B&B Friday Update 11/30/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/30/12


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Liam wonders what he needs to know from Caroline and Liam.

Bill and Steffy talk about Katie in the hallway. Steffy thinks it is sweet that everything is back and wonders if Katie is forgiven.

Brooke opens her door and Taylor explains that she has some unfinished business. Brooke is concerned what she is talking about. Taylor explains she is here to commend Brooke not fight with her.

Caroline attempts to tell Liam but the doorbell rings.

Liam opens the door and finds Hope who is shocked to see that Liam is at the door. Liam explains that Bill had the family over. Liam offers to have Hope come hang out for a little bit as Katie is asleep with the baby. Hope takes the offer and Caroline sees and frowns.

Bill is shocked to hear that Steffy is saying what she is saying about Brooke and himself when Katie was gone.

Brooke is shocked for being commended. Taylor says she is thankful for helping Bill during the time of Katie’s disappearing. Taylor understands that Brooke is still sad about Ridge and wonders how she plans to move on with her future.

Rick tells Caroline to move on but Caroline does not think that she can. Rick thinks that they should think about what can happen if they tell Hope anything. Rick walks over to Hope and Liam and explains that they would like to have dinner with Liam. Liam is shocked and Rick tells him that he does not have to answer right away. Rick and Caroline leave and Liam thinks that was a strange thing and explains that to Hope who agrees.

Caroline and Rick get back to the pool house and talk about why Hope and Liam should not be together because her heart keeps getting broken.

Liam compliments Brooke to Hope over how good she has been to Will and Bill. Hope, hopes that the baby does not get confused because the baby and Liam have the same name. Hope starts to laugh.

Bill explains that no one has to worry about anything. Steffy wants to know the truth about if anything happened between Brooke and him.

Taylor explains that she is sad and now Taylor and her are in the same boat. Taylor explains that it really is not so bad and that correcting past mistakes is a good thing to do. Taylor wants to talk about Brooke and Bill. Brooke explains she knew that this conversation would not go over well. Taylor explains that Katie was involved in everything to get Brooke and Bill to become a couple such as the hot balloon ride in Aspen. Brooke has a shocked look on her face. Brooke is shocked at why Katie would throw her to Bill. Taylor explains that Katie thought it would be a wonderful plan and that is why Taylor came over the other day. Taylor decides to leave knowing that Brooke feels offended.

Steffy understands that Bill had every right to have feelings for Brooke. Steffy leaves when Bill gets mad.

Hope and Liam talk about the time they spent together in Italy and flashbacks are shown to that time. Hope explains they had so many memories and Liam agrees. Steffy walks in and is shocked to see Hope. Hope explains she is just here to give Katie a present for the baby but she is going to go. Steffy wonders if she said something. Liam and Steffy kiss.

Caroline wonders if Liam and Hope could have a fresh start if they knew the truth. Rick wonders why Caroline cares so much. Caroline explains she likes Hope and wants Hope to have a chance. The two start to kiss passionately.

Steffy and Liam start to kiss on the couch and Hope walks back in to get her phone and notices them. She runs out and starts to sigh.

Brooke has flashbacks to her time in Aspen with Bill. Brooke opens the door and finds Bill who needs to talk to her. Bill explains that the time he spent with her he could not have done it without her. Bill kisses Brooke again passionately. Brooke stops the kiss but starts it back up.

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