B&B Thursday Update 11/29/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/29/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie holds the baby and rocks him back and forth. Bill sits down and Katie tells him that this connection she has with the baby is unbelievable. Bill explains that he is having everyone who helped out with the baby over to see Katie. Katie cannot wait to see Brooke.

Steffy tells Liam that they are supposed to get to Bill and Katie’s. Liam who is still kissing Steffy in bed tells them that they can wait. Steffy tells him that they need to go now. Liam wonders if Steffy will be ok with having to be in a big family gathering after the death of Stephanie. Steffy says she will be just fine.

Dayzee and Hope talk about Stephanie. Hope says she is holding in. Dayzee is happy that she has Marcus to hold on to. Dayzee realizes that she is being insensitive about Hope’s relationship status. Hope tells Dayzee that she is more than fine with everything that is going on.

Liam tells Steffy that he is unsure of how things will go with everyone.

Katie calls Brooke and asks if she is coming to the party. Katie hangs up the phone and tells Bill that Brooke sounded strange on the phone. Caroline and Rick walk in and greet the two and Katie acknowledges that a lot has happened since she went away referring to Rick and Caroline getting together.

Hope thanks someone on the phone and hangs up the phone. Dayzee is shocked at how public the death has become. Hope explains that it may have been more quite when the company first started but in the present day things are not the same. Dayzee wonders how Hope found out about Liam and Steffy moving back in together. Hope explains that she overheard Thomas talking to Steffy.

Liam and Steffy walk into the house and welcome Katie back home. Katie thanks the two of them for helping out while she is gone and tells Steffy she is sorry about Stephanie. Steffy thanks her. Katie thanks everyone for putting up with her while she went off the deep end. Steffy explains she understands. Katie says she is just hoping for a second chance. Bill tells her that she never needs to be forgiven because she did nothing wrong. Caroline and Steffy jokingly argue about who gets to babysit for Will. Katie is shocked at all that has happened since she has left. Bill gets everyone’s attention and gives a toast to Katie and the family. Katie thanks everyone once again for everything they have done. Katie is so happy that nothing will ever separate her from her family again.

Hope wishes that she could see her future like when she first was dating Liam. Hope mentions how everything keeps turning to Steffy every time something happens. Hope knows that it is not Steffy’s fault that Liam keeps turning to her. Marcus walks in and tells Dayzee he is ready to leave if she is. Hope tells them that they can go if they want because she is going to go. Marcus tells Hope that they will be right behind her. Hope leaves and Marcus and Dayzee start to kiss.

Liam notices that Steffy and Katie are getting along better. Steffy says that Katie needs support. Caroline and Rick tell Liam that they wish they could stay longer but know that things will work out. Rick goes to walk over to Steffy and asks how Steffy is holding up and she explains things are going well. Rick is happy for her. Caroline and Rick agree they need to leave.

Katie talks about Bill’s choices about how things would work with Liam and Steffy in a somewhat insane way. Caroline walks out and overhears everything. Bill thinks that Liam and Steffy are doing great now. Katie thinks that things will go better now as well. Bill thinks Liam and Steffy are meant to be together. Caroline runs off without being seen.

Hope leaves her office and finds her pictures of when she was going to marry Liam and has flashbacks to when they were married in Italy. Hope smiles and then starts to cry on the ground.

Caroline walks back into the house and so do Bill and Katie. Caroline leaves and Rick follows explaining what she now knows to him. Caroline is so shocked about what happened. Rick explains about how many chances Hope and Liam have had together. Caroline thinks that Liam needs to know. Liam walks out and wonders what he needs to know.

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