B&B Tuesday Update 11/20/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/20/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke walks into the cabin living room and sits down next to Stephanie. Brooke tells Stephanie that she looks good. Stephanie thinks she is lying. Brooke is happy to see Stephanie. Stephanie tells Brooke not to cry.

Thomas and Steffy talk before the meeting. Steffy explains that she is moving back in with Liam. Thomas wonders if he gets the apartment now. Steffy tells him that she does not want to give up the apartment but that things are good between Liam and her now. Thomas is happy but is worried that the shareholder meeting will not go over well. Steffy explains that she is on his side.

Katie continues to cry and Taylor refuses to leave. Katie says that she wants to dye alone. Taylor says that she is not dying. Taylor wants to call an ambulance but Katie just wants her to leave. Katie wants to die in apartment but Taylor tells her that if she is going to dye she will do it in the hospital and drags Katie out of the apartment.

Marcus wonders if Eric will be at the meeting. Rick explains that he is on his way. Thorne hopes that this does not take long so Eric can get back to Stephanie.

Pam sees Eric in the hallway and Pam wants to know how Stephanie is doing. Eric does not know what to say and Pam knows that Stephanie is not doing well. Eric says this is the case. Pam begs to know where Stephanie is.

Stephanie and Brooke discuss the company and how Eric will need the company once she dies. Brooke understands. Stephanie takes a drink of water and Brooke smiles.

Taylor comes to the front desk at the hospital and tells a nurse what is going on. The nurse goes back and gets the doctors. The doctors come out and Katie tells them she cannot breath.

Thomas explains his plans. Rick and Thorne do not agree with what he is saying. Thomas thinks that if his father put him in charge he should be able to do what he wants. Rick tells Thomas that he is only temporarily in charge and does not have the right to make multimillion dollar decisions. Steffy thinks they should listen to what Thomas has to say and give it a chance. Marcus believes that it is a new century and new choices should be made. Thomas thinks it is time to make big changes. Rick wonders what his father will have to say about all of this.

Pam understands that Stephanie wanted to be alone but also believes that she should be there with Stephanie. She says that Rick told her that Brooke is up there with her. Pam wonders why no one called her because she would have loved to have been up there. Pam is becoming very emotional. Eric tells Pam it was because they needed Pam here. Eric explains that he is only here because Stephanie insisted on it. Eric tells Pam that Stephanie loves her. Pam cries heavily.

Brooke makes sure that Stephanie is comfortable. Brooke knows that was a dumb question. Stephanie coughs heavily. Brooke tells Stephanie she will do whatever she wants her to do and she might as well take advantage of it. Brooke lays back and hugs Stephanie admiring the cabin telling Stephanie that a lot has happened at the cabin. Stephanie agrees. Stephanie can’t believe she is at the end of her journey and finds it strange that she is with Brooke. Brooke cries and hugs Stephanie.

Katie is in the hospital room. The doctors ask how Katie is doing. Katie believes she is having a heart attack. Katie wants to go home. Taylor tells Katie she has postpartum depression. Katie tells Taylor to stop saying that.

Thomas asks if Rick has seen Caroline’s designs to which says he has and believes they are wonderful. He also explains that the designs are not the problem but the ideas that Thomas poses because they are taking the company in a completely different direction. Thomas pulls out some papers and shows the proxy vote from her mother. Eric walks in and explains that he is ready to vote.

Stephanie wonders if she looks as bad as she feels. Brooke says no. Stephanie knows that Brooke is lying. Brooke explains she is not lying. Brooke starts to put a cotton swab on Stephanie’s lips because they were getting dry. Stephanie wakes up from a nap and Brooke decides to brush Stephanie’s hair to make her look pretty. Brooke remembers something and goes away for a moment. Brooke comes back with a broche which she puts on her robe. Brooke tells Stephanie she is beautiful.

Katie wonders why she is at the hospital. Katie tries to run out and believes she should be at home. The doctors try to get her back into bed. She screams at them to leave her alone.

Eric tells Thomas he ran the company for many years and knows what is best for the company. Thomas still believes that he knows what is best for the company and does not think that Rick knows what he is talking about. Eric explains that all Thomas is supposed to be doing is looking over the company he is not allowed to change things for his own agenda. Thomas wishes that Eric would listen to his ideas. Eric agrees but says he does not have much time as he has to get back to Stephanie who he does not know how much time he has left to spend with.

Brooke goes to make some tea. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is happy to be here and that she felt cheated at the party. Stephanie knows. Brooke goes away. Stephanie starts to cough a lot and Brooke rushes back in. Brooke gives Stephanie some medicine and tries to get Stephanie to breath. Blood is on the napkin that Stephanie was coughing into. Brooke tells Stephanie that things will be alright and hugs Stephanie.

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