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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/26/12


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Eric can’t decide if he should take and show Stephanie the tribute from her party. Pam convinces him to watch it first and then decide. Everyone from Dayzee, Marcus, Pam, Bill, Steffy, Donna, Taylor, Rick, Thorne, Felicia, Eric, Tony and Kristen give a loving tribute to pit bull Stephanie. Katie cries to Taylor that she needs her help. Taylor points out to her that there is no better mother than Katie is. She’s the best mommy Will will know. No matter how much time she has left, Will needs to grow up and remember his mother. Katie admits that she has been selfish; she does not want to die. Stephanie starts breathing heavily and coughing violently, but she has the strength to take off one of her weddings rings and tells Brooke that she wants her to have it. She tells Brooke that she hurt her, but she also saved her. You can’t just live life, and because of Brooke she lived for something.

Stephanie tells Brooke do not go get the book, just make up the ending. Basically she tells her own story of how she came to a Forrester party as a caterer and ended up falling in love with the son which didn’t make his mother happy. She cries that she is ashamed of all the pain she has put Stephanie through all these years. Stephanie says it is okay, it all adds up to now. Donna hands Will to Katie who says he has gotten bigger since she last saw him. She beams with pride. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is so tired. Brooke tells her to go to sleep and she will wake her when Eric comes soon. Amidst sobs, Brooke sings When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Stephanie smiles and then her head slumps over on Brooke’s shoulder and her eyes close for the last time.

Brooke and Stephanie are sitting on a bench near the cabin. Stephanie is pale, feeling sicker by the minute. Brooke asks Stephanie if she can wait for Eric to return. Stephanie starts pulling off her wedding ring. Brooke doesn’t understand why Stephanie is doing this. Stephanie is acting confused. Stephanie starts coughing which concerns Brooke. Stephanie wonders when Eric will get back to the cabin. Brooke says Eric loves her very much. Stephanie looks over at Brooke and says she wants Brooke to have her wedding ring. Brooke believes Felicia or Kristen should have it. Brooke starts crying. Stephanie makes Brooke laugh when she says Brooke got all her men. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has hurt her, but also saved her life. Stephanie knows she has lived for something. Stephanie is very tired. Brooke covers Stephanie with a blanket and asks if she should call someone. Stephanie asks Brooke to tell her a story. Brooke talks about two people falling in love, referring to when she met Ridge. Brooke cries harder, saying that she didn’t know love until she loved Stephanie. Brooke is ashamed of what she put Stephanie through over the years. Stephanie smiles and says “it all adds up now.”

The Forrester meeting is wrapping up – Eric, Pam, Hope and Rick talk briefly about the tribute video from Stephanie’s party. Eric wonders if he should show it to Stephanie. Someone suggests looking at it in Ridge’s office. First on the video is Kristen and her husband. They say a few kind words about Stephanie. Next is Thorne, then Felicia, who says that she ended up being just like Stephanie. Bill speaks about being kindred spirits with Stephanie, comparing her to a “mama bear.” Dayzee says Stephanie is “irreplacable” and that she’ll always have a hole in her heart. Donna talks about being in competition with Stephanie over the years, but feels sad things had to end this way. Rick blames Stephanie for Brooke and Eric’s breakup, but insists that Stephanie’s guidance has helped him. Marcus is thankful that Stephanie welcomed him into the Forrester family, and Steffy talks about being named after her grandmother – she sees it as her “compass,” guiding her way. Taylor will miss Stephanie, and calls her a “hero.” Pam feels she can find her own way now, but adds that Stephanie will always be there if she needs help. Eric finishes off the video by saying a few words – how he has loved and hated Stephanie, but will never forget the memories with her.

At the hospital, Katie is worried she might be dying. Katie’s heart keeps beating faster. Taylor says Katie’s fears are the depression talking. Katie begs Taylor to help her. Katie wants her life back, but doesn’t know how to do that. Taylor believes Katie needs to start being Will’s mom. Katie fears something is wrong with Will because he cries a lot. Taylor says she grieved a while when she lost her daughter. Taylor promises Katie will get better. Taylor says Katie can’t worry about tomorrow because it isn’t a guarantee. Katie says she wants to live, and she wants her son. Katie bursts into tears. Katie worries her son doesn’t want her, that he doesn’t want to be breastfed. Taylor says medication can cause colic. Donna walks in with Will, and Katie smiles at them. Katie says Will has gotten bigger. Donna relays that Will gained three pounds since coming home from the hospital. Katie asks to hold Will. Donna smiles and hands Will to Katie. Katie smiles at her son.

Brooke and Stephanie continue to sit and reflect. Stephanie asks about Eric. Brooke maintains Eric will be back soon. Stephanie tells Brooke she is really tired and wants to sleep. Brooke promises to wake Stephanie once Eric returns. Stephanie asks Brooke to sing her to sleep. Brooke smiles and starts singing an Irish tune. Stephanie closes her eyes and passes away. Realizing Stephanie is gone, Brooke bursts into tears.

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