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Thomas is told that his 25% share of Forrester is now official after Stephanieís death. Taylor asks him if he knows what this means and Thomas smiles saying yes this 25% combined with the 5% his dad gave him he now holds the largest share at Forrester. Brooke and Rick talk about how wonderful his life is with Caroline. He says how a weight has been lifted off him by coming clean about his lie to Bill and her. He says he wants to tell Liam though and Brooke asks if that is such a good idea because if he finds out how far hid dad went then that could destroy their relationship or worse. Rick says maybe Bill should have thought about that before he blackmailed a federal official.

Caroline thinks about telling Hope the truth about what Rick did but remembers how he fears Hope will never forgive him. Hope arrives and Caroline tells her to sit because she wants to catch up with her. Hope joins her and asks if there is something on her mind.

Steffy watches Liam working and comes over to him when he is alone. She tells him she loves watching him in action because it gets her all hot and bothered. Liam doesnít miss a beat and says thatís it sheís sitting in on every meeting of his from now on making her laugh. She asks him why he doesnít just go to work on her. Liam says okay and they kiss while smiling happily.

Caroline and Hope talk about how happy Rick and her are together and Hope mentions how Rick deserves this happiness after all heís been through with Amber. Hope says weird stuff happens in her family alluding to how complicated and weird Amber and Rickís marriage was. Hope tells Caroline that sheís really glad they can talk about it and be friends. Caroline says thatís great because she doesnít have many friends. Hope asks how thatís even possible. Caroline says she had two moms growing up and no dad and a lot of people just didnít understand that. Caroline suddenly asks Hope if sheís over believing Liam and her can work out. Hope says to be honest she will never stop hoping but at some point sheís accepted itís over. Caroline asks her if that isnít it and they just got off track at some point. She asks her if she had the chance would she take Liam back.

Rickís happiness vanishes as Brooke reminds him that Thomas holds 30% shares at Forrester. Rick says he canít believe Thomas and Taylor have so much control and complains about Forrester being his birthright. He says he should be the one in power and heís not going to give up so easy.

Thomas smiles at his mother and says he has 30% of Forrester. Taylor says yes and heís interim CEO too. She says he doesnít even need a vote the future of Forrester is in his hands. Thomas smiles in happiness. Taylor says this is big he has controlling interest at Forrester Creations. He says itís a long way up from the basement. Taylor says sheís proud of him but Thomas says he hasnít done anything yet. Taylor says he has a plan in mind for Forresterís future and itís brilliant. Thomas says yes and heíd wish Rick would put his petty differences aside and look at the bigger picture but says it doesnít matter though. He says he doesnít need Rickís approval anymore. Thomas asks Madison to tell Rick he needs to see him.

Rick complains to his mother again about Thomas being in power and he says Thomas will run the company into the ground. Brooke says she knows that and thinks Stephanie knew she made a mistake. Rick asks why she didnít rectify it then and Brooke says she probably was going to. Madison comes in to tell Rick Thomas needs to see him right away. Rick looks angry.

Liam asks Steffy how her brother is doing at CEO. She says heís doing his best but is being met with a lot of adversity. Liam says Thomas is trying to make Forrester more tech savvy and says thatís a smart move but Steffy says he Ďs getting a lot of resistance for it though from Rick. Liam says thatís not shocking Rick wanted to be CEO. Steffy says itís the rivalry itís gone way back. Taylorís kids versus Brookeís kids. She says up until now Hope and Rick were in control but now Thomas is . She says even if itís temporary that balance could shift. Liam nods in understanding.

Caroline asks Hope if she still loves Liam because Liam is not the kind of guy who could ever stop loving someone. Hope says does it matter and says when something keeps not working out over and over and over again isnít it just best to cut your losses and move on. Caroline says thatís not always the case and asks Hope if she ever directly asked Liam about sleeping with Steffy that night. Hope says yes and Liam denied it. Caroline asks her why she didnít believe him. Hope says based on what Rick said. Caroline takes a deep breath and asks Hope again if the way was clear would she take Liam back. Hope asks where this is coming from. Caroline says she just thinks Liam and her belong together.

Brooke and Rick arrive at Thomasís office and Brooke immediately harasses Taylor about being there. Taylor says she could ask Brooke the same thing about why she is here and Rick jumps to her defense by saying Brooke is part of this company. Thomas answers by saying Taylor is his mother and he asked her to be here. Brooke tries to ask Taylor why she isnít in Europe with Thorne and Taylor shuts her up by saying she doesnít follow Thorne around everywhere before telling Thomas to begin. Thomas says there are going to be some big changes at Forrester starting today.

Liam asks Steffy how she feels about her brother being CEO. Steffy says sheís cool with it and Liam says he thought maybe sheíd be jealous. Steffy says no she doesnít want to deal with all the pressure. She says she just wants to live her life to the max but will be there for Thomas if he needs her for her business savvy. Liam says heíll take her up on that offer and Steffy says one thing she really loves about him is that heís never too macho not to listen to his woman. Liam says well he has one hell of a woman and Steffy says yes and he better not forget it. Liam pulls Steffy down and kisses her.

Hope says sheís touched Caroline cares so much and admits that she loves Liam but says his feelings for Steffy are strong. She says yes she loves him but how can she be with a man who made out with his ex-wife the night before they were supposed to marry. She says she has to draw a line somewhere and says that hurts and she feels broken. She says that is what she is waiting for now. She is waiting for a day when she will wake up and not hurt over losing Liam.

Rick says Thomas canít make any changes until he speaks to Eric. Thomas says they need to make these changes now and he isnít waiting. Brooke says there is no doubt him and Steffy have made valuable contributions to Forrester but that doesnít mean they call the shots. Taylor says yes but Brooke and her family should. Brooke says Rick, Hope and she have a track record of success and Taylor says that doesnít matter to Ridge because he appointed Thomas CEO. Brooke says Ridge has made some questionable decisions lately. Thomas cuts in and says like it or not he is CEO. Rick continues to protest as always and tells him he is just a placeholder. Thomas says heís a lot more than that, he owns 30% now. He says he values everyoneís opinion but bottom line is he can do what he wants and there is nothing Rick can do about it.

Steffy shows Liam a picture of him dancing and says she loves it. Liam says he is going to wait until she sleeps and delete every picture she has of him dancing. Steffy says he canít do that and Liam says fine then heíll just record her snoring and play it all the time. Steffy says she doesnít snore but Liam says she does, the cutest little snorting sounds. Heís imitating her when Caroline walks in and says there is something he needs to know.

Rick walks out on Thomas saying he doesnít want to hear it and Taylor tells Brooke she needs to teach her son how to accept things better. Brooke reacts just as poorly and says they will be challenging Thomasí control of the company and wonít accept Taylorís family taking over. Angry now, Taylor tells her that her family has been in control for far too long already and now she needs to accept that Steffy and Thomas are the future of the company. Brooke doesnít look happy.

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