B&B Wednesday Update 11/28/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/28/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie holds the baby and tells him that Bill will be home soon. She sits on the couch and tells Taylor she is happy that she did not give up on her. Taylor thinks Bill will be happy as well.

Brooke and Bill talk outside and explain that they are happy to be home. Bill explains he would like to take a shower. Brooke tells him to cover up this time and they walk inside.

Katie turns around and sees Bill walking in. Katie walks over to Bill and starts hugging him. He hugs her back with a look of shock on his face. Taylor smiles and Brooke looks shocked.

Hope wonders how Eric sounded. Marcus explains that he sounded like he was trying to keep a happy tone. Everyone in the room agrees that however he sounded they all need to keep a happy face for him. Eric and Pam walk into the room and everyone starts to cry. Eric tells them all that she loved them all. They all start to hug Eric and Pam. Felicia weeps in Eric’s arms.

Donna takes a message and Liam walks in. Donna explains that she is shocked that the press knew before the family. Liam wonders what she is talking about. Donna explains that Stephanie died. Liam nods with a blank look.

Steffy wonders what she can do for Eric. Eric tells them that he is ok and Stephanie is with him always.

Taylor gives Katie the baby. Katie explains she knows that Bill should be shocked. Bill wonders what happened. Katie tells Bill that she felt so lost and that she now feels reborn. Katie wonders what is going on between Brooke and Bill while she smiles and giggles hysterically.

Eric knows it is a big loss and they will deal with it throughout the family. Eric wishes that everyone respects each other he means everyone. Eric wants Stephanie’s legacy continued as a family. Eric tells them all that Stephanie felt that they were her biggest legacy. Eric kisses Felicia on the forehead.

Donna tells Liam that Katie is back and bonding with the baby.

Katie rocks the baby in her arms and smiles. Bill says that seeing Katie hold the baby in her arms is what he wanted weeks ago. Bill wonders what Katie thought she was doing. Katie explains she did not know what she had until it was fully explained. Katie says that she refused to bond with the baby because she did not think the baby would have a good life. Katie believes that she was doing what was best for Will. Taylor explains what Katie did was out of love for Bill and Will.

Thorne tells Felicia it will take some time. Felicia refuses to believe in a world where Stephanie is gone. Steffy is sad and cries over Stephanie and cries on Eric’s shoulder. Pam walks over to Hope and explains that Stephanie loved her very much. Hope thinks that Pam is a lot like Stephanie. Pam explains that she does not know who she is anymore. Eric wonders if Thorne knows that Stephanie loved him. Thorne explains he does know. Thomas tells Steffy that Liam is here and he is glad they are living together. Hope gives Eric a kiss on the forehead and Steffy wants to talk to Hope alone. Steffy apologizes for the way Thomas said that but Hope forgives her.

Katie explains that she had lots of panic and anxiety. Katie is happy that after so long things went over well for her. Bill is happy that they are a family again and hugs her and kisses her on the head. Taylor and Brooke smile.

Hope looks at a picture of Liam and herself on her phone and Liam walks in. Liam tells Hope that Steffy got stopped in the lobby and will have to wait. Hope thinks that Stephanie was the strongest woman that she ever knew. Hope is happy that Steffy has Liam while she is going through everything. Liam is sorry that Hope found out about Liam living with Steffy the way she did. Hopes tells him that it is not his fault and hopes he has a good evening. Hope starts to cry.

Katie wonders if Bill has the wedding rings. Bill goes and gets the ring and puts it on Katie’s hand again and they kiss and she smiles. Katie wonders what is going on about the looks that everyone is giving her. Bill explains that Stephanie died. Taylor cries and wonders if Stephanie died peacefully. Brooke explains that she is now at rest. Katie thanks Brooke for being a loving loyal sister. Brooke is happy for Katie. Brooke tells Katie if she needs anything to call. Bill decides to walk Brooke out. The two stare at each other and Brooke says good bye. Taylor has a look of suspicion on her face.

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