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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/19/12


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While retrieving Will’s blanket in Bill’s bedroom, Brooke walks in on Bill dropping his towel, leaving him completely naked. Brooke can’t stop staring at Bill. Bill wonders why Brooke won’t leave. Brooke smiles at Bill, and asks him to put on the towel. Bill thinks it’s weird that Brooke isn’t uncomfortable with the situation. Brooke and Bill flirt with each other. Brooke calls Bill a “stallion,” then announces she’s going to check on Will. Bill says Brooke is a “one in a million,” something that Brooke also feels about Bill.

At Katie’s apartment, Taylor tells Katie that Brooke is after Bill. Katie believes her sister can provide more to Bill and Will than she ever can. Taylor insists Brooke and Bill are getting closer, that Katie needs to step in before Will becomes too attached to Brooke. Taylor urges Katie to return home, but Katie hates the idea. Taylor knows Will needs Katie, but Katie is worried that she’ll be dying soon. Katie senses her body is getting weaker by the minute. Katie figures being around Will right now would only be torture for her and her son. Katie thinks she has a year at best. Katie believes she is doing the best thing for her son by staying out of his life. Katie is becoming more paranoid, saying she wishes God would take her now. Taylor hates seeing Katie making herself sick. Katie is adamant that Taylor leave and stay away for good. Katie is getting angrier. Taylor says she will keep Katie’s whereabouts a secret. Regardless, Katie asks Taylor to leave. Katie figures she will die of a heart attack sooner or later. Katie is tired of living through this hell; she wants to be spared as quickly as possible. Taylor thinks Katie’s paranoia is the depression talking. Katie’s heart begins beating faster.

Sitting in Liam’s living room, Steffy tries to digest the fact that Liam wants her to move in. Steffy is shocked, admitting that Liam’s question caught her off-guard. Liam waits for Steffy’s decision. Steffy stands up and twirls the house keys in her hand. Steffy tells Liam that she will move in, but wants to keep her place too. Liam jokes about Steffy having a getaway to escape from him. Nevertheless, Liam thinks it’s a good idea to have a place in town and a place on the beach. Steffy wants to move slow, adding that staying “flexible” in their relationship will stop them from making the same mistakes as before. Steffy wants to “live every single moment.” Liam agrees, and kisses Steffy. They proceed to the couch, where Steffy lies in Liam’s arms. Steffy loves this, living in the moment and not worrying about the past or the future. Liam is thankful to see how happy Steffy is. They share a passionate kiss. Steffy wants to start making some new memories, so the two stand up and kiss again. Liam takes Steffy’s hand and they enter the bedroom. Liam and Steffy smile at each other and begin making out on the bed.

At the cabin, Eric props a pillow behind Stephanie’s head. Eric asks how Stephanie is feeling. The phone rings; Eric wants to ignore it, but Stephanie says it could be a family emergency. It’s Rick, calling from Ridge’s office. Rick tells Eric about Thomas’ horrible business idea that could cost Forrester Creations millions of dollars. Rick relays there will be a vote on whether to accept Thomas’ idea or not. Rick begs Eric to come back for the vote. Eric refuses to leave Stephanie on her own. Eric asks Rick to delay the vote. Once off the phone, Eric explains the situation to Stephanie. Stephanie urges Eric to go back to Los Angeles and vote on the matter. Eric reminds Stephanie that she’s his first priority. Stephanie says Eric should be there because the company’s future is important to him. Eric hates to leave his wife, but Stephanie suggests Brooke keep her company in the meantime. Stephanie knows Brooke wants to see her one last time.

Brooke enters Will’s nursery and checks to see if he’s asleep. Brooke’s phone rings – it’s Eric. Eric says there is a vote at Forrester; he needs Brooke to keep an eye on Stephanie. Eric tells Brooke that they are staying at the cabin in Big Bear. Brooke agrees to be there as soon as possible.

At the cabin, Stephanie is staring at a photo album. Stephanie reminisces about Ridge. Eric returns to the room and brings up Ridge. Stephanie hopes Eric isn’t mad that she told Ridge not to return for the party. Stephanie believes Ridge’s presence would have only caused more tension. Stephanie thinks Ridge has turned into a good man. Stephanie says Ridge is just like Eric. Eric says he’s proud to be Ridge’s dad, that being a father was the greatest gift Stephanie gave him. Stephanie begins coughing. Eric looks alarmed. Stephanie says once Brooke arrives, Eric can leave. Eric is unsure if he wants to or not. Stephanie says Eric has a suit on reserve in the cabin. Eric doesn’t want Stephanie to worry. Eric kisses Stephanie on the cheek. Eric exits the room, leaving Stephanie to reflect on old memories. Stephanie thinks back to her celebration of life party, when she and Brooke talked. Stephanie recalls how upset Brooke was that day.

In Ridge’s office, Pam learns from Rick that Eric will be returning for the vote. Rick says he had no choice but to call his father because Thomas’ agenda is ridiculous. Rick adds that Brooke will be staying with Stephanie during the vote. Pam bursts into tears, knowing that others are aware of Stephanie’s location but she isn’t. Rick swears he has no idea where Stephanie is.

Wearing a gray suit, Eric returns to the cabin’s living room to check on Stephanie. Stephanie thinks Eric looks great. Eric says Stephanie is stubborn, but he adores her. Eric doesn’t know how he’ll live without Stephanie, but is grateful for all the memories. Eric continues to profess his love to Stephanie. Their intimate conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door. Eric answers it, finding Brooke on the doorstep. Brooke asks how Stephanie is faring. Eric says Stephanie isn’t doing too well. Eric says Stephanie asked for Brooke to come. Brooke is teary-eyed when she says hello to Stephanie. Eric bends down and tells Stephanie to keep those Irish eyes of hers smiling. Stephanie tells Eric to drive safe. Stephanie is happy Brooke is there. Brooke smiles, thankful Stephanie finally needs her.

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