B&B Tuesday Update 12/4/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/4/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline and Rick wake up next to each other in bed and smile. Rick starts to kiss Caroline who is giggling. The two kiss passionately in bed and Caroline explains that Rick makes her so happy. Caroline hopes that Hope has a chance to have this happiness once she knows the truth.

Hope wonders if Brooke knows the reason why Rick needs to talk to her. Brooke explains eh has no idea. Hope does not care and just knows that she is happy to have a brother who is always there for her. Hope and Brooke hug each other. The phone rings and Hope picks up the phone and Steffy explains she needs to talk about her line. Hope asks if Brooke will tell Rick that she is busy and will talk to him later. Hope tells Brooke she is still in love with Liam but she can get over to it.

Bill talks to Liam about business and is proud of him. Liam tells Bill that he was right about Steffy. Bill wonders what he thinks about Hope. Liam explains that things just never worked out with Hope. Bill is happy for Liam.

Rick is shocked that Hope is not home. Brooke explains that she got called into work but wonders what this has to do with. Caroline explains it involves Hope and Liam. Rick explains he cannot keep what he knows about the two of them anymore.

Bill is happy that Liam is trying to make his mark in life. Liam explains he is trying. Liam hopes that they can get past Hope because he is not done getting over his feelings for her.

Steffy wants to take a new approach with Hope for the Future. Hope thinks they need to shift the focus and Steffy agrees. Steffy thinks that Hope should go for a more environmental angle to get her focus away from Liam. Hope refuses to change her mind with Liam.

Brooke is shocked to find out what happened with Othello. Caroline tells Brooke that Bill is the reason that Deacon ended up in Italy. Brooke tells them that she knows. Rick is shocked that Brooke did not say anything. Brooke explains that Donna found Liam and Steffy together before she could tell anyone. Rick thinks that Liam is still a terrible person. Caroline still thinks that Liam should know. Brooke tells Caroline that if Liam knew then Liam would never forgive Bill. Caroline understands but thinks that Bill needs to get what is coming to him.

Liam hopes that things will work out for Bill and Katie. Caroline calls Bill and asks for Bill to come to Brooke’s house right away. Caroline tells Rick and Brooke that she will not keep secrets for him.

Hope explains she is having trouble making sense of everything. Hope does not understand why the things with Liam have happened. Steffy is shocked that Hope still thinks that Steffy planned out what happened the night before the third wedding. Hope says it does not matter and that she still thinks that Liam and she belong together. Hope asks what else she needs to look over for her line. Steffy explains that they need to look over the budget and Liam walks in as Steffy has to walk out to do something. Liam is left alone with Hope who apologizes for kissing Steffy in front of her. Hope says she is fine with it. Liam thanks Hope for bringing Will the present. Hope explains that things went over well until she came back to get her phone and found Liam and Steffy on the couch. Hope tells Liam she understands what happened.

Bill wonders what is wrong when he gets to Brooke’s house. Caroline explains she overheard Bill and Katie talk about Liam and Hope. Rick decides that he is going to tell Hope the truth and he does not like Liam. Bill explains that he does not like Hope. Rick explains he did something just as bad as Bill in order to keep Hope and Liam apart and that he feels wrong for it now. Caroline explains she convinced Rick to tell the truth and that it is time and all of this as to stop and Hope and Liam have a chance.

Hope tells Liam that she loves him and always will but wishes things were different between the two of them. Liam wishes the same thing.

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