B&B Tuesday Update 11/27/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/27/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The coroners talk to Eric and Pam about what is going on. They explain Stephanie wanted to be cremated. They leave and Brooke explains to them that Stephanie went so peacefully. Eric knows that is what Stephanie wanted. Pam starts crying in Eric’s arms.

Katie and Taylor go to Katie’s apartment and Katie explains she has been so cruel to her. Taylor forgives her. Katie walks in and the rain goes away and the sun comes out. Katie asks if what she was seeing was depression. Taylor explains that Katie has worked through a lot but has a lot more to go through and would love to help if she hires her back as her therapist. Katie asks to hold the baby and Taylor gives Katie the baby and Katie is overjoyed by being able to hold Will. Katie tells Will she is never going to leave him ever again. Taylor explains she will continue with the counseling and maybe get Katie on some anti- depressives. Katie agrees to it all and cannot wait to see Bill.

Brooke sits sad and Bill comes in. Bill tells Brooke that he left the moment that he got Brooke’s text. Brooke tells Bill that Stephanie is gone. She continues to cry and wonders what it will be like without her. Bill sits next to Brooke and hugs her while she cries.

Katie holds the baby again and decides that she wants to go home now and she can come back for the stuff later. Katie wants to be a family with Will and Bill.

Brooke laments over what happened and tells Bill that he did not have to come up to the cabin. Bill wonders if Brooke would like to talk about what happened. Brooke explains that as a teenager Stephanie was her idol but that Stephanie was her enemy after they met. She explains after time they finally learned to except each other for who they really were. She believes first came respect and then love. Bill thinks that Stephanie gave Brooke a great gift and Brooke did the same for Stephanie. The friendship they shared. Brooke agrees. Brooke realizes something and rushes outside with Bill following her.

Pam and Eric walk out from the back room and Eric tells her that Stephanie loved everything about this place. Eric explains that she had unfinished business with Brooke and is happy they had time together. Pam wonders what they should do with the ashes. Eric explains that Stephanie left instructions. The two laugh about how that is very typical of Stephanie. Pam wonders if she should go back to Chicago because she feels she has nothing left in LA. Eric explains that Pam needs to stay because she is part of his family. Pam and Eric hug.

Brooke looks through the cushions outside where she was sitting with Stephanie and Bill wonders what is wrong. Brooke explains that this where Stephanie died in her arms and that the two of them have to find it. Bill wonders what they need to find.

Pam says she is sorry but that she is feeling empty. Eric understands as everything in the cabin is a tribute to Stephanie. Pam decides to go lie down. Eric has flashbacks to a pillow fight he had with Stephanie in the cabin.

Katie and Taylor walk into the house and Katie calls for Bill. Taylor explains when it used to be her home and she had wonderful memories but that it is now time for Katie to make wonderful memories with Bill. Katie tells the baby that everything will change now that she is back.

Brooke explains that Stephanie gave Brooke her engagement ring and she thinks she dropped it. Bill explains that they will find it. Bill finds it and Brooke smiles.

Eric fills two martini glasses and toasts them like how Stephanie wanted a martini. Pam sees and starts to cry.

Taylor and Katie search through Bill in the house and Katie wonders where Bill is and Taylor believes they will find him.

Brooke thanks Bill for finding the ring and helping out. Bill explains that he will always be there and puts Stephanie’s ring on Brooke’s finger. The two kiss and then stop and smile at each other. The two then continue to kiss each other. They stop and once again look at each other.

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