B&B Wednesday Update 11/21/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/21/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke rubs Stephanie’s head with a towel and asks how it feels. Stephanie says it feels nice and Brooke gives her some water. Stephanie starts to choke. Stephanie begs for some medicine which Brooke gives her. Stephanie coughs blood once again but Brooke takes it away from her before she can see it and starts to wipe her head again with tears in her eyes.

Thomas tells everyone that with his parents and Steffy’s stock, he has the power to do what he wants with the company. Thorne wonders why everyone is at the meeting if Thomas plans to do whatever he wants to the company either way. Thomas tells everyone that he is trying to show how the company can go into the future.

Katie screams and wants to leave but no one will let her. Katie screams and tells Taylor that she will have a lawsuit on her hands when Bill finds out. Taylor tells Katie that if she wants to call Bill she is more than welcome too. The doctor asks Katie what is going on. Katie who is tied to the bed demands to have herself untied right away. Taylor tells the doctor that Katie needs to be at the hospital. Katie believes she should leave. Taylor convinces Katie to have the heart tests.

Brooke reads to Stephanie. Brooke looks at Stephanie and Stephanie starts to ask where her mother is. Brooke wonders what she is talking about. Stephanie believes that her mother was just there. Brooke wonders if Stephanie wants to rest. Stephanie explains she wants to hear Brooke keep reading because she likes her voice. Brooke continues to read. The book Brooke is reading talks about an older person. Brooke decides to change books when she realizes it resembles Stephanie. Stephanie holds Brookes hand and Brooke wonders what Stephanie wants. Stephanie asks for forgiveness.

Katie wonders why the tests are taking so long. Taylor explains the doctors are making sure nothing is wrong with the tests. Katie wants Taylor to put the blanket over her. Taylor does so. Katie thinks that she is flawed. Katie fires Taylor from her doctor.

Thomas shows his new ideas. Eric is mad because not only is he losing his wife but he is losing the history of his company.

Stephanie explains she wants forgiveness because she kept Ridge away from the party. Brooke is shocked but not angry. Stephanie realizes that after years of calling Brooke shallow and vain it really was her who was all the things she has said. Brooke does not think there is anything to ask forgiveness for.

Taylor calls Bill but gets Donna. Taylor asks to speak to Bill but Donna explains that he is not there right now but she is watching the baby. Donna wonders if she can help at all.

Katie asks the doctor if she can leave. Taylor walks back in. Katie wants to know why Taylor is back in the room if she fired her. The doctor explains that if Taylor is no longer the therapist that she should not be there but Katie allows her to stay because she wants to have Taylor in the room. The doctor explains that Katie is anemic which is to be expected. Katie wants to know about her heart. The other doctor walks in and explains that she does not have a bad heart what so ever.

Thomas explains that his projections will have them getting there money coming back after twenty four months. Eric explains that the idea is interesting but they will not be allowing it right away but they will test it. Thomas thinks it is a waste of money to only do one store. Eric thinks they will lose more money if they do more than one store. The meeting is over. Rick thanks Eric for coming. Eric leaves.

In the hallway Pam asks Eric to take her with him.

Brooke and Stephanie look at a dear outside. Stephanie says it is time. Brooke wonders what she is talking about. Stephanie says she wants to take a look outside. Brooke wonders if that is a good idea. Stephanie says it won’t be long. Brooke is not ready. Stephanie says that there is nothing to be afraid of she is taking care of it now. The two walk outside.

Katie says she is sorry to Taylor. Taylor explains that she once had to give up a baby and it was a hard choice. Katie does not think she was a good mother and the baby hated her. Taylor explains that was her mind playing tricks on her. Katie thinks she ruined every one’s life. Taylor looks out the window and sees Donna with the baby and thinks otherwise.

Eric explains that he cannot go against Stephanie’s wishes. Pam asks Eric if he remembers when she first moved to California. Eric explains he remembers. Pam says she was a little bit in love with him and wonders if Eric is going to send her back to Chicago. Eric explains her family is here now. Rick and Caroline walk out with an envelope and explain that he left it in there. Eric does not remember the envelope. Pam explains he needs to give it to Stephanie.

Brooke and Stephanie walk outside and look at the lake. Brooke thinks it looks beautiful. The two sit down on chairs and hug each other. Stephanie tells Brooke that she may want to go back now. Brooke wonders why. Stephanie explains that it’s towards the end. Brooke thinks she should read the rest of the book to her. Stephanie would rather not know the ending. Brooke does not want to be sent away. Stephanie jokes and knows that it’s impossible to get rid of Brooke.

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