of Bill’s threats.

In Ridge’s office, Eric thinks back to his last goodbye with Stephanie in the cabin. Eric announces his plans for the company’s future. Eric wants to simplify things, something Thomas disagrees with. Thomas wants to expand the couture line. Eric feels the couture line needs a lot of work before expansion. Thomas interjects with more criticism, adding that he might quit. Taylor defends her son. Eric says Stephanie wants what’s best for the company. Eric makes it clear he is in control of Forrester Creations. Eric doesn’t want any new changes, nor anyone to be fired from the company. Taylor says the company is more efficient because of Thomas. Eric commends Thomas on his successes, but he’s proud of everyone who is involved with the company. Rick backs Eric’s decision. Steffy figures the families will be divided once again. Eric smiles and proposes a fashion face-off: Team Brooke vs. Team Taylor. Eric says Caroline will design for Team Brooke, Thomas for Team Taylor. Eric announces that whoever wins will be his next protégé, and after that, he will select the next president of Forrester Creations.

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