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Taylor tells Thomas that when he was a little boy and he used to come up here she would dream of this day when heís take his place as Forresterís heir, Ridgeís son and Ericís grandson. She says this is where he belongs and she doesnít want him to listen to anything the Logans say. Thomas tells his mom not to worry and says with him as CEO they will be leaders again.

Eric asks Pam to run to the bank and get everything out of Stephanie's safe deposit box, since she's the only one with access.

Hope asks what this meeting is about. Rick says itís about Thomas having 30% of the company and rubbing their noses in it. Hope says Rick but he says is he wrong. Eric comes in saying heís never wrong. Brooke asks him how heís holding up and he says heís hanging in there. He asks if the meeting is about Thomasí proposals but Rick complains about how Thomas isnít going to be just making proposals. He says he owns 30% now he will be making demands. Brooke asks if there isnít anything they can do to stop him an Eric shakes his head no.

Caroline is about to tell Liam when Bill comes in and tells Liam he has to go on a business trip now. Liam says Caroline was about to tell him something. Turning to his niece Bill says she should say whatever she needs to say now or else it will have to wait until Liam comes back. Caroline throws Bill a dirty look before telling Liam that Hope still loves him and thatís what she wanted to say. Bill seems glad that Caroline didnít have the guts to say the truth about what he did.

The meeting is about to begin. Thomas notices that Eric is there and asks him how come he came in and Eric tells him Rick thought he should be here. He says thatís good and has them all sit down before he tells them how Stephanieís shares are now officially his as of today. He says so as largest shareholder and interim CEO he is ready to implement some changes.

Bill gives Liam the files he needs for the business trip and steps aside to give Steffy and Liam a moment. Liam asks Steffy if she really canít come with him on this business trip and she says not this time she has too much going on at Forrester and sheís be too much of a distraction. She sighs before asking him if what Caroline says meant anything but Liam cuts her off and firmly says it doesnít change a thing. Steffy smiles and says she knows and they share a kiss.

Othello comes to see Rick but finds Caroline. Marcus introduces them and asks Othello how long he is here before he goes back to Aspen. Othello says he just needs to wrap a few things up before he leaves and is about to go when Caroline asks if she can speak to him.

Liam tells his dad that this is a huge responsibility but Bill says this will be good for him. Bill talks about Caroline and tells Liam that maybe he should tell her to keep how she feels about Hope and him to herself but Liam says itís okay. He says there are bound to be residual feelings between Hope and him and thatís no secret. He also says itís no secret that he wants to be with Steffy. He says when Hope told him it was over it was hard for him but now he has accepted it. He says being with Steffy feels right and there is no second guessing there. Bill smiles and says he is proud of him for moving on and not dwelling in the past. He says heís strong and Liam says yes like father like son.

When Marcus leaves Caroline tells Othello that she knows about the lie. Othello says heís so glad she knows. He says he canít keep this secret anymore. She says neither can she and Othello says that is why he is here, Hope and Liam need to know. Pam returns from the bank and sees Steffy entering. Steffy says hi and Pam gives her the contents from Stephanieís safety deposit box to give to Eric. Steffy enters the meeting and says sorry for being late before giving Eric the things and sitting down. Thomas says itís time to implement his plans with or without their approval. Rick gets up and complains to his dad and says he has to do something. Eric says he canít and says itís their company now.

Liam thinks of Hope and their past in his office before brushing his memories off. Eric takes out the contents of the Safety deposit box while Steffy asks if Rick thinks Thomas doesnít have a right to do this which he clearly does. A near fight breaks out between the Logans and Taylorís family when Eric hands Thomas a tape and asks him to play it. He says itís from Stephanie and says he wants to see it.

Caroline comes into Liamís office and sees him in his chair with his back turned to her. She spills out everything she wants to say and says sheís so sorry about not telling him sooner but Liam continues to face away from her and not turn around.

Thomas plays the tape and Stephanie is seen talking to Eric. She says he needs to gather the family to hear this. Seeing that most of the family is in the room, Eric continues playing the tape. Stephanie says how she found a loophole in the original incorporation papers of the company that gives her the ultimate right to choose her successor. Thomas looks shocked and the rest of the family looks on as Stephanie starts to say who the new, permanent CEO of Forrester will be.

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