B&B Wednesday Update 12/5/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/5/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick explains that he lied to his sister because he had his reasons. Bill does not think that there is a right or wrong reason and that his motives are all that matters. Bill is mad because Rick wants to tell Hope in order to stay with Caroline. Caroline is more than happy to have Rick telling the truth.

Hope knows that she says the wrong thing sometimes but Liam explains that he does not feel that way around her. Hope understands that Liam is happy with Steffy and wants him to be happy with Steffy. Hope however thinks that Liam is the person that she is meant to spend the rest of her life with.

Thomas works out on a treadmill and Steffy and Taylor walk outside and Steffy tells him that he needs to cover up and be more professional. Taylor says that she has some business with him and that they want to have lunch together. Steffy says that she has lunch with Liam but decides to stay anyways.

Liam feels that it is getting easier to be away every day.

Brooke does not think that anyone is making a threat and Rick and Caroline are happy that she understands that. Bill wonders why they would want to do this when no one thinks the two of them should be together to start with. Bill will not stand for it.

Steffy and Thomas discuss how they have different views on things when it comes to the company. Steffy explains that she is happy with her life and will not, not enjoy it.

Hope wonders if the conversation they are having is dangerous. Liam does not agree believing that things can get any better or worst. Hope wonders if the two of them can be friends. Liam is not sure and Hope wonders if the two of them are not done being a couple yet. Liam does not know how to answer the question. Hope does not want him to answer the question. Liam explains that Steffy is a good person as well and lets Liam be himself but that is not really what he always wanted and Steffy knows that. Liam thinks that this is more than just him choosing Steffy over him because she said no.

Caroline explains how what Bill did was wrong. Bill wonders if this would have happened either way. Brooke explains that Hope would never have done what she did if she was not late because of Deacon. Bill wonders if Brooke is mad too. Brooke explains that time has passed but that she is not exactly done.

Steffy wants to rent a silly Christmas movie and invite everyone but no one wants to watch it with her. Thomas thinks that Steffy is to happy and should go find Liam. Steffy explains that Liam is with Hope and explains that the reason is because the two of them are going to have to talk eventually.

Hope understands that the two of them made some very bad choices and that Deacon did not help. Hope is happy that the two of them have talked. Liam wonders if they really are happy. Hope thinks it will make it easier for the two of them to talk in the future this way. Hope thinks that they should be able to bare each other when they are in the same room. Liam jokes around but then leaves. Hope smiles and giggles.

Brooke explains that she used to think Hope and Liam were meant for each other but that now she thinks differently and would rather they figure it out on their own. Caroline is mad that no one feels that the truth should be told and that Liam loves Bill. Bill explains that Caroline does not even know him and that this is helping no one.

Caroline and Rick walk into the office and the two of them no longer know what they should do. Caroline does not think she can do nothing with Hope being sad all the time. Rick wonders if Liam and Steffy are meant for each other though.

Liam talks to Steffy from his office and explains things should be better between the two of them.

Hope looks at pictures of the two of them and has flashbacks to Italy. Hope smiles.

Brooke sits in her living room and has flashbacks to Aspen. Bill sits down across from her and asks if she thinks that he is a terrible person. Brooke explains that no she does not. Bill wonders if this has to do with Brooke seeing him naked. Brooke starts to laugh. The two joke about being lost in the woods. Brooke explains that the two kissed but they can’t act on that anymore. Bill explains that he understands but wishes it could. Brooke explains that she also wishes but that it can never be spoken of again.

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