B&B Monday Update 12/3/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/3/12


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Brooke and Bill look at each other and kiss at Brooke’s house with passion. Bill tells Brooke she has no idea how much he wants this.

Rick asks if Caroline is doing ok but Rick tells her she should let it go. Caroline explains she will need to be convinced or she is going to tell. Caroline understands why Rick would do what he is doing to Hope. Rick explains that Steffy tricked Liam into marriage. Caroline is shocked by this,

Brooke wakes up to learn that her kissing was a dream. Hope walks in and asks if Brooke was dreaming about him. Brooke gets shocked by this.

Bill has a flashback to kissing Brooke in his office. He then turns around to see Liam and Justin waiting to talk to him. Justin tells Bill he is very happy that Bill has his wife back.

Hope explains that it is ok and she understands. Brooke is shocked still but Hope explains that she knows that it will take some time but if she holds on she will eventually get over Ridge. Hope gives Brooke a hug.

Justin wonders where Katie has been all this time. Bill explains that she has been hiding. Liam tries to give Katie the benefit of the doubt to why what happened has happened. Bill is happy that he was able to properly bound with Liam. Justin and Liam both are more than happy to help out. Bill thanks them both.

Hope understands that everything is changing rapidly in Brookes life. Brooke asks how Hope is doing. Hope explains she is doing ok with everything.

Rick explains how things happened the first time Liam and Steffy got married with the help of Bill. Caroline after hearing about the wedding ceremony is shocked.

Hope wonders what it is about Steffy that Liam cannot stay away from her. Hope hugs Brooke.

Rick explains about the wedding in Italy and how Liam and Steffy ended up in bed and this is all why Hope needs to stay away from Liam. Caroline understands but explains that this is all a lie and the only way that it will work out is if Rick gets what he knows to Hope and Liam who truly love each other.

Brooke tells hope it breaks her heart to see her in so much pane. Hope explains that she will be fine and that every time she feels sad she just thinks about all the good things in her life such as Katie coming back. Brooke explains that everything with them is going great and that Bill is actually not a bad man.

Liam and Bill discuss if Steffy and Liam have any plans to get married. Bill is happy that Steffy and Liam are back together. Liam mentions that Rick and Caroline are together. Bill wonders what is wrong with this. Liam says that if it makes Liam happy then he does not care.

Caroline explains that Hope will be upset with Rick if he tries to keep this secret from Hope. Rick wonders if Hope will understand like Caroline if he tells her. Caroline thinks that she will. Rick calls Hope and tells Hope he wants to meet with her. Rick and Caroline hug.

Liam does not think it is his place to warn Caroline about Rick. Bill thinks it is defiantly his place because they are family. Liam wonders if Bill is happy that Katie is back. Bill explains he is but wonders what will happen if the depression comes back. Liam explains that Katie is happy to be back and be with the baby.

Hope and Brooke talk about Rick and Caroline and why they belong together. Hope thinks that Caroline brings out the best in Rick.

Rick and Caroline kiss passionately and Caroline thanks Rick about doing this for her. Rick is afraid of what could happen when Hope finds out. The two kiss again. Rick tells Caroline she is the best thing that has ever happened to her and he loves her. Rick unzips Caroline’s dress and picks her up and they get on the bed where they continue to kiss each other.

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